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RMA for Magento 1

Streamline the process of product returns

  • RMA request form is arranged in an intuitive way
  • Partial return allowed for orders with several items
  • Admin control over RMA form, request editing, etc.
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Magento RMA Overview

Even though RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) is not something that directly contributes to your profit margin, it is something that will subtract from it if not dealt with properly. And there is no avoiding the issue either as anywhere between 5% and 40% of merchandise sold online ends up either returned or replaced. On top of that, the process tends to get somewhat messy, including multiple stages, confirmations, fraud risks and so on.

What we offer is a one stop solution to take care of all RMA aspects within your store. On one hand, our Magento returns extension is flexible enough to design the process to suit your business model. On the other, it includes enough options to accommodate your clients with whatever RMA situation they are in.


Intuitive frontend
For a customer, requesting RMA in Magento is really straightforward. All he has to do is:

  • Choose one or several products
  • Select reason and package condition
  • Add message and an optional attachment
  • Agree to an RMA policy. 

RMA request can be created without even logging in. 

Partial RMA
There is a possibility of returning one product out of group order or even out of bundle purchase.

Extensive backend options
From backend you can adjust most aspects of the process:

  • Automatic stock updates;
  • Define the return period; 
  • File attachments; 
  • Create requests from backend;
  • Email notifications for customer and admin;
  • Custom statuses
  • Custom reasons & resolutions
  • Internal notes for RMA requests
  • etc.

Info storage
All of the RMA requests are logged both within the Magento RMA extension tab and on the order page.

Fraud protection
With the print labels and unique tracking codes, you get protection against fraudulent returns and can easily follow not only RMA requests but products returned as well.

Multistore support
Specify the store view for each request type and status.

No more flagged emails

Review by Bubblebubs | Jun 6, 2017

As a small business managing returns and also things missed off orders has been a bit hit and miss. RMA has streamlined this process, integration is awesome and it's so nice to get something working straight out of the box without heaps of conflicts. Well written code!

All your return requests in one place

Review by Bob | Jul 4, 2016

Keeps all RMA requests in one place, saves your time and organizes return process. Exactly what I was needed.

Well Done !

Review by Aziz | Jun 13, 2015

This is really perfectly developed extension. It covers all aspects of RMA issues and saves you from exchanging emails with customers hassle.
I liked how organized the files in my site directory. It was so easy to approach the files and customize them.

Keep up the good work

Nice extension

Review by Matt | Jun 17, 2014

This is a great extension. I'd even say it's a must have if you want to have a reliable return system. It's easy to install and forget about and it keeps everything neat for you. Aheadworks has done it again!


Review by Henk | May 14, 2014

This RMA module is perfect and works like a charme. We had some issues with Magento Variables, but the support team will fix this quickly. Now we have a good view of order management

We use this EVERY DAY!

Review by Shawn | Apr 19, 2014

Makes keeping track of issues VERY easy. Customers no longer send us random emails about return issues, its all handled by this software!

Good tool

Review by Ana | Apr 18, 2014

Bought it together with Help Desk. allowing your customers to request and manage returns and exchanges directly from your webstore, I think these two extensions are must have.

Necessary for ecommerce

Review by Eric | Mar 4, 2014

We decided this extension will be extremely valuable to us in assisting customers with returns. It has everything we need. Would definitely recommend.

Very professional

Review by Jane | Feb 13, 2014

To my mind, it should be core Magento functionality…
Anyway, the module helps us greatly to deal with RMAs. Our customers have a clear understanding of how to make a request and a number of their calls has been greatly decreased.

Very useful for us

Review by Tom | Feb 6, 2014

Wow! It is really amazing. The module covers all our needs. Different RMA types, statuses, reasons… We even can’t imagine how this extension can be enhanced. We have found everything we looked for. Well done!

