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Smart One Step Checkout for Magento 2

Smart One Step Checkout for Magento 2

Reduce the number of checkout steps to one, analyze checkout performance, improve and increase conversion

  • Increase revenue
    with finely tuned checkout page
  • Analyze data
    on conversion rate and each checkout field performance
  • Adjust to demands
    having a set of configuration tools and data accumulated
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Introducing Magento 2 One Step Checkout

Checkout is a money page. Any shift in behavior here has significant impact on the revenue. That is why Aheadworks is introducing Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension with three essentials on board:

Best UX practices
Best checkout practices
Advanced Analytics
Advanced built-in analytics
Flexible configuration
Flexible checkout settings


Combine all three to ensure increase in checkout conversion of your ecommerce.

Increase checkout conversion in four steps

Step 1 Configure to your needs
Configure to your needs

Magento 2 One Page Checkout is automatically adjusted to your store theme. All you have to do is minimize checkout time by configuring the extension.

  • Add relevant or remove excessive fields;
  • Define the order of the displayed fields;
  • Set default field values;
  • Enable and configure delivery date and timing fields;
  • Enable 'Add note' field;
  • Upload payment method security protocol badges.
Step 2 Go live with improved checkout
Go live with improved checkout

Start getting benefit right away with a set of key features speeding-up checkout progression.

  • Form autocomplete;
  • Country autodetect by IP address;
  • Google suggestions for customer location;
  • Identification of logged out customers by email;
  • Auto fill-in for logged customers;
  • Remove/edit items in the cart;
  • No distracting elements;
  • 'Place order' button always at hand.
Step 3 Analyze performance
Analyze performance

With the help of built-in reports get perfect understanding at what checkout field customers are stuck.

  • Checkout conversion and abandonment rate;
  • Total abandoned checkouts and order revenue;
  • Report on checkout field completition.
Step 4 Improve checkout conversion rate
Improve checkout conversion rate

Make data-driven decisions on checkout improvement with the set of built-in reports, and decide on the field composition.

  • What fields should be removed or added;
  • How custom fields influence the checkout conversion;
  • What shipping or payment methods are least demanded;
  • Should field position or default value be adjusted.
Finally, enjoy growing your revenue!

How it works

One Step Checkout Magento 2 extension by Aheadworks introduces adjustable and performance optimized Magento 2 checkout page, eliminating checkout steps. The checkout page can be edited for the available fields, automatically adjusts to the custom theme, and screen borders, making it any browsing device friendly.

Customers can apply gift cards, coupon codes, and edit items in the cart directly at the checkout page. Magento 2 one page checkout has little to no distraction elements and features always visible 'Place Order' button as a call to action.

The store owner can define default values for the fields, introduce country autodetect by the customer's IP, and add google suggestions when filling location details. Built-in reports show customer stuck points, urging for constant improvements, and provide a checkout revenue review.

Detailed feature list

  • Configuration

    Add/remove customer information fields;

    Change field names;

    Define if fields are mandatory;

    Set default field values;

    Upload security badges.

  • Best UX practices

    Two column design;

    Automatically catches custom theme styles;

    Adjusts to any screen;

    Mobile friendly;

    'Place Order' button always visible;

    Google form autocomplete;

    IP country detection;

    Newsletter signup;

    Guest checkout.

  • Faster checkout process

    No distractions, such as footers or headers;

    Customer can login at the checkout page;

    Existing customers recognized by email address;

    Items in the cart can be edited without leaving checkout;

    Gift Cards, coupon codes, points and store credit can be applied directly;

    Filled fields are saved in case unexpected page reloads.

  • Abandoned Checkout Reports

    Per-field report displaying how many times the field has been completed. Fields that are the reason for abandonment;

    Checkout conversion and abandonment;

    Abandoned checkout revenue;

    Total orders placed;

    Order placed revenue.

  • Integration with Aheadworks extensions

    Follow Up Email;

    Abandoned Cart Email;

    Gift Card;

    Reward Points;

    Store Credit and Refund.

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