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Points & Rewards
48 Reviews

Points & Rewards for Magento 1

Flexible customer loyalty program

  • Points awarded for a variety of actions
  • Earning rate may vary for actions/products
  • Invite-a-friend feature built in to increase referrals
  • Backend control over balance and transactions
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  • 48 Reviews
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Magento Reward Points

Available reward options are:

  • Registration
  • Newsletter signup
  • Product review
  • Tagging product
  • Poll participation
  • Customer's birthday
  • *Video upload
  • *Facebook “Like”
  • *Product question answer

* Video Testimonials integration allows you to reward your customers for uploading videos.

* Integration with Facebook Link gives you a possibility to reward your customers when they “Like” your products.

* Reward customers for answering questions with the help of the Product Questions extension.

Rule Creation Abilities

Flexible Points & Rewards rules allow your customers to earn different number of points while buying products from various categories, with certain SKU, price, or any other item attribute.

Referral System

The Points & Rewards extension offers the built-in referral system with flexible settings, so that you can reward your customers for inviting their friends as well as for their referrals’ purchases.

Stimulate your customers to tell their friends about your Magento store!

Advanced Notifications

Show your customers that you care about them — inform them about their points balance update immediately and notify of the points expiring date beforehand.

Balance & Transactions Control

Your customers can always check their points balance right in the Account page of your store, and the current exchange rates keep them in the know how many points can be redeemed for discounts.

The Points & Rewards extension allows tracking the transactions history exactly in the customers area. Moreover, your consumers can subscribe to balance update and get notifications about the points amount change by email.

Change Points Balance from Backend for:

  • Each customer individually
    The Magento Points & Rewards module adds its own tab on the Customer Information page in the backend. Thus you can manage the points balance of every customer on individual basis - either increase or reduce. You can also subscribe\unsubscribe customers from points expiration and balance update notifications.
  • A group of customers automatically
    If you need to change the points balance of a group of customers at a time, you can easily use the high end extension’s feature of the mass balance update. Just filter all your current customers in the way you need - by group, country, website, or however else, - and specify the points amount you want to add or subtract.

And much more...

  • Extension block displayed on the Cart page
  • Points for a purchase on product pages
  • Multistore support
  • Magento Enterprise Edition compatibility (NEW!)
  • Invitation statistics in the customer’s area
  • “Learn more” link in the customer’s area
  • Reset all transactions with 1 click
  • Specify rewarded points expiration date
  • Limit maximum available points balance
  • Limit points amount available to redeem
Integration with other Aheadworks extensions

Using the Points & Rewards extension together with the below Aheadworks products, online merchants get more valuable insights.

Reward customers for questions answered in your store.
Update points balance of customers segmented by specific criteria.
Let customers use their points at checkout.

Solid solution from a great developer

Review by Matt Trueblood | Aug 7, 2018

Our setup is a bit complicated so we ran into a couple of issues getting this extension to work, but AheadWorks support jumped right in and got things set for us so everything worked no problem. I will always recommend AheadWorks because their solutions are well thought out and their support is amazing.

Helpful Support

Review by Moises | Apr 24, 2018

I had an error on my log because of spam users that register without emails. AW was able to patch the cron extension and fixed issues very fast. Highly recommend this extension and service.

Works as expected!

Review by A. White | Apr 19, 2018

Works fine for us after some minor adjustments. Clear code and good documentation. 5 deserved stars.

Excellent module with many options and even better support!

Review by Patrick | Feb 28, 2017

As usual AheadWorks has a great module for a professional loyalty system.
It contains many options for awarding customers loyalty points.
We had a minor issue on a conflict with another module and AheadWorks fixed it right away!
We can recommend this module to everyone!

Solid extension | Good support if a bit pricey

Review by Kenneth | Jun 15, 2016

The extension is good and works as advertised. We recently had a problem perhaps stemming from a conflict with another extension. Aheadworks resolved it promptly but only after I purchased extended support (that costs about as much as we originally paid for the product) which made me realize that purchasing this product is more costly than I previously understood. Without support, you cannot download new versions either. Overall, these guys are great but be aware that purchasing extensions here is more expensive than it seems.


Review by alex teller | Mar 7, 2016

aheadworks support and extensions always go above and beyond. Fantastic stuff.


Review by Vicky | Dec 18, 2015

I am grateful to the team for helping me with an conflict between this extension and my card processing extension recently.

It is a very useful extension, however it would be even better if it was possible to set it up so customers can't earn loyalty points on certain products.

Piece of Mind !

Review by Aziz | Jun 6, 2015

I believe that extension is covering all loyalty and rewards possibilities for any Magento store. It is a good investment for the long run. A lot of features I might use it in future, so I don't need to search for other extensions to serve the deficit.

The only thing that I wish to be able to do with that extension, is to add a custom icon for my reward points to be eye catching. Personally I'll play it around and add my custom icon ;)

And yeah
I'm using Magento ver., and the extension running perfectly.


