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Migration to Magento 2 for Magento 2

Migration to Magento 2

Aheadworks offers to take care of all troubles associated with the migration process. Come and ask for reliable services and additional benefits.

  • Estimates of migration cost and time
  • Best migration experts from Aheadworks partner network
  • Free extension trials, to make sure extensions work their best

Pack your bags for Magento 2

2017 - is high time to consider migration to Magento 2. Released early 2016, Magento 2 has made a huge step towards storeowner credibility and is becoming more popular, while technical support and security patches for Magento 1 are discontinued in a two years. That is why Aheadworks offers to take care of all troubles and cover every possible aspect of migration process.

Moving to Magento 2

What are the benefits?

Magento Migration service is provided by Aheadworks trusted partners - companies with solid portfolio and exceptional expertise in ecommerce. Whether you are new to Magento ecommerce and want to migrate to Magento, or looking into migrating to Magento 2, Aheadworks glad to offer its help in finding the development company that will assist you with the task.

Minimal time finding development company that speaks the same language, works in the same time zone, and understands taxing peculiarities;

Minimal risks. Aheadworks partners know all ins and outs of ecommerce and Magento in particular, making the data migration process a matter of time;

Minimal extension integration time. Solid experience with Aheadworks extensions guarantees seamless integration of the required modules into your store.

Up to 25% off on Magento 2 extensions. New customers to Magento 2 can use Pack Builder to get the best offer.

Free trials. Aheadworks offers free Magento 2 extension trials to give an idea of how particular functionality can benefit the store. Contact our support team for more information.

Migration service

What is included?

Magento Migration service covers all the stages of the store migration. Starting from an old store you end up with every necessary data migrated to the brand new environment. Aheadworks partner companies will take care of everything, making use of the Magento migration tool redundant.

Migration service includes:

Consultation with ecommerce specialists on every aspect of data and extension migration;

Migration of all the data: products, orders, databases, images, financial data etc.;

Custom theme migration and adjustments to Magento 2, or theme development;

Assistance with choosing hosting provider and server hardware configuration;

Extension customization, integration, and data migration, to ensure a smooth start;

On-going support and stability of the delivered solution.

Depending on the store owner requirements additional services including custom development, installation of a particular extension, design and other can also be included as a part of migration process.

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