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Price Match
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Price Match for Magento 1

Customers may report lower prices on your products

  • Report button activates a lower price request form
  • Request form is customizable from backend
  • Discount applied automatically upon request approval
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With the Price Match Magento extension, you can provide your clients with the hottest discounts and lowest prices at just the right time.

Place a special 'Price Match' button on the product page and let your customers inform you about lower prices on the same items in other web-stores.

The Price Match form (a request), filled in by your store visitors, provides all the necessary information for a web-store administrator:

  • name and email address
  • telephone
  • product name
  • competitor's product link and competitor's price
  • requested price
  • general information field

In order to keep comparison requests univocal and clear the extension processes Simple, Virtual and Downloadable product types.

After the Magento Price Match request is created, you can decide whether to give a discount to a customer or not. If a request is approved, a discount coupon code will be sent to a client by email or it can be applied to the product automatically.

Configure the look of the Price Match request

  • 'Price Match' button on product pages
    Insert the request button automatically on all product pages and let customers inform you about lower price on the same product on other websites.
  • Request button label
    You can specify the title of the request button directly in the backend.
  • Specify the content of the request form
    The Price Match form contains the following fields: name and email address, product name, competitor’s product link and price, etc. You can define any text before/after the fields, e.g. “If you find a lower price on any our product, we will match the price and get back the difference” or “Found lower price? Tell us and get it cheaper!”, etc.
  • Form appearance
    You can easily specify whether the Magento Price Match form will appear in the popup window, will be opened in a new page, or will be represented as a custom form.

Flexible requests management

  • Check requests in the frontend & backend
    Both you and your customers can always check the given information. Moreover, you can filter Price Match requests by a definite product and immediately analyze the quantity of the requests, your competitors’ prices, and finally the necessity of this product price lowering. Each request shows you the difference between competitor’s/requested price and the current one what helps you to decide whether to approve the request or not.
  • Apply discount to the requested product
    With the Price Match Magento extension, price lowering is very simple and depends on the requester. After the administrator approves the Price Match request, an email with a discount coupon code is sent to the client or special price of the required product becomes available for the registered customer in the frontend. Other coupon codes can be blocked if the Price Match coupon is active. Set up the following discount parameters per each Price Match request:
    • amount
    • duration
    • usage limit (only once, used, or unlimited)
  • Requests auto-approval
    You can approve requests automatically according to the difference between the requested price and the current one. For example, you can give discounts automatically to all clients that requested a price which is only 10% lower than the current one.
  • Email notifications
    The best Magento Discount extension allows sending email notifications to administrator and\or customers about the Price Match request submission and status, so you'll never slip the chance to outgo your business rivals.
Integration with other Aheadworks extensions

Using the Price Match extension together with the below Aheadworks products, online merchants get more valuable insights.

Let clients report about lower prices on your products to their Facebook friends.


Review by Mango | Oct 1, 2019

Works flawlessly out of the box. CSS can be easily configured.
Nice and useful extension.

Great module, fairly priced

Review by Dan | Aug 13, 2014

I'm totally in love with this plugin! It proved to be reliable, it is easy to use and it gives you that edge over your competitors. Recommended!

Just what we needed

Review by Eric | Mar 4, 2014

We have several competitors that allow for "Make Offer" so this will allow us to match that offer and not lose any sales. I think this is definitely worth the money we paid for it.

Great product and idea but styling issues

Review by HBaron | Mar 1, 2014

This is a great idea for an extension and very useful but has many styling issues what we did not like with box placement, size, CSS, etc. Plus it should not be using a button for something like this. We restyled it alot and got it perfect for our needs. So while the features and function are solid in the backend..the frontend needs alot of work for most site. But highly recommended.

Great additon but could be better

Review by Hank B | Feb 9, 2014

This is a very nice extension but for our site need heavy CSS to make it look right. Most was off the page and they have some locked box. It also needs options to show or not show things like who cares about the customers phone number or what they want to pay?? We just manually removed from the code. Also did not like a button for this and changed it to a link instead. Now that we got it the way we want it is great. Just needs way more options in admin on what to show and style, otherwise nice.

