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Search Autocomplete and Suggest
29 Reviews

Search Autocomplete and Suggest for Magento 1

Autocomplete search input and provide result suggestions

  • AJAX technology provides fast live updates
  • Customize the look of "suggest" area
  • Exclude irrelevant attributes and out of stock items
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Finding a desired product in the shortest time possible is crucial for your conversion rate and overall customer experience. Some customers prefer going through the navigation tree, while others cut straight to the chase and try their luck with the search tab. For the latter we have just the thing.

Our Magento Search Autocomplete & Suggest extension provides customers with a dropdown of destination suggestions once they are past typing the third symbol in the search field, allowing them to jump to relevant products without going through the search result page. Additionally, the drop down tab includes matching keywords to guide the search in the direction of most results.


Customized look
You can specify the number of Magento search suggestions to appear in the dropdown, write your own messages to be displayed at the top and bottom of search results, and create your own dropdown template.

Relevant suggestions
The type of information you think is irrelevant may be excluded from the description of suggested items, also, out of stock items may be eliminated from results.

Search aids
Customers may be suggested keywords related to what they are typing to narrow the results and/or allowed to search by product tags for more liberal results.

Live updates
AJAX based search works extremely fast, finding suggestions as you go, but we allow setting up a custom update delay in case you don’t want continuous search response to be too distracting.

How Search Autocomplete & Suggest differs from Advanced Search

Search Autocomplete & Suggest is based on native Magento search functionality while

Advanced Search replaces this functionality by bringing the power of external search engine to your store.

Both Magento search extensions can easily work together - when installed on the same website, Search Autocomplete & Suggest can use Magento Advanced Search as its search engine.

Works as expected

Review by Anthony | Aug 21, 2018

Easy to setup and extension works well.
Can recommend this quality extension


Review by Jonas | Oct 12, 2017

Much better than the standard magento search.


Review by Victor | Jan 11, 2017

Helps in nitty-gritty

Worked the way we like!

Review by Frank | Feb 10, 2016

This is the search extension we are looking for, just by couple of letters, will provide you the most relative products/information for you to choose. It is very convenient for someone to look for the product without a lot efforts, especially only partially knows the name.
Great product, we like it!

A needed addition

Review by Jerry | May 27, 2014

I LOVE the autocomplete search extension. This is a must for any Magento store. Search is by far the most used part of my site and this has already increased conversion rate tremendously. After a couple tweaks in the code, it works perfectly with my theme. Thanks Aheadworks!


Review by Yann | May 26, 2014

Very usefull. Simple to configure.

Very helpful for us!!

Review by Amanda | May 3, 2014

Works as described. We use it together with Advanced Search (another plugin from aheadWorks). Our search has become much faster, more convenient with helpful results. Thank you guys! Can’t even imagine what can be better.


Review by Derek | Apr 14, 2014

Easy to install, powerful, now using with no problems.
More than I've expected!

Works for us

Review by O. Cooper | Apr 8, 2014

This Search Auto Complete ext is a pure win. Not only it rectifies the Magento's inherently crippled search results (in terms of accuracy), but also makes searching really instant and convenient.
More than satisfied with the outcome this far, now looking into coupling this ext with AW Advanced Search.

Stops working for no apparent reason

Review by Justin | Mar 26, 2014

Sometimes when we update an attribute this extension stops working and finds 'no results' on frontend. Aheadworks expects us to pay to have the bug examined. Pretty unimpressed.

Nice product

Review by Eric Jensen | Mar 24, 2014

Nice product. Happy on buying this extension. Support was nice from aheadworks!

Must have for all websites!

Review by Josey | Feb 13, 2014

What can make your store search work fast and smoothly is the Search Autocomplete module. We installed this tool two months ago. It works as described and adds value to our website. What I like most is the ability to control what and how to show results in the search list. Well done, guys!

Works great

Review by Denis | Feb 6, 2014

We have just installed this extension and it works 100% on Magento CE No more out of stock products in the search results list.

Quick, smooth, and powerful!

Review by Brian | Jan 31, 2014

Now our clients can easily preview the products they are looking for directly from the search box. We show product price, description, and image. With the module, search functionality is much better than native Magento search. Recommend to everyone.

in conjunction with Advanced Search it has become really fast

Review by Claudia | Jan 24, 2014

It makes the search appealing for visitors through fully customizable pop-ups. And in conjunction with the Advanced Search app it has become really fast! There are no lower and, what’s more, upper limits for searching items. Whether you have 1K or 10K items in your store the search will be same fast.

Works fine, very happy

Review by Max | Nov 22, 2013

Extenion works as described. Support was very helpful installling it and sorting out some problems.

First-rate extension

Review by Mike | Nov 15, 2013

It's much better than native Magento search! Just 3 characters and here are the search results! Brilliant!

Managing Director - National Process P. Ltd.

Review by Bakul Pandya | Oct 8, 2013

We have just added Search Autocomplete and Suggest to our e-commerce site We have observed that this is excellent extension for e-commerce site which site has to display their product with product image.

Even better than Google search

Review by Attila | Oct 8, 2013

The Google autocomplete feature is great, suggesting terms on the fly as I type. This module adds even to that: it can show product pictures, which make finding what I'm looking for even easier.

Nice search extension

Review by Allard | Sep 15, 2013

We were not completely happy with the default Magento search tool. The search auto complete extension is a must have.


Review by Bas | Jun 28, 2013

Works like a charm!

We just bought this exension and installed in our webshop.
The installation is easy and result are great!
Many thanks for making our lives easier, this is good stuff.


Review by Bert | Jun 19, 2013

Recently bought Search Autocomplete and Suggest and got it up-and-running within minutes. It works like a charm. Recommended for everyone who wants to add better search functionality to their shop(s). Very satisfied with this extension!


Review by Ian | Mar 17, 2013

I've tried a few modules to improve Magento's search and this one wins!

Simply Brilliant!

Makes search customisable for customers and so simple to set up

Review by Tam | Mar 16, 2013

Don't know what it is about these guys, but I rarely go anywhere else for extensions I need for Magento. Everything works so simply and easily and their support is second to none.

This extension is another example of how easy it is to add extended functionality to Magento without any headaches. This is easily customisable to suit your theme and allows intuitive search results for your customers. Another great extension!


Review by Thierry | Feb 7, 2013

Module facilitant la recherche pour l'utilisateur.
Facilement personnalisable.
Très bon support.
Rien à dire

Great Technical Support

Review by Xavier | Dec 21, 2012

Although the plugin works perfectly I hads a couple of little issues with my styles. I contacted their technical support and their service was so fast and excellent, that I must recommend you this extension.

Great extension, great support.

Review by Emile | Nov 27, 2012

This extension just works as advertised and looks really nice on our websites. Searching is made easier for our customers.
We had some difficulties installing, the support was fast and accurate. Worth the money. As one of the earlier reviews also mentioned, searching in CMS pages would be a great new feature.

A Magento Must Have

Review by TECHeGO | Nov 6, 2012

Cut search times and increase sales! Need I say more? This extension is hands down the best on the market today!

Great Extension

Review by Lenny | Oct 20, 2012

Great extension, very easy to set up and it allows customer to quickly see what's available without page refresh. Excellent support as well.


Review by Sylvain | Oct 18, 2012

Easy to use, install and customize...
Perfect extensions... As always with AheadWorks

Perfect extension for your Shop search

Review by Stefan | Oct 10, 2012

This is a really great extension. Easy installation and configuration. I'm lovin it. :)

Very Professional

Review by Dan | Oct 1, 2012

This module has added a nice professional feel to my store. The immediate results from the search with images will most definitely transfer to sales. This mod really sets me apart from my sites competition.

great extension

Review by Mel | Sep 15, 2012

works great and is a must have for a magento shop with a lot products!

Easy to configure

Review by Teodor | Aug 30, 2012

Works great with Advanced Search. Very happy with the extension.

perfect module

Review by Marcus | Aug 11, 2012

module is a perfect alternative to the magento default search. My wish for further releases would be the possibility to show also categories, suggestions and a boost for special products. Aheadworks is one of the best extension supplier I have ever worked with.

improves standard search by a lot!

Review by Essam | Jun 28, 2012

This extension works perfectly and is very easy to customize through the back-end.

Quick and easy

Review by Neil | May 10, 2012

I found this extension quick and easy to implement, then I was also able to style it to match my store theme. Customers like it when it a list of products and images pops up whilst searching.

Good extension

Review by Sidney @ Studio Emma | Apr 11, 2012

This is a very nice extension that is easy to install and to configure. Pitty It has needed intervention from support for both installations on Community and Enterprise. The files view.php and searchautocomplete.css had to be modified just a little bit. This should be Ok before installing. I hope Aheadworks takes the time to correct this in future editions. I'm sure they are on top of it cause they are simply the best extension supplier around!


Review by ANDREI | Feb 27, 2012

Nice and helps Magento overcome it's terrible search system.

Ergonomie de recherche améliorée

Review by Thierry | Feb 6, 2012

Nous allons bientôt essayer le nouveau module de recherche de aheadWorks basé sur "Sphinx" mais en attendant ce module améliore considérablement l'ergonomie et la facilité de recherche.

Great Extension - A Must Have

Review by Brian | Feb 3, 2012

Speeds up the search process and the results are pretty accurate. In the backend, it lets you choose which product attributes to take into consideration when pulling up the search results. So you can have it just be the Product Name to make the results not include all the junk that can show up if you include the Product Description.

We added a new attribute to our products called 'Search Terms' and put here the most common misspellings and variations of the product names so that they would show up in the Autocomplete results.

Tech manager

Review by Igor | Nov 28, 2011

This extension was very easy to install, and is working stable on our store.
This is very good improvement of default Magento search functionality.

This works well

Review by Bruce | Oct 12, 2011

Default magento has search auto complete feature.
But, I recommend all magento store owners to use this extension instead of default search auto complete feature.
You can see why I recommend so after install this extension on your store.

Searching just made even easier

Review by Edward | Sep 21, 2011

Okay.. so magento search is not the best. However with this extension, our search results have improved. By specific attributes the Search and Autocomplete shows customers exactly what they are looking for. Especially in the industry we are in, it is important to have customers find what they want immediately. Appearance is fantastic and adds that wow factor in your head. Even I like it when I search on aheadworks website :).. I guess that's what made me get it to. No problems out of the box (download) and its up and running in no time.

This is an enhanced search module with state of the art appearance on the frontend.

Review by Terry | Aug 26, 2011

Nicely done module, that is customizable. It gives a great first impression to any new visitors and the thumbnails in the pop down make it very helpful for finding exactly what your are looking for without having to then search the product pages. Aheadworks team was also very helpful in assisting me with some of the set up questions.


Review by Sergio | Aug 4, 2011

Easy to install, in 5 minutes working, with no problems. It's a bit expensive, but it's the only autosearch extension, that allows to search (and show) the products description and many other fields.

Great Module how about being able to search cms pages

Review by alex K | Jul 27, 2011

Really love this module but since installing it I have noticed a lot of searches from customers where the information is on the website but it showing no results because it is in a cms page.
Please can we add this?

Great module with Excellent support

Review by Nadeem | Jul 14, 2011

This review is based on using this particular module for over 6 months on a production site. I looked up a lot of other similar modules before settling for this one .. and even though this was pricier than others, I am happy that I chose it.

The module works as advertised, but also not a hair more. And if you want to add even a little bit of functionality, then prepare yourself on paying good amount to them. So it is imperative that you clarify the exact functionality of the module before you purchase it. Installation is straight forward and I don't remember any problems with it. But the best part has to be their support, which is simply top notch. The module was giving me problems with IE6, and even though it did take the support team sometime to fix it, they were eventually able to fix the problem. They also offered me the 3.0 upgrade from my 2.2 version free of cost. I would definitely recommend this module to anyone who wants to add this much needed functionality to their website.

my recomendation

Review by Emil | Jul 11, 2011

They are very nice and kind. They installed it for me. It had some problem in the beginning, but they checked it and repaired it. This extension works and I recommend it to your shop.
Best regards

great module

Review by Dave | Jul 3, 2011

can really give your site a whole new dimension, very happy with its functionality - good module guys

Great feature

Review by Jason | Jun 1, 2011

My clients can now find products fast and easy without waiting for a catalog page to load. Time saves like these make the server costs stay low. Thanks!

Very good extension

Review by Julien | May 31, 2011

I was disapointed with the last version of this extension because there was incompatibility with IE 6 to 8. But now it's working fine and it's really a good feature !

Skip a Step and Take Customer Straight to Product!

Review by Office Slide | May 26, 2011

We love this extension because it allows our recurring customers to jump straight to the products they already order by searching for the SKU and waiting just a second for the exact product to pop-up!

Easy to install, easy to configure, and easy to customize!

Searching is so easy

Review by | Nov 29, 2010

We all know that magento's search function is lacking, severely. Why oh why somebody hasnt built a proper search module for it yet I have no idea but this one certainly does a good job of filling the gap between a comprehensive result and magentos waste of time.

Its great for the gear in our music shop because people start typing and up it comes, its fast, clear and easy to manage. Another great add on from Aheadworks.


Review by Dennis | Aug 5, 2010

The idea is great so I bouth this extension together with the Z-Blocks. Only after installation my searchbox was all messed up. It seems to be a css conflict so I have to code and that's just someting I don't want. That's why I both this extension in the first place...

Module works as advertised

Review by 8asic | Feb 5, 2010

Works great, makes it much more intuitive for product driven sites. Support from AheadWorks was superb!

Great time saver

Review by Guy | Jan 29, 2010

It amazes me that nobody has reviewed this excellent time saver yet. This extension really helps customers find what they are looking for in a few seconds, especially if you have a large store with lots of categories.
We had a few difficulties with SSL and this script but it was properly fixed within two days by Aheadworks. I really enjoy working with them. Quality products backed up with quality support!

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