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Help Desk Ultimate
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Help Desk Ultimate for Magento 1

Magento ticket management module with case tracking, statistics, and resolution systems

  • Communication channels merged into one
  • Ticket assigned to agent/department automatically
  • Efficiency tracking to evaluate agent performance
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Streamline your communications into a single channel!

The extension is capable of collecting the correspondence from multiple sources. No matter how a customer posts their request, the extension will fetch it to the proper destination. Leave the message delivery to the module, and let your Support team focus on serving the clients!

  • Multiple submission options:

  • Accept tickets via Email

    Just set up an email gateway - and the extension will parse all the email messages going through it to backend, preserving the assignation and other ticket attributes.

  • Spam protection:

  • Flexible email gateway settings

    Use any mailing service you want: the email gateways support POP3 and IMAP protocols, with or without SSL/TSL encryption.

Rationalize your workflow!

The extension is designed to put your customer service in good order, and it offers all the crucial means for achieving this goal. With the extension, you can make sure that every single inquiry is taken care of timely, and no aspect is omitted or lost.

  • Flexible ticket assignation system

    Distribute tickets between unlimited Departments and Agents and let the proper person answer each query.

  • Effective Ticket Management

    Queue your tickets according to their Statuses and Priorities.

  • Ensure authorized access

    Use the Admin user-based ticket viewing restrictions and Ticket Lock functionality to make certain that sensitive information is kept private.

  • Powerful Notifications system

    From a simple request acknowledgement email for customer to reporting every step of the case processing to a supervising agent - all automated.

  • Complete communications history

    Whenever there's a need to recover any detail of a customer's query, you'll have no problem with that, as the module carefully saves every bit of information.

  • Detailed Ticket Grid

    Get all the important ticket information on the grid page, including department, subject, order number (NEW!), store view (NEW!), rate (NEW!), creation date, etc.

  • Fast Ticket Creation from Backend (NEW!)

    A new Help Desk Tickets tab is added to the Order View and Customer Information page to simplify ticket creation and management. For a quick tickets track, their quantity is right on the tab name.

  • On-the-fly Ticket Management (NEW!)

    Manage tickets on the fly from the grid page in the popup window. Click the Manage link for a correspondent ticket and easily change the agent, department, ticket status or its priority. Moreover, add a message to the agent you assign the ticket to.

  • Built-in coupon code generation*

    In case you feel a customer is entitled to a little extra for his inconvenience, you may use an option to generate and deliver a coupon code right from within the ticket. Select a predefined coupon type and it will be delivered to a customer with corresponding coupon email.

    *Additional options can be accessed through our Coupon Code Generator

Monitor the effectiveness of your customer service!

It is crucial to stay constantly aware of the situation is your customer service department. With its built-in reporting system, the extension presents you with everything you need to monitor, measure and control the work of your support team.

  • Work out the best practices for ticket replies (NEW!)

    Now your clients can provide feedback on support received by rating tickets from 1 Poor to 5 Excellent. Rating is optional and can be changed on a customer side any time. All correspondent information is available in the Ticket grid and on the Ticket Information page. As your agents are not allowed to change tickets’ rating, this data is a perfect base both to evaluate your team performance and to establish the best strategies & tactics for outstanding customer support service.

  • Workload Report

    Get the instant overview of your support staff's current load levels - per-agent and per-department ticket totals grouped by Statuses and Priorities.

  • Ticket Statuses Statistics

    This reporting option is a means to analyze your client's behavior - when they submit new tickets, when they respond the most, etc.

  • Agent Statistics

    The effectiveness of each of your agents measured by the average response and ticket closing times.

  • Receive Carbon Copy of each message

    You can have a copy of every message that goes through the Help Desk sent to a specified mailbox (-es).

Customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Customer service is about solving problems, not multiplying them. The Help Desk Ultimate extension guarantees the accessibility and transparency of your support procedure. Your customers are supplied with all the means they need to comfortably raise, track and close their tickets.

  • Easy-to-use

    Simplify customer communications with a comprehensive and intuitive ticket management section introduced to Customer Account dashboard.

  • Guest ticket access

    Make it equally easy for your guest users to apply for support. Along with Email Parsing, the External View link gives your guests all the advantages of the Ticket View webform without the necessity to create an account.

  • Optional Department / Priority selectors

    Enable your customers to lodge their inquiries to the desired destination.

  • Let your customers be heard!

