Benefit from Our Extensions Ready for Your Magento PWA Websites

Magento PWA, a new advanced technology actively developed and promoted by Magento, has a lot of obvious advantages for both online customers and sellers. It includes all the benefits of mobile applications and responsive web design.
Magento PWA development becomes very popular because
Magento PWA development becomes very popular because
  • Progressive web applications are made with known and open web technologies;
  • They take reasonable time and price for proper development and implementation;
  • Additionally, Magento PWAs have numerous advantages for end-users, including swift browsing, offline accessibility, and do not require to be downloaded and installed.
So, if you already take seriously the idea of migrating your web store to PWA, we are glad to announce that in our portfolio we have the Magento PWA extensions ready to be implemented in your projects. Consider that the below extensions cover the most important Magento functionality areas and able to finalize the capability of your brand new PWA Magento store.

PWA / SPA Ready Extensions

The modules contain REST APIs and ready to be integrated into PWA, SPA, and other solutions with modern and efficient frontend interfaces
  • Efficient content writing tools;
  • SEO-friendly with advanced navigation options;
  • Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration tool;
  • Magento store tight integration.
  • Swift and flawless checkout for Magento stores;
  • Detailed reports on customer checkout behavior and abandonment;
  • High autocomplete and customization rate.
  • Multiple events for earning and assigning points;
  • Differentiated point rates for customer groups, including lifetime sale tiers;
  • Usage statistics;
  • Import/export tool.
  • Physical, virtual, and combined gift cards available;
  • Personal message attachments and custom design of gift cards;
  • Balance and usage tracking functionality.
  • Wide RMA request submission options;
  • Straightforward step-by-step returns workflow;
  • Message thread and rich customization options;
  • Two-way notifications on status changes.
  • Automatic refunds with store credits;
  • Manual updates of store credit balances for sales promotions;
  • Purchases with store credits.
  • Flexible and sufficient subscription management;
  • Highly customizable subscription plans;
  • Trial period and initial fee options;
  • All Magento product types and multiple payment methods.
  • Easy review submissions right from emails;
  • Available comments make reviews live and professional;
  • Meaningful review summaries to make purchasing conscious;
  • Helpfulness voting and ‘Verified Buyer’ badges add more trust to products.
  • Versatile settings for Venues/Spaces/Sectors;
  • On- and off-line ticket proсessing;
  • Seamless ticket purchasing;
  • Customer info storage functionality.
  • Recommend affiliates the products for promotion;
  • Pay affiliates commissions per each product sale;
  • Monitor affiliate campaigns with performance reports;
  • Set up a payout schedule to generate payouts automatically.
  • Mixed shopping cart for both subscription and one-time purchases;
  • Subscriptions scheduled for the same day are combined in single orders;
  • Simple, downloadable, virtual, and configurable product support;
  • Braintree support (for PayPal users, we offer the Subscription & Recurring Payments Magento 2 extension).
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