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Subscriptions and Recurring Payments
22 Reviews

Subscriptions and Recurring Payments for Magento 1

Create subscription products using flexible settings

  • Subscription period of any duration and frequency
  • Trial period to lower a price barrier for subscribers
  • Payments processed via external gateways
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It makes sense to offer subscription options for products that either constantly run out (pet food, water, toiletries, etc.) or every so often come in new editions (magazines, subscription boxes, collectibles, etc.). For one, it saves customers the inconvenience of going through the buying process again and again and, most importantly, it saves them from switching to a different store in between purchases.

Within Magento Subscriptions & Recurring Payments extension we have assembled all of the tools you’ll need to implement subscription options at your store. You are given full control over defining the period of subscription, the size of payment, and the way new functions interact with native Magento functionality.


Subscription period
The product or service may be set to be delivered however often for however long, or even indefinitely*, until the customer cancels the subscription himself.

Starting date*
Flexible starting day allows to begin Magento recurring payments either at the moment of purchase, particular day of the month, or the date specified by the customer.

Trial fee* (optional)
Specify the duration and cost of the trial period - lure the customers in with discounted prices or even by allowing free trial.

Initial fee* (optional)
Set up a starting fee - a one time payment representing the cost of signing up for the subscription service.

Iteration fee
Iteration fee is charged to the customer every time the product or service is delivered.

Payment processing
No need to go through a complicated payment set up - the Subscriptions & Recurring Payments extension supports external payment gateways, namely PayPal, Authorize.Net, and eWay.

Subscription tracking and editing
Each subscription is logged within the extension creating a list in backend, allowing you to sort and manage subscriptions however you see fit. On the customer’s side subscriptions may be viewed from within the customer area.

Block appearance
Each subscription block may be given a custom name and assigned a priority value defining its order of appearance within the frontend page.

Customer segmentation (optional)
Customers may be moved to a different customer group upon signing up for a particular subscription.

Subscription product type
This Magento subscription extension allows recurring billings for simple, downloadable, configurable, or virtual product types.

Email notifications (NEW)
Send automatic email notifications to admin or/and customer to inform about:

  • new subscription
  • subscription status change
  • new order
  • subscription period expiration
  • next payment
See how it works

* Available settings vary depending on the chosen payment method

Payment Methods**

Payment MethodStatus
eWay Supported
Authorize.Net ARB Supported
PayPal Express Checkout Supported
PayPal Payments Pro (Express Checkout) Supported
PayPal Payflow Link (Express Checkout) Supported
PayPal Website Payments Pro (Express Checkout) Supported
PayPal Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution (Express Checkout) Supported

** Support of specific payment methods depends on the country.

Need more payment methods? Please leave a request here

Product Types

Product TypeStatus
Simple Supported
Downloadable Supported
Configurable Supported
Virtual Supported
Grouped Not Supported
Bundle Not Supported

Works as advertised

Review by Andrew | Jun 16, 2016

We've been using SARP for half a year already and find it pretty functional and well-designed. The module is very stable which is definitely a big advantage for our business. There is just one thing missing that we had to customize ourselves. We needed to allow our customers to add multiple items to their carts. Other than that, the extension suits our demands very well and we highly recommend it.

One of the best magento extension

Review by Charles | Feb 2, 2016

I just installed it and I admit that this extension is really of first quality.
Will just depend on the tech support for features such as "composite products" and additional payment method.
Really Exciting.

Just what we need

Review by Ann | Sep 30, 2015

We have been using this tool for a month already…and what can I say! It simply does it job and makes my life easier. We have encountered a small conflict with another module on our site, but aW support was really helpful and we resolved the issue in record time. Great job, guys!

Terrible Experience

Review by Stephen | Sep 21, 2015

We recently upgraded from SARPv1 to SARPv2 to ensure PCI compliance. To our utter disbelief Aheadworks have removed support for discounts at checkout!! We were completely stunned because there was no mention that this existing functionality, which supports a main feature of Magento, had been removed. Now we can no longer run promotional campaigns with discount vouchers. This was supposed to be an upgrade but feels like a downgrade. There was no reasonable explanation why this happened.

The module doesn't offer multiple payment methods per product so the user can only fund their subscription with either PayPal or eWay. On v1 we used PayPal as the payment processor but the user could pay by card. Our web developers were told that using PayPal would still allow users to pay by card. Actually this was incorrect. It allows the buyer to setup a PayPal account which they can fund with a card. This was pretty disingenuous advice.

As a B2B merchant offering PayPal as a sole payment method looks poor. So we tried to change to eWay to allow card payments only to find that the payment took place on page, not off page, which meant it would fail PCI compliance.

Upgrading to v2 has been a massive backwards step and has left us looking for a new module. Very poor practice removing existing functionality without highlighting the fact and leaving the user in the lurch.


Review by Janelle | Jun 9, 2015

We bought the extension for a magento site and had an issue installing. Submitted the ticket and had a very quick response in having the extension up and running. Very satisfied with the tech support, thank you Ekaterina!

fills the need

Review by Krista | Mar 10, 2015

I ran into trouble with the extension early on. I couldn't even get it to install properly. Scripts were failing and database tables were not be created that the extension needs for it to work. But, I contacted support and they got it solved right away. Other than those issues, it seems to be doing the job just fine and the support team was very helpful.

Good one

Review by Charlie | Jan 15, 2015

A solid and reliable extension that does its job. We're offering regular billing/ delivery, and this ext is packed with the exact features we were after.
But be advised: it's not a 'no-brainer one-click' kind of product. Take your time to learn how it works. The support guys at AW are quite helpful, just in case;)

Horrible Experience with this extension

Review by Dana | Dec 6, 2014

I have had an enormous amount of problems with this extension that has impaired my business on a daily basis. This is only a small synopsis of the problems I've experienced - all with no apparent fix. If i could give -0 stars this is what I would rate this. Beware!!!

1. When subscribers update their accounts the system does not recognize the new address or credit card information. So, products are shipped to the wrong address or the credit card is repeatedly declined.

2. Subscribers have to cancel their subscription, thencreate a new subscription if they have to update information. If they've missed several months. The system will charge them for the months that lapsed since their account was canceled. I have had some customers charged 10 times for one subscription.

3. Cannot migrate subscribers from the old version to the new version.

4. Everyday I have an issue with my subscribers' accounts due to using this extension.

I'm losing subscribers because of this extension. I highly do not recommend this product.

Smart And Intuitive

Review by Paul | Nov 26, 2014

I have seen other subscription extensions, but this one comes with many features I was looking for.

Good module, but notable omissions you should be aware of

Review by Paul Larson | Aug 13, 2014

Here are all the requirements it doesn't meet:

No promotions whatsoever.
Only one subscription item allowed in cart at a time.
Subscriptions can only be applied to simple products, not bundles.

These limitations may not seem essential before you install the module, but once everything is in place these omissions will become a major setback if you intend to treat the subscription products like conventional Magento products.

Subscription Solution

Review by Eric | Mar 4, 2014

Just what we were looking for, allows us to have customers pay for a subscription. Does everything that it says it does. Would recommend.

Amazing module

Review by Fred | Feb 6, 2014

This module has been working as the basis of our store for almost one month already. Subscriptions are offered to all our products. We run 2.0 version and I want to express gratitude for this incredible plugin and thank the staff and developers for the amazing work they have done.
This extension reduced my workload by 50% and keeps all the subscriptions in order! I can at last sleep at night without fear of sudden crash of customers subscriptions. This module is extremely reliable.
Thanks again!

Great module and support

Review by Grant | Jan 29, 2014

We have a bookshop. We chanced upon this extension and decided to offer subscriptions to our customers. And it works perfectly. Now we don't need to send any notifications about new books from a collection, we just sell the entire collection as a subscription. We had an issue with our payment gateway, but the support team resolved it in two days. Thank you. The module and support are Great!

Essential module for subsciptions

Review by Stephen | Jan 27, 2014

Best subscription and recurring payments module for magento with many customizable options to meet all merchant needs. Installation was easy and straightforward. Integration with custom themes requires some development knowledge, more documentation would be helpful. Additional payment method/gateway options in the future would enable more sales.

Works Great!

Review by Clay | Dec 7, 2013

The module works perfectly. It did exactly what I needed it to do. It was easy to install and setting up recurring products was a breeze.

Works well with Authorize payment gateway that is included with Magento.


Review by Tim | Nov 16, 2013

We're are an online music education company with high def downloadable video lessons, featuring real songs and many of the artists themselves. We're using this extension to convert our business from a single or bundled purchase model, into a monthly or annual subscription membership. We tested the module using a trial offer, and hooked it up to Magento is very short order, leveraging Magento's rewards function to get the particular experience and offerings we wanted. We're very happy with this module and looking forward to it helping transform our business.

Better than Magento core

Review by Jase | Jul 30, 2013

We've used this product to manage 100s of monthly payments with for years. It's always been great. The code and database were cleanly assembled enough for us to easily adapt the extension to work with ARB.

Nice work!

Outstanding Extension/Documentation Needs Updated

Review by Ben | Mar 8, 2013

I purchased this extension for a site that had weekly recurring orders as well as normal single purchases. The extension was easy to install and setup. Our store used Paypal as the payment processor and we did have some problems getting things to work properly with Paypal. I feel the documentation for the extension needs to be updated especially as it relates to Paypal and its implementation but over all the documentation on how the extension works is GREAT. I would recommend this to other but if you are using Paypal be prepared for some struggles up front but after no problems.

Uneditable subscriptions

Review by Jonny | Dec 13, 2012

The service works ok, but its uneditable which is a bit annoying. Before moving to Magento, our old system allowed for the customer's personal or payment details to be changed, as well as alllowing them to change the frequency.

Allowing it to be placed from the cart, as another has pointed out, would also be a great feature.

Hope these additions can be made as its close to being an excellent product.

great extension

Review by Tomasz | Nov 3, 2012

Hi. I just want to say - that extension saved my business. Really good job, flawless features, customer level-up is brilliant.


Great job

Review by Cam | Jun 8, 2012

This module completely resolved my client's issue with subscription management. The install was a little tricky, but aheadWorks tech support team was very helpful.

View Cart Page

Review by Mark | Apr 10, 2012

Good module. Many of our competitors have a similar function on their sites, but they allow the customer to choose autoship on the View Cart page also. This would be a great feature to add to this module.

Magento Developer/Consultant

Review by Marco Gallopin | Feb 13, 2012

Good modules, but I can't place orders from backend if the product is downloadable. Please fix it as soon as possible.

Start-up is complicated, but using will be better

Review by Matthew | Feb 2, 2012

We expected to have some complications when starting to use this (it is a model that we're not used to), but it seems that as long as it produces orders the same way as normal orders, we'll be fine. We're excited to start offering subscriptions to our customers and this platform will help us do that.


Review by Afarr | Mar 11, 2011

This is a good module but it does not allow for orders of subscription items to be entered via the backend. Our company takes a lot of phone orders so it did not work well for us. I hope that they can find a solution to this issue in the future versions.

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