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Magento Performance Optimization for Magento 2

Magento Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization service is offered by Aheadworks trusted partners and understands optimization of the Magento store on both administrator and server side.

  • CSS and JavaScript adjustments
  • Webserver and database optimization
  • Caching and media content improvements


Almost every Magento store needs performance tweaking. Even if you think your store is fast it may not be so for your customers.

Magento store optimization service offered by Aheadworks partners is a thoroughly selected set of actions aimed at speeding up any Magento store. Sometimes even the analytical tools used to determine how well the store does, especially installed in bulk, may reduce store performance. One can never be sure of what can and cannot be done when it comes to the performance tweaking. That is why we offer an extensive contact list of highly qualified development companies that know their ways around Magento stores.


Optimization service includes:

  • Web server. The web server should be properly configured and tuned, including Nginx, Apache, PHP_FPM and vulnerability checks.
  • Database. Specialists can recommend and perform database configuration, balance the load, separate read and write databases, in a way perfect for a particular type of the store, considering the number of products offered.
  • Caching. Installation of the best caching engines for both PHP and Magento. Sometimes it makes sense to move sessions and other information to a cache rather than keep it in the filesystem or database.
  • CSS and JavaScript. Incorrect theme architecture, improper configuration of CSS or numerous inheritances, issues caused by the third party solutions. There is much more to look into and consider in terms of optimal performance settings.
  • Media content. In most cases it makes sense to distribute static media in a different way than HTML - it can be a different web daemon, moving media to a subdomain, distribution across several servers or moving it out on a CDN. Some of the performance issues may result in improper use of the images available at the store.

This is a very brief and general Magento speed optimization service description, to get more information make sure to contact us to get a partner company reference.

Note, applying to Aheadworks partners network will not add an extra penny to the project costs. The services will be delivered at the same price as if ordering from the given partner directly.

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