Keep in pace with your rivals

Review by June | Jan 30, 2014

Price match functionality is crucial for the majority of online retail stores. This module makes accepting and processing match requests really fast, reducing the chances that your hard won customer base will just gradually dissolve.
Truly lives up to AW own motto, "be ahead of your competitors!":)

I am very happy with Price Match by aheadWorks

Review by Jazmine | Nov 15, 2013

In this tough economy, everyone is looking for the best price and I want my items to be the cheapest in the market. With Price Match, my customers are able to receive discounts and let my company know if there are similar products out there that are selling at a lower price. I don’t have time to check out my competitor’s sites and with Price Match I don’t even have to. It’s really a great tool to have to be able to make sure my prices are competitive.

Solid Tool

Review by Matt | Nov 12, 2013

We highly recommend this product as it has resulted in increased sales for our client. The management features are incredibly intuitive and easy to use, but very flexible in what can be accomplished. Also, the fact that customers are able to view the discounted price after applying the code and leaving the site and then returning is very helpful. The single use coupon feature is great.


Review by Marcio | Jul 18, 2013

The extension works splendidly and fulfills all our needs so far.

We had a little problem with the emails, but they were promptly solved by the outstanding support team - thank you very much, Sergey Safronov and the development team. Turned out to be an issue with accented characters in the email templates that we had translated. Solved by resaving the files in UTF-8 format.

Thanks to the aW team for this outstanding extension and fast support.

Any update on an "Buy at Agreed Price Link"?

Review by Tadpole Adaptive | Jun 4, 2013

This feature is a must have and we have generated sales from it. But we would really like to see a way to offer the customer a way to buy at a lower price without having to lower the actual product price. It seems many people are requesting this, has, or will it be implemented? Thanks!!!!

Defo needs a buy it now at agreed price button

Review by Colin | Jul 11, 2012

After spending some time trying to find out how the customer can buy the product after he/she has informed the store owner of a competitors price, i realise this is not part of the extension.!

The extension defiantly needs a way to allow the store owner to accept the customer price and then automatically email the customer a (buy now) link allowing them to make the purchase directly at the price match agreed price.

Just one thing missing before I buy it

Review by Chris | Mar 5, 2012

I had a module just like this, worked just the same way and we found people used it which was great, but managing those price matches was hard. What i would like to see is 2 buttons in the admin section. the 1st you can choose to update the price on the website to the pricematched price and it sends a customer an email to the page saying you can buy it now as the price has been updated, the 2nd button doesnt update the price on the website but creates a voucher code to reduce the price of that item when purchased using the registered email address. Oh and maybe a third to say "sorry no can do" but we could offer you xx price.

I have several aheadworks modules and think they are solid, intuitive and very helpful.

Great Extension!

Review by Volition Studios | Feb 26, 2012

Excellent extension! Works exactly as described and as it should.

Works on Magento

I'm always leery of adding new extensions because I'm afraid that it will break something and blow up my entire Magento store that I've spent years developing. Aheadworks does their homework, though. Followed the directions closely and it works perfectly. Thank you.


Review by Joseph | Feb 10, 2012

Works as described. The installation instructions are clear and by following them I was able to have everything, including notification emails, working properly. One thing that would make this better is captcha - right now the price match form is vulnerable to bots.


Review by John | Jan 11, 2012

Does what is expected, read reviews in advance, had an issue with email notifications and contacted supported. Prompt response and turned out to be a simple oversight on my part.

Planet DJ

Review by Chris | Nov 15, 2011

To be able to email a custom link so that the customer can purchase at a lower price AFTER HOURS would certainly be great.

But DURING BUSINESS HOURS, I would love for a way to CHAT with the customer and send the custom price link through CHAT so they can continue shopping immediately!

Added to our roadmap

Review by aheadWorks | Nov 11, 2011

Thanks everybody for your proposals. We see what you need and we’ve added this feature to our roadmap. It will be implemented in the future updates.

Agree with Drew

Review by Brian | Nov 11, 2011

I also agree with Drew. Being able to either 1) create a special one time price for the customer or 2) easily email the customer a unique coupon code would be ideal.

Managing Partner

Review by Andrew | Oct 5, 2011

I agree with Drew totally!!! Is this something that has been implemented? This is such a huge thing, this would be a huge benefit to our business!


Review by | May 7, 2011

Agree with you Drew. Nice, but could be way better with that functionality. Then it would be a dream come true!


Review by Drew | Mar 11, 2011

Nice -- but it should allow for a one-time editing of the price of the product such that you can actually match the request. Maybe send the customer a special link through which they can buy. As it is now, we have to edit the product price, tell the customer, let them buy it, then edit it back to what it was.

Either that or even easier: generate a coupon that makes up the difference in price or beats the price between our site and the competitors and sends that single-use coupon to the customer.

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