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Advanced Newsletter
27 Reviews

Advanced Newsletter for Magento 1

Extensive email marketing functionality

  • Create newsletter subscription segments
  • Send different personalized content to different customers
  • Seamless integration with Mailchimp
  • Insert subscription widget anywhere on the page
  • Increase newsletter sign-ups
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From newsletter sign-ups, mailing list creation and audience segmentation to the eventual mailing of the newsletter, the Magento Newsletter extension gives you everything you need to get the highest ROI from your email marketing. Whether you are looking to convert, retain, cross-sell, or upsell, do it all with this powerful module for Magento.


Set up your emails for each store individually
Multistore support gives you more flexible extension configuration

Drive up email delivery and open rates
Inclusion of name fields for guests, making your messages look more personal, trustworthy, eye-catching, and less vulnerable to spam filters

Increase your sign-ups

  • Enriched standard email subscription block: Make the subscription form more attractive with in-block or AJAX layer based subscription form
  • Make subscription button/form more eye-catching: Insert it via CMS block at any place on the page
  • Auto-subscription option allows subscribing customers and moving them from one segment to another automatically after changing their order status according to admin-specified rules

Decide how and where your content is delivered:

  • Segment your mailing lists by subscriber groups
  • Display/hide segment(s) for particular categories/stores
  • Disable a particular segment for frontend
  • Define a default segment for a category/store
  • Filter customers by segments at the Export Customers page at backend

Deliver content to a highly specific audience*
Create newsletter templates that target customers based on:

  • Customer details (age, gender, address, etc.)
  • Product details (view and order history, wishlist items, shopping cart items)
  • Order information (number of orders made, lifetime sales, number of items purchased)
  • Shopping cart details (grand total, number of different products, subtotal)

*Additional options can be accessed through our Market Segmentation Suite

Get greater control of your mailing list

  • Insert unsubscribe from newsletter option in Magento email templates, instant, or manageable from the customer area
  • Manage subscribers from admin panel: delete, subscribe, and unsubscribe
  • Add and edit subscribers from admin area
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe as many customers as you need from any segment at a time
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe customer from any segment at Customer Information page
  • Export subscribers to CSV/XML
  • Import subscribers from native Magento newsletter

MailChimp integration with Magento

  • Two-way MailChimp synchronization – automatic on-the-fly or manual
  • MailChimp → Magento synchronization with ability to sync list and statuses
  • Magento → MailChimp synchronization with ability to sync subscribers by status and with\without names
  • All synchronizations with MailChimp are run by cron
  • Test the connection with MailChimp
  • API 3.0 support

Give your subscribers more power with advanced subscriptions management

  • Segments are displayed in different styles: radio buttons, multi-select, checkboxes
  • Newsletter segments at Create an Account and My Account page
  • The Magento Newsletter extension adds subscription button to Checkout page
  • Users can see the segments they are subscribed to and subscribe/ unsubscribe per segment

Send emails from any SMTP server

  • Third party SMTP server support means you are no longer dependent on your local server mailing software
  • Use any free or paid relay
  • Test SMTP connection

Get more control over emails sent

  • Send test email
  • Variables in Magento email templates
  • Import templates from native Magento newsletter

Give more security to your customers

  • HTTPS in customer account

Add-on features

In-depth segmentation
If segmenting your customers based on their subscription choices is not enough, then you might consider adding personal attributes and shopping patterns to the mix. Combine Advanced Newsletter extension with our Market Segmentation Suite and you will be able to increase the relevance of your newsletters, in turn contributing to their conversion rates.

Strategic placement
Make sure your customers take notice of the newsletter subscription field by placing it on the pages they can’t miss. Use our One Step Checkout extension to incorporate subscription options into your checkout process or place it on the “order success” page with the help of our Better Thank You Page extension.

Follow-up solution
Recycle newsletter segments by incorporating them into your trigger-based marketing. Use Follow Up Email extension in combination with newsletter subscription groups to identify customers that are open to receiving promotional materials.

Integration with other Aheadworks extensions

Using the Advanced Newsletter extension together with the below Aheadworks products, online merchants get more valuable insights.