Good overall, options for automated processing would be a +

Review by Jim | Jan 31, 2014

What the title says - the aw Rma module does what it's designed for, but processing requests require a coupe of manual operations.
Not a big issue, you would have to do it anyway during the request fulfillment, but an option to automate a couple of things wouldn't hurt

Ideal for managing returned goods

Review by Stan | Jan 27, 2014

If you are using Magento Community and you need to control return or exchange of items RMA is the right thing for u. Install, configure it and… forget as it cover almost all troubles on managing returned goods.
P.S. it’s very well documented.


Review by Larry Collins | Jan 17, 2014

The extension has worked out great for us. It has met all our needs to streamline our return process. The support was great, they had to do a little customization to get it to work all the way with our setup and they had it done in no time. Thanks for everything

Good RMA, Needs Improvements

Review by Byron | Dec 2, 2013

Overall a good extension for what it does. simplifies return requests, however does not offer an exchange or store credit. This would be a great extension if I could process an exchange on the RMA system and issue payment refund or store credit.

I love it!

Review by Joel | Nov 14, 2013

I bought this extension 2 years ago. And can't even imagine the process of controlling the return without the RMA module. It's simple but really indispensable.

Great Extension. Works out of the box

Review by Gabriel | Oct 10, 2013

Really easy to set up and use.

Useful extension

Review by Ondrej | Oct 3, 2013

RMA extension is very handy, easy to configure and translate. RMA process for customers is easy. We also appreciate helpful support from the developer.


Review by Bhavin M. | Sep 3, 2013

The best RMA extension for Magento. Thanks aheadworks for the excellent product.

A must have addition for any ecommerce site

Review by Novatech Electronics | Aug 6, 2013

This product works great and exactly as described. However it would be nice if there was a feature to be able to set multiple return addresses instead of just one primary address for those of us who have returns going all over the country.

Great Modification for RMA's.

Review by chris | Jul 18, 2013

Had a bug (file was missing from install) that they fixed very quickly. I would agree with previous review that the usage of the word "RMA" is quite heavy, as customers generally don't understand was "RMA" is. After chatting with support, they let me know I could change the wording rather easily in the AW_Rma.csv file, located in the app\locale\en_US\ directory. Once I changed all the wording and the bug was fixed, it is working very well. Great customer service, great modification!

No more manual returns and missed customer service

Review by Johan | Jul 13, 2013

This extension really makes returns a breeze. Handling returns is big business for us to keep happy long term customers. Just missing a single one or doing something wrong would greatly affect our brand with the internets voice. We won't have to deal with RMA using Excel anymore and it saves us huge loads of time.

RMA Sorted

Review by Atul | Jun 19, 2013

We used to use email & a manual system for RMA making it difficult for my Store Admin to do all the RMA for teh customers we let the customers do it themselves

Look at the cost benefit in terms of man hours saved

Great work

Brilliant! Simple and easy to use yet very powerful.

Review by Tamara | May 30, 2013

Fantastic extension that is both powerful and very easy to use. Installed very easily and is a great time saver. Makes it very simple to track returns with a minimum of fuss for both us and our customers.

Top marks for this extension!!!!!


Review by Jerome | May 5, 2013

We are still checking out RMA for more details

But this has replaced most of our daily RMA check, which we are currently using google gmail to do.
With this, we no longer need to verify the order, and this streamline and make our job faster and better

Web Developer

Review by Kristin Ray-Sprenger | Apr 22, 2013

Very helpful extension - easy to install, simple to set up and well formed readable code. My only suggestion - it would be great if it could be used with multiple return locations/vendors. Currently only one return location can be added into the admin for returns. Also - the term RMA is very "inside baseball". We've changed it to be Return Center and "Return Request" everywhere we could.

Convenient extension

Review by Francesco Scarongella | Mar 29, 2013

With this extension it is easy to handle rma. Customers have clear information on how to proceed and therefore NOT call each time. We save time and avoid hassles and errors. The usage is very simple as all Aheadworks extensions.

