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    Magento Affiliate
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    Magento Affiliate for Magento 1

    Organize pay-per-sale affiliate marketing program

    • Create affiliate campaigns with different terms
    • Adjust for specific products and customer groups
    • Set reward rates as percentage or money value
    • Generate reports with key campaign stats
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    An affiliate program is one of the most powerful ways to market your products online. With well-organized affiliate program, you can gain increased traffic and sales, generate qualified leads, extend your brand awareness, and get better search engine rankings.

    The Magento Affiliate extension allows you to organize automated advertising campaigns that will help promote your products or services round the clock. With the Magento Affiliate module, you pay the affiliate based on conversion of sales. If a customer follows an affiliate link to your website and makes a purchase in accordance with the rules of your campaign, the affiliate is paid. You can pay him or her fixed percent rate, tier percent rate, fixed amount or tier amount.

    So the charm of Magento Affiliate is that it allows you to build a team of sales reps which use their visitors and opt-in lists to advertise your products and services. You don’t have to pay them anything until they make a profit for you.


    • Affiliate functionality
    • Configurable campaigns:
      • rule-based system for products selection
      • adjustable date period
      • allowed customer groups
    • Adjustable per-campaign rates:
      • fixed percent
      • tier percent
      • fixed amount
      • tier amount
    • Transactions-based system
    • Convert customer to affiliate manually or automatically basing on group
    • Ability to set minimum withdrawal amount and holding period
    • Reports with visualization: Sales, Conversion, Traffic sources
    • Ability to generate a report for any period of time
    • All reports can be downloaded in CSV file
    • Ability to exclude taxes while earning calculating
    • Notifications sent to admin
    • Ability to add commissions from backend
    • Multistore support

    Web developer

    Review by Audrey | Feb 8, 2018

    I had an issue while installing the extension and the support team helped me fix the issue, we are extremely satisfied with their work!

    Allergy Store

    Review by Michael | Jan 12, 2016

    Very good extension. The support at Aheadworks has been great. Easy to work with and fast to respond.

    Excellent Plugin

    Review by Christos | Jul 9, 2014

    Works great out of the box, only the basics of affiliate but enough for small seller with few affiliates. I definitely recommend it.

    Great for Offline and Online Affiliates

    Review by Jeffrey | Apr 11, 2014

    I needed an affiliate plugin that could handle automatic affiliate updates that come in from my online bookstore and from sales pages, and I also needed to be able to handle manual entries for offline partners. This plugin offers the kind of flexibility I was looking for. I'm sure there are more powerful plugins out there, but this one fits my needs perfectly.

    Very good, not flawless

    Review by Sandy | Feb 5, 2014

    Had some problems with this plugin initially. Aw support team, however, managed to sort them out reasonably fast.
    ATM, everything is working as expected, the app is quite easy to use for both the admin and the end-customer.

    Simple Yet Flexible Affiliate Program

    Review by Jeffrey Arrowood | Dec 19, 2013

    I was looking for an affiliate extension that would fit into my current online and offline setup. I have a couple partnerships that require special terms that are not standard for my affiliates. I also have an affiliate website where my affiliates can grab their swipe copy, banners, and ads and this site requires an affiliate code. Finally, I wanted an easy way to reward my customers for spreading the word. This extension does it all - customizable affiliate programs, affiliate code (though the code is a horribly long string), and easy customer integration within Magento.

    The extension where I would send my affiliates for the promotional material so it doesn't matter to me that there are no options for offering banners, etc. with the affiliate links. I have that taken care of within my affiliate website. So for me this was the perfect affiliate extension.


    Review by Scott | Dec 8, 2013

    Everything I was looking for. 2 things would be:

    1. Add some sort of affiliate banner generator to the extension, so people can integrate their individual tracking codes into clickable images. Blog owners don't typically understand how to do this manually

    2. Withdraw limit. There is built in minimum but not maximum. I don't want to get a surprise withdraw request someday for $1000 or something. Need to be able to set maximum, and (optionally) send reminders automatically when threshold is met


    Review by Laurent | Dec 7, 2013

    Works great out of the box, only the basics of affiliate but enough for small seller with few affiliates. I definitely recommend it.

    Easy setup

    Review by Attila | Nov 15, 2013

    It was quite easy to set this module up. As with all AheadWorks modules, extending the functionality, to include custom features was easy, too. We've just added a few affiliates, and hope to increase sales through them.

    Simple in use

    Review by Geoff | Oct 30, 2013

    This extension is really simple in use. My Magento knowledge is not deep, but I've managed to set everything myself. Several programs, organized with its help showed good results.

    Nice and smooth extension

    Review by Allard | Sep 16, 2013

    Simple and good extension. Does what it should do. We tested more Affiliate extensions but this one did the job best. A+++

    Good but I'll have to customize it

    Review by ElenaMBelda | Apr 22, 2013

    I first tried PostAffiliatePro and their technical support did not make it work properly, and I have to say it is very difficult to configure. So I decided to bui this one from AheadWorks. I installed it and discovered you can't track the sales properly on a multidomain store, because the urls that are tracked must include a code, so I have to do some modifications to make it work. Overall opinion: good

    Built up a powerful affiliate network

    Review by Matt | Feb 1, 2013

    We've managed to attract a good number of webmasters to promote our store.Now they generate about 15% of our turnover without any additional efforts from our end.
    We set up this addon, created some promo materials and announced affiliate program

    Web Developer

    Review by Steven | Dec 19, 2012

    Recently bought this extension and it works flawlessly. The generation of affiliate links works great on the front end and the use of custom reports for the affiliates are very useful.