Use news letter segments to run automatic follow-up e-mails.
Use segmentation rules to send your e-mails to highly targeted audience .
Display subscription options on the one step checkout page.
Let customers subscribe to newsletter from the order success page.

This is that what i WANT !!!

Review by Mario D. | Nov 10, 2017

Perfect plugin for Magento.
Gives me all the options what i need to support my customers exact with that what they want.
Also Mailchimp connection works good.


Newsletter bomb

Review by alex | Oct 31, 2014

Great functionallity, works as it shoul. Really good documentated. I just bought the Segmentation module to extend functionality. I look forward for great conversions rate and personal offers! Keep doing this great job!


Review by Francis | Jul 18, 2014

Doesn't let you add a list of products to your newsletter?!?!?! This option alone is a must in this day and age.

If still using the normal magento newsletter and then someone unsubscribes from that and then you synchronize subscribers with Advanced Newsletter, it doesn't change subscription status on subscriber in Advanced Newsletter.

Also, your Docs say you can add a subscribe box to a CMS Page but doesn't say how?!?!?

Otherwise, under developed add-on that needs much more work. Even osCommerce with newsletter add-ons could add products to the newsletter by multi selecting from your list of products...


Review by Sebastian | May 8, 2014

Great Extension, work without any bug or error. Highly recommended.

great extension

Review by Creative Art | Apr 8, 2014

We love this extension, especially if you also have the Market Segmentation Suite, in this way you can be efficient in newsletter target.

Wish I had this before

Review by Mary | Feb 4, 2014

Category-specific newsletter is what I'd been looking for. This functionality is 100% covered in the Advanced Newsletter extension, thank you!

very good, a must have extension

Review by Jose | Dec 23, 2013

This is a very easy to use and very useful extension, the fact that it syncs with mailchimp makes it very good, like all aheadworks products, very good, also support is right on top, fast and friendly, thank you and happy holidays!!


Review by Ludovic | Dec 18, 2013

Work well on our magento store . Support team help us to solve some conflict with our theme but everything work now :) Thanks to aheadworks.

well-worth its price

Review by thomas | Dec 6, 2013

Not the cheapest module on the market, but well-worth its price.
For larger stores, the native Magento mailing (and specifically, newsletter emails) becomes obsolete quite soon, and one has to solve it somehow.
For us, MailChimp integration offered by the module was the way out. And the array of other useful features made it really easy for us to manage our NL subscribers.


Review by Jake Sanders | Nov 6, 2013

With a MailChimp and proper segments configuration it is a win-win when you have to deal with massive client data bases.

Superb Extension

Review by Beverly | Sep 10, 2013

I have used with Magento CE version. Got a bug while configuration. Support team solved the issue within 24hrs.
* Excellent service and support
* Superb Extension
* Easy installation + Configuration
* No conflict with other modules

Great support

Review by Geretti | Jun 11, 2013

We say thanks for the great support and quick responce of your helpdesk.

Good extension for marketing

Review by Francesco Scarongella | Mar 27, 2013

The functions of the standard magento newsletter are very limited. With Advanced newsletter I finally was able to manage my newsletter easily and fast. Above all, it allows me to create and manage lists. Through integration with Market Segmentation Suite I was able to generate these lists as I have always wanted!

Enrichir la newsletter de base

Review by Thierry | Feb 7, 2013

Ce module vient enrichir les faibles possibilité de la newsletter de base de Magento.
N'hésitez pas ....

Good but need some improvements if not Mailchimp user but just regular Magento

Review by Elvis | Nov 9, 2012

is good to have better control over standard Magento newsletters.

If you are not Mailchimp user and you are not using SMTP server you still have some extra features like:
1. segmentation over the list
2. auto managmment rules for subscribing and unsubscribing
3. ajax popup subscription for visitor

This can be enough for someone. But consider the price and the power of some other AheadWorks extension especially considering that I also bought MSS some features are really missing like:

1. segmenation over the list is not too much usable. It just handles the control of user which newsletter wants to receive and admin to send those letters to them. It will be good to have:
a - nesting segmentations (like groups - for example customer wants to receive the news about presentations in their region - so main segment is 'presentation' and subsegment is his town or region)
b - control of segmentations in variables in newsletter - so admin can write newsletter with dependable variables and text for each segment.