    If a customer has a complaint or comment regarding a ticket, they can apply directly to a supervisor via "Escalate Ticket" option

Break free from expensive external services!

An affordable industry-class Help Desk / Case Tracking solution that works inside your Magento, with no subscriptions to external services and/or additional connector modules? That's exactly what we are offering!

  • No usage fees

    You only pay for the extension upfront and get all the advertised functionality. What you don't get is any artificial limits on the number of tickets, departments or agents

  • Works inside your Magento

    The Help Desk Ultimate extension is fully integrated into Magento and does not require any external sources to operate.

  • Fully customizable

    You have full control over the module. Including the source code. Yes, we mean it: if the exact option you need is missing - you can add it.

Get better results with less effort!

Don't let your staff's time and effort be wasted on performing routine tasks: collecting customer information, typing answers to typical questions, signing the messages and so on. The extension presents an admin user with all the relevant info and options they may need to quickly respond to a ticket.

  • Advanced Ticket View screen

    A backend user has all the necessary information and options gathered in one place, including:

    • Customer details
    • Up to 5 customer's latest orders
    • Up to 5 customer's latest tickets
  • Tailored for Multistore installations

    Get your departments and associated options separated between your stores, so that your staff do not get lost in unrelated records.

  • Quick Responses

    The extension allows creating answer shortcuts, that can be inserted into the message in just one click.

  • Ticket auto-expiration

    Let the extension handle clearing your support queues by automatically closing tickets after a period of zero activity.

  • Entities linking

    Get the tickets cross-linked with the customer accounts and orders, and navigate seamlessly between them.

  • Admin-only notes

    Make sure the important bits of information are always highlighted via Ticket Comments and shared Customer Notes.

  • Smart tickets grid

    Get the extension fine-tuned to your workflow with pre-defined filters and customizable "View Tickets" grid.

Integration with other Aheadworks extensions

Using the Help Desk Ultimate extension together with the below Aheadworks products, online merchants get more valuable insights.

Convert product questions into tickets to make support staff informed about every new inquiry.
Generate and deliver coupon codes right from within a ticket.


Review by Michel | May 5, 2017

Not only the extension, but the support as well. Great service for many years. Our favorite extension supplier.

powerful extension

Review by Luigi | Jun 29, 2016

It is a must have extension, it has improved the efficiency of our customer care team and sped up the ticket management.
The email gateway parser is a powerful feature that allows you to track messages received via email and lets customers to reply to a ticket from email directly.

Awesome Helpdesk

Review by Kevin | Nov 6, 2015

Awesome Helpdesk - sorts our all my communication needs!

This is a must have extension

Review by Robert | Nov 3, 2015

After trying another Helpdesk extension with lots of problems at first we decided to try this extension from Ahead Works instead. It costs a bit more but it is absolutely worth it!

Ahead Worsk support team is always helpefull and QUICK to solve issues. We needed some help sorting out conflicts with the old helpdesk and of corse they fixed it as always.

Always a pleasure purcasing extensions from Ahead Works and can truly recommend this to!

Great extension, unbeatable support!

Review by Richard | Oct 7, 2015

After trying several Help Desk extensions that were lacking in one area or another, it's wonderful to have this extension do everything I need it to, without having to pay for customization from developers for standard features.

The aheadWorks support team is one of the best support teams I've ever dealt with. They have been very patient with issues I was having (which ultimately had nothing to do with their extension but my hosting provider). They are very quick to respond to your issues, and do everything they can to get your system working the way you want it to.
I would highly recommend this extension, or any extension from aheadWorks for that matter.

I'm running this extension in Magento CE without any issues.

Thanks aheadWorks, you folks are the best!

Super System, Super Support !

Review by Perry | Oct 9, 2014

We did buy Help Desk Ultimate today and after install we had a small issue. After some help from the support it was solved very quickly !! Super service !!

Great extension, good support

Review by Elijah | Sep 18, 2014

The extension works great, it is really streamlining our support requests. Aheadworks has been very responsive and helpful when I had questions or concerns!

Advertisement with true promise

Review by Anton | Jul 6, 2014

Worked already with other help desk extensions from competitors.
HDU v.2 was good but HDU v3 is really great. You have good overview about the customer, his orders in the past , his contact address and many more information so it is possible to evaluate the customer and to give a precise response to his inquiry.

I do not like to spend money on software but that one I do not regret to invest any penny I have spent for it.
Thanks aheadworks team.

Superb Management Operational System...!