    Money well spend. The guys have done a brilliant job!

    Simple and good, but not yet complete

    Review by Hans Verhoeven | Aug 22, 2012

    Having a lot of aHeadworks extensions running on serveral sites I was waiting for this one because I now they make good extensions.

    And they didn't disappoint me. This one works like a charm too. Installation and setup is a breeze.

    Two remarks: the account page for the affiliate is somewhat confusing. The list of the available campaigns is the same as an ordinary article list. It is not completly clear that there are campaigns available instead of articles. One should have the option to put some describing text in the intro.

    Another thing is something that doesn't affect every shop I think. I have a shop with a few customer groups. Each group is assigned to a couple of catalogue price rules which gives them discount on selected products. Because of the fact that campaigns are assigned to customergroups, the visitors coming from this affiliate get the same discount as the affiliate himself.

    But I don't want that. I want to have another discount for visitors coming from an affiliate. So I have to make a different customergroup for affiliates with own price rules and put customers who can be an affiliate in two customergroups, one with there own discount and one with the discount for their visitors. This gives me more administration as I want.

    But maybe this becomes a feature in a new release.

    Overall: good extension you want to use!


    Great module and fantastic support

    Review by Oliver | Jul 24, 2012

    I've got no idea what the comment above is referring to! I've bought modules form these guy on a number of occasions and will always chose ahead works over others if the price is the same precisely because they always seem so helpful!

    I've tried a couple of Affiliate modules now and this one has been the best so far - the fact that it's open source has been very important as we've needed to customise it a little, but the code was well structured and easy to work with.

    Promising but support has been poor

    Review by Mark | Jul 3, 2012

    We purchased this product recently and initially the product looks very promising, however there have been some installation issues and the support to resolve them has been pretty average so far.
    Hopefully Aheadworks can get there act together so I can give a more positive review.

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    Affiliate for Magento 2

    Affiliate for Magento 2

    Drive sales through affiliate pay-per-sale channels. Easily conduct affiliate campaigns by recommending affiliates the best products to promote and then rewarding them with commissions for every purchase within a campaign.

    • Recommend affiliates the products for promotion to help them make the right choice;
    • Pay affiliates commissions per each product sale, including the ones that are not promoted but belong to the same affiliate campaign;
    • Increase commission rates for best-performing affiliates;
    • Monitor affiliate campaigns with performance reports (both for admins and affiliates);
    • Set up a payout schedule to generate payouts automatically.
    $139 $199
    Get more info
    45-Day Money Back
    Free Installation
    90-Day Free Support
    free lifetime updates
    Create an ‘Amazon-like’ Affiliate Marketing Program
    Gain image
    Configure campaign parameters
    Сreate an affiliate campaign by setting ‘Amazon-like’ conditions, promotion (via a direct link and/or a coupon code) and commission types (fixed or percent), commission amount, etc. So, by promoting a particular product, an affiliate will receive commissions from its and all other product purchases belonging to the same campaign.
    Gain image
    Invite affiliates to join
    With this Magento 2 affiliate program module, affiliates can request to join your programs right from their accounts. Approve requests either manually or automatically and then give them the recommendations on which products to promote (with already calculated commissions). Reward top performers with larger commissions!
    Gain image
    Offer two promotion types
    Let affiliates promote your products by sharing links to them and/or their coupon codes. If you use links, set a tracking gap (in days) for each campaign - the end customer’s cookie lifetime during which an affiliate will receive commissions. For coupons, affiliates can specify unique codes that can be further used for coupon creation.
    Gain image
    Flexibly manage payouts
    Define the minimum required affiliate balance for payout creation. After the value is reached, a pending payout with all the available commissions is created automatically (you can schedule an automatic payout generation once in a certain period). If the affiliate requests a withdrawal, a payout will be created automatically.
    Gain image
    Provide transparent data
    Affiliates can track their balances (both pending and available commissions) and monitor campaign performance via the provided reports. As an admin, you can assess campaign profitability by monitoring the main KPIs to make the necessary improvements to your future promotions.

    How Magento 2 Affiliate works

    Run successful affiliate campaigns with our Magento 2 Affiliate module! Create campaigns with individual conditions, promotion types, and commission rates. Help affiliates quickly decide which products to promote by giving them recommendations. Maximize profits by paying commissions for every purchase within the campaign. Monitor campaign performance with the provided reports.

    How does the Magento 2 Affiliate extension beat the competition?

    Optimized workflow
    Built upon the most common use cases, the backend interface closely matches the actual admin workflow
    Extensive testing
    Our quality assurance guarantees that all our extensions are Magento 2 compatible, customizable, and scalable
    Quality code
    We write clean code completed with full technical documentation

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