2. guest subscription - if visitor is only a guest he can subsrcribe to the lists. Correct. But then after that he cant change his subscription on the frontend at all. He only can do unsubscribe completely OR do subscription again with the list he wants (but this is not user friendly since nobody can understand that)

3. syncrhonisation between existing users and subscribers in new advanced newsletter is not perfect - meaning that existing telephone numbers and name and lastnames will not be syncrhonized. Only new leads will have that...

4. use of MSS rules - so far Auto managment rules have limited scope of setting the rules. While allmost all other power advanced extensions from AheadWorks have the integration with MSS - this one does not! not just that, existing rules are not very clear. But still GOOD TO HAVE THIS already like this!

There is a good option to make this ext as autoresponder but that you can make it by FollowUp from the AheadWorks so i am suggesting for any more power marketing to buy both, together with MSS.

Excellent value extension - does lots

Review by Neil | Jul 2, 2012

My main requirement for guests to be able to subscribe to newsletters and give their first/last names, which Magento newsletters do not support. This AW module does support it and it was easy for me to modify my jQuery popup subscription form to use the AW subscription method. Very happy with this module so far and it has a lot of other features that I'm looking forward to using.

Some of the AW extensions are a little expensive (although I still have lots of them :), but this one is really good value.

Great tool for marketing

Review by Michi | Mar 10, 2012

One of functionalities that magento lacks is sending emails or news letter to clients. This extension helps resolve that problem. And another nice thing about this extension is that you can make segmentations for marketing purpose.
I know a lot of magento users are using MailChimp but this works perfect without using MailChimp, and it is very easy to use.

Good Extension

Review by Brandlive | Jan 19, 2012

We already used it in a couple of projects and there seems to be no problem. Moreover very configurable and user friendly.

Really Nice Extension

Review by Diego Quintero | Nov 3, 2011

The best of all is to have all the contacts and email in Database on Admin Panel!!!

Niche based newsletter

Review by Sara | Aug 4, 2011

this extension gives you the option of targeting your readers. and you can create specific newsletter which will interest them. a great way and simple way to narrow down and market your item efficiently. a must have if you are a email marketer.

Must for email marketing

Review by Tom | Jul 12, 2011

Great addition to Any magento store. Support is great. Love being able to setup segment! Sync with mail chimp is top notch. Highly recommended!

Good extention, but....

Review by Swen | Jul 1, 2011

It's a great extension with many usefull features and configurable possibilities. The customer segmentation works very good.


It's still not possible to subscribe to the newsletter when creating an account during the check-out process.
The smtp server must have an username + password, so it can't be used anonymous.

And even worse, it overwrites the existing registration form's template. We could re-style the entire form.

It's still a good extention though.

Great Little Extention

Review by Philip | May 29, 2011

Only really got this to sync everything up with MailChip, but that part of it works brilliantly. Top notch

a must have

Review by Carlos | May 27, 2011

Product integration with the store is really cool.
Our client is very satisfied.

Must Have for Marketing Purposes

Review by Office Slide | May 26, 2011

If you want to run an advanced email newsletter campaign for your ecommerce store, this extension is a must! For proper marketing purposes, segmentation is required and this extension allows your customers to help you segment your list.

If you use Mailchimp to send your newsletter, you will love the tight integration with MailChimp. It is easy to setup and syncs perfectly.

Really pays for itself

Review by Scott | May 25, 2011

Since installing this module, using some of the automatic functionalities, we have increase our mailing list by 25% in just a couple months. It had been holding steady for some time with people subscribing and unsubscribing. So this has really increased our reach, and will continue to do so.

Very Good

Review by Scott | Mar 10, 2011

I purchased 3 extension recently, with this being at the bottom of the list of expectations. Ironically, this product is extremely feature rich, and gives you a lot of settings to tweak to your liking, and is actually my favorite. If you are a mail chimp user, this extension is extremely useful.

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