Review by Nibin | Jun 4, 2015

Great extension. 5+++

Great extension

Review by Carlos | May 27, 2015

Easy install. Very good documentation. Great support.

Great extension and support!

Review by Robert | Dec 19, 2014

Yet another extension from Ahead Works that functions great.

We had a conflict with another payment extension and the support team fixed it within hours.
As always parfect support fom Ahead Works

Magento Points for customer loyalty

Review by alex | Nov 1, 2014

Fantastic. Didn't pay my programmist to create such module, just bought it and save money and time for me, programmist and the whole company.

Online shop owner

Review by Lars | Jul 6, 2014

Absolutely fantastic, easy install instant setup and happy customers! - Only one thing, its not campatible with magestore's onestepcheckout (but its compatible with aheadworks own onestepcheckout).

Worth every cent!

Review by Lars Willsen | Jul 1, 2014

Easy install, very good documentation and great support!

Great Module

Review by Matt | May 15, 2014

This is an extremely efficient module for the Magento platform. Being able to reward customers for their loyalty is a great way to thank them while also getting them to keep coming back to your store. Definitely recommended for any e-commerce website.

Excellet extension

Review by Ricky | May 12, 2014

This is a great extension that works perfectly with the Market Segmentation Suite! I love the ability to set up bonus reward points at checkout to encourage customers to buy more. E.g., if the customer's cart is at $45, we can award 10 bonus points to encourage the customer to spend over $50. Nice!

The Best!

Review by Aurelio | Apr 19, 2014

The extension is perfect. I bought it from br.Aheadworks and the support is very efficient!
Thanks AheadWorks!

great extension

Review by Yavuz | Apr 18, 2014

Thanks for the great extension and the perfect service!!!!!


Review by Deniz | Apr 8, 2014

Great plugin, much cheaper option than using Sweet Tooth and gives you much more control.

Absolutely satisfied

Review by F. Rickson | Apr 3, 2014

This AheadWorks reward points module allowed us to setup the exact loyalty program we had planned.
Took us some time to familiarize with the ext's settings (but hey, it could've been expected given the flexibility of the thing), but no real issues encountered this far.
Great work!

Top Loyalty extension

Review by Davide | Mar 15, 2014

Points&Rewards is the best loyalty module for Magento currently present on the market. It is a robust module with good functionalities and an excellent code.

Excellemt extension

Review by Calum | Mar 4, 2014

Required a rewards points extension for our online gift shop, and as we allready have a few aheadworks extensions insalled, we decided to go for this one. Works well, and adds some great benefits to the site for our customers.

Would like the possibility to email customers who never created an account when purchasing to let them know they could have earned x amount of reward points if they registered when making a purchase.

But its still an excellent extension, and recommended if you need a rewards points addon for magenot.

Integrates nicely with the front and back end

Great product

Review by Lorenzo | Jan 31, 2014

The main purpose of this extension is to distinguish your brand from competitors. We use its referral program and other multiple rewarding options exactly for this. Coming back to the extension, it's really powerful and customer-friendly. Great product and service. Thank aheadWorks!

I am happy with this solution.

Review by Markus | Jan 23, 2014

I love this reward module. I wish i found it a few years ago as it would have saved me lots of time and expense trying to implement one or two other modules. I love how easy it is to create rules and give points for the actions you need from customers. One more time-saving feature I want to mention is a balance change for customer groups. Great and extremely useful for my store. I also love the notification feature that shows customers my care about them. I am very happy with this extension.

Very good extension

Review by WEI | Dec 4, 2013

Good design! Good service! Good experience! Everything fantastic!

Amazing Features

Review by Yazmine | Nov 15, 2013

This extension keeps my customers happy and coming back. It’s nice that the software automatically awards the points to my customers when they purchase an item. There is also a built-in referral system that allows my company to keep track of our registered customers. Our customers are able to earn points for every purchase that they buy. This has really helped to grow our customer base as well as increase the revenue for our company. The tech team was also helpful when setting the program up. They were very responsive and easy to work with. I would recommend using the extension system by aheadWorks.

Helpful support, thanks a lot

Review by Max | Oct 30, 2013

Great support, thanks a lot. Booked the installation service, which is what I recommend.

Great product for customer loyalty

Review by Allard | Sep 26, 2013

Love this one. Simple, clear and for a good price. Complicated point systems tend to slow down the website and customers bounce. This product is fast and our customers started using it immediately. A+++
Good service from Ahead also with help and some customization.

Great Product

Review by Christos | Sep 23, 2013

Thanks for the great extension and the perfect service. This product is much better then other alternatives available.

Missing important functions

Review by Teodor | Jul 23, 2013

If you edit an order which is paid with points the points disappear.
It is not normal for $300 extension.

Fantastic extension but needs more flexibility in regards to rules.

Review by Tamara | May 30, 2013

This is a fantastic extension that works well out of the box. However, it needs just a couple of things. It needs to be made compatible with M2E Pro or you need to be able to add a rule that allows you to exclude certain customers for being eligible for the Points and Rewards Program. Other than that, it works brilliantly and is very easy to install and configure.

Nice Extension, well done.

Review by Kevin | Mar 29, 2013

Works well, flexible rules and promotion options.

Great extension well priced

Review by Mitch | Mar 1, 2013

Helps retain clients and create additional customer incentives

Good extension--helps to push the sale

Review by flora | Dec 6, 2012

Thanks for the great extension and the perfect service

Good extension

Review by 1004034853 | Nov 30, 2012

by giving the focus of rewarding customers, they have much more willingness to order. great extension with so much depth of functionality

Good extension but need some improvements

Review by Teodor | Oct 29, 2012

The extension working great but missing some important things that other points&rewards systems have:
1. If you cancel an order which is bought with points, you have to refund the points manually. I think this is a must have function.
2. The points are calculated to product without TAX. If you sell products with TAX the points are not calculated correct.
3. You cannot add additional points for different category or products with percent of the amount.
4. The points can be redeemed only from amount of products but not from shipping price. Maybe it is a good idea to choose from settings how to use the points.

Essential App for any Magento website!

Review by Wallace | Jul 14, 2012

This has to be one of the most powerful plug-ins ever built for the Magento platform!
Why more e-commerce sites aren't running a rewards/point program on their website is mind-boggling!
The Aheadworks plug-in offers a lot of flexibilty in the way that rewards can be both earned and redeemed.

A litle expensive, however it worth every penny!

Review by Joao | Apr 29, 2012

We used a similar extension prior of the lathest update on our store. We used an free similar extension, however our customers had a huge dificulty on understanding the rules of the points reward system, and keept on calling us or mailing us asking how they coud use them, when could they use them, and even how much money did their point worth!
After searching on the several magento extensions suppliers, some even with a lower price than AW, we decided to stick with AW since they provided us always with great support and fast reply to all our questions, and after trying the extension for a trial period, we determined that it was in fact the best spent money sticking with AW extension because of their added value compared to cheaper extensions!
That's why we will keep on prefeering AW to other extension supplier!


Review by Carlos | Apr 18, 2012

For our online shop is an essential feature for a loyalty program. We have installed it in a few seconds but the power of the configuration is very high.

Essential in today's marketplace

Review by Jeremy | Dec 1, 2011

Rewarding your customers has never been easier with Points & Rewards. In today's growing eCommerce marketplace you have more competition than ever. One of the best ways is to reward your customers for being loyal and choosing you. Right out of the box this module has earned every penny we spent on it. Customers have taken to it like a fish in water. We would recommend this to any business who wants to be successful in the eCommerce marketplace.


Great Job with room for improvement

Review by Jerome | Nov 12, 2011

This plugin fulfil what is required of it to award customers with points and reward.

Simple and just works.

However if customer cancel order, the rewards are not refunded. Aheadwork emailed me that they will be providing another development in future to support that. Hopefully they will work it out. Thanks


Review by Dario Foti | Oct 4, 2011

Very nice extension to help with order management. My feature request for next update would be to have the tags work with the shipping options (UPS Next Day Air, 2nd Day etc.). This way expedited orders will be easily identified on the order board as they come in.

Great product

Review by Carlos | Sep 22, 2011

A perfect extension to help improve our sales.
The creation of promotions system is very simple and powerful.

A necessary product for any successful ecommerce site.

Review by Terry | Sep 6, 2011

I think that this module is a little high priced for what it does, but this module works as advertised. It is very complex, and I would highly recommend paying the extra money to AW for the Configuration Fee and Installation Fee, and just let AW set it up, as the rules setup and such are somewhat confusing. Since this is just as much a backend module as a frontend module, care has to be taken in understanding which files will go into base default and your_site default. The module also will override some customized sidebar phtml. Out of the box, this module does not offer the same look and feel as one would assume one would get, if looking at AW's own site's Points and Rewards and gold coin image. However, the guys at AW were nice enough to make it work this way for my site also, and they included the links on the product pages and gold coin images with link to my Rewards Policy page. Thanks

great module - offering rewards to customers helps to push the sale

Review by Dave | Jul 7, 2011

by giving the focus of rewarding customers, they have much more willingness to order. great extension with so much depth of functionality

Great product

Review by Richard | Jul 6, 2011

Hi friend,

this is a great product and usefull but some countries like main do not allow sales with total amount = 0.

Is needed limited the money points to apply never equal or less that cart subtotal. Maybe a percentage value of the subtotal.

But i love aHeadWorks solutions



Review by Stefan | Jul 6, 2011

Thanks for the great extension and the perfect service!!!!!

Great Price

Review by Sara Begum | Apr 17, 2011

Always a fan of aheadworks.
they have been constantly introducing good extensions.

Just bought rewards extension. (expected this extension from them for a long time)
Cant wait to introduce these to my customers. :)

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