CEO Karysmatik

Review by Mitch | Feb 21, 2013

I love this module as it took a lot of hassle out of handling returns
Customers often sent returns with no documentation, cross referencing them against orders was difficult and keeping abreast of the email logs was problematic
This extension solved all those issues and the installation service was painless
Great customer serviced too

Web Developer

Review by Randy | Jan 2, 2013

The best RMA extension out there. And with the open source policy *and well written code), I was able to make some customization for my website's needs. My customer support team is pleased as well!

Just what I was looking for!

Review by NS | Nov 9, 2012

I was searching around for an RMA system for my store to keep track of returns and came across Aheadworks and their RMA extension. This is going to make life easy for us now. We will have all records of RMA's in one single location. Couldn't ask for a better solution for our needs! Support was wonderful as I wanted to customize some things on the frontend and Aheadworks made it happen within a few days. Communication back and forth was timely.

Because of their customer service and great products, I've already bought 3 extensions and looking into investing into a 4th. Great company!

Great extension and support!

Review by Lefteris | Apr 10, 2012

Purchased the extension for the needs of a store. It is definitely a must have in the online world where customer satisfaction is crucial.

The guys from AW were friendly and offered a customization for FREE!

Makes magento complete

Review by Marcel | Dec 29, 2011

This is the missing part of Magento community part and installs very easy and works great. Only one remark I dutch and have to translate the local files to get it in my own language that takes some time because there is a lot text. Maybe Aheadworks rewards customers with bonus if they provide aheadworks with translation files for there extension then it works only one need to translate those files and others can take use of them

Can't ask for more

Review by Robert | Nov 8, 2011

Just like any other Aheadwork magento extensions it's truly a beauty! simplified our RMA process by integrating this RMA extension.

Great extension!

Review by Frank Ligthart | Oct 20, 2011

Several extensions bought from aW and I am very happy with them. First of all the installation goes smoothly and it works immediately. Secondly my shop gets a professional look and feel! I will surely buy more extensions from aW.


100% worth its money

Review by leni | Oct 7, 2011

Great module, easy to setup and to manage it works like a charm!

The guys from Ahead made even some free customization for me in regards to admin not receiving emails for event changes triggered by admin, by default this was not enabled. Now they made it working for me.
I use this module so the warehouse shipping my goods is able to manage the RMA's for me and I keep up to date with email notifications. For instance if a customer needs a refund and the package arrived in good state at the warehouse they put the status to "Ready for refund'' and I make the actual refund.

I have now 3 modules from Ahead works and for all modules I got equal great and fast support.

Keep up the good work there!

100% worth its money

Review by leni | Oct 7, 2011

Great extension, very easy to setup and it works like a charm. I have use it to manage RMA together with the warehouse who ships my goods.

I had some issue with admin notification not being send if the status change was triggered by admin and Ahead works support made that working for me without any costs. Their service and communications are great. I will come certainly back for more after the 3 I have now purchased.

effective and organized

Review by Sara | Aug 4, 2011

we get small small returns every single time and we are asked for RMA forms, it was very embarassing that we didn't have such a feature. magento didn't have one. so aheadworks have delivered a good extension once again. now we should be able to handle refunds and returns and gather return information in a better form instead of looking through emails. :)

Simply and Effective, as always

Review by John Filo | Jul 21, 2011

This is the third module I have bought from AW and just like the last two it installed without any problems and I was up and running using RMA in minutes. Thanks AW, I will be back for more in the future!

Very handy

Review by Tom | Jul 12, 2011

I know businesses don't like returns, but it does happen, and being able to keep up on it will help you track returns. Get timely returns to customers and get ur customer taken care of! Few small bugs i was able to sort out. Still I recommend this plugin

Makes Life Easy

Review by Office Slide | May 26, 2011

This extension will save you time and money if you have more than just a few returns a month. The best part about the extension is that it creates a standardized procedure that your customer is comfortable with for returning a product!

The ability to create an RMA in the backend of Magento is great for customer service representatives. Having a single organized place to track all returns has made our life much easier since installing this extension.

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