Adapt your business to meet new market demands

Now is the time to adjust your tech stack, accounting for current market demand and shopping behaviors. Aheadworks has compiled support packages to assist small businesses during this time of crisis and ensuring quick adaptability going forward.

Select a Kit below that best fits your business strategy and current demand. We will install the extensions free of charge and will support your store with other recovery options specifically designed for small businesses.
Essential Kit*
$ 279 $474
  • Shop by Brand
    • Make product navigation simple by highlighting brands in the catalog.
  • Simple Bundle Product
    • Simplifies creating bundled products for admins and adding bundles to Cart for customers.
  • Abandoned Cart Email
    • Convert abandoned carts into complete orders.
  • Store Credit and Refund
    • Introduce your in-store currency and produce new purchases using refunds currency.
  • Free Shipping Bar
    • Promote additional purchases with free shipping bar.
  • Review Reminder
    • Promote additional purchases with free shipping bar.
best deal
Booster Kit*
$ 989 $1694
  • Blog
    • Empower your shop with a powerful blog reaching thousands of people towards a loyal community around your brand.
  • Layered Navigation
    • Simplifies creating bundled products for admins and adding bundles to Cart for customers.
  • Product Labels
    • Guide customers’ attention and prompt response by marking selected products out with visually appealing labels.
  • Add Free Product
    • Increase efficiency of promo campaigns suggesting free or discounted items at cart.
  • Reward Points
    • Engage customers in an irresistible loyalty program.
  • One Step Checkout
    • Engage customers in an irresistible loyalty program.
Custom Kit
ORDER CUSTOM SOLUTION at a recovery-friendly price

Consult with our experts to explore additional options designed to boost your business now by quickly responding to the specific social and economic circumstances in your location and industry.

Aheadworks has a vast amount of Magento 2 extensions on site as well as custom solutions designed to quickly address your unique tech needs, now at lower, recovery-friendly prices.

* If you have already purchased an extension within your chosen kit, we will substitute another or reduce the package price. Please refer to Custom Kit and request a quote.

45-Day Money Back
Free Lifetime Updates
90-Day Support
Installation Included

How Will You Benefit?

Re-emerge Fast
Rapid Response to current Market demand will enable your business to bounce back quickly.
Advance Services
Enhanced essential features will prepare your store for the evolving demand.
Re-engage Customers
Customers will spread the word on your adapted store capabilities
Need Help?

What Is in Each Kit?

Improving store SEO, ensuring page speed, and optimizing checkout experience are just a few of the many beneficial ways the present Recovery Kits allow small businesses to set themselves up for future success.

Essential Kit
  • Improve product navigation with the Brand tag on Catalog and Product pages
  • Introduce bundled products to increase the average basket size
  • Convert abandoned carts into completed orders
  • Launch your in-store currency for refunds and purchases
  • Promote additional purchases with the Free Shipping bar
  • Build trust collecting reviews on customer’s shopping experience

It is important to adapt your eCommerce strategy to the ‘new normal’, prepare your store by being transparent and providing as much information as you can, improving customer satisfaction and elevating the overall shopping experience.

The Essential Kit will help small businesses address the above-mentioned improvements in an effective and flawless way. It is a truly imperative solution to react in real time to changing information and situations around the eCommerce world.

Essential Kit
Booster Kit
  • Build up a loyal community around your brand with a powerful blog
  • Signify sale campaigns and special offers with visually appealing product labels
  • Enhance promo campaigns by suggesting free or discounted items at cart
  • Make catalog navigation ample, fast and stress-free
  • Enable exceptional checkout experience
  • Engage customers in an irresistible loyalty program

An advanced step in preparing your store after the pandemic, the Booster Kit assists by helping to create engaging content in support of your brand and the products or services you sell to reach millions of people who are now more active than ever online.

It is time to boost your blog and develop a devoted community of customers. Reward and encourage customers to repeatedly shop with you. Ensure your user experience is steps ahead of your competition.

Booster Kit
Custom Solutions
  • Over 50 M2 extensions fully approved by Magento Marketplace
  • Hundreds ready-made customization options and many more on blueprint
  • Recovery-friendly prices
  • Reward and partnership programs
  • Certified Magento 2 developers and the award-winning Customer Care team

The Essential and Booster kits do not address your needs, Aheadworks has dozens of other extensions in store for a custom solution that meets your unique business requirement.

In addition to free consulting on the recovery kit options, we are striving to manage your expectations on special pricing of the ready-made modules and services, as well as regular monthly promos and discounts. Contact our team today to discuss how we can support your business in this rapidly evolving market demand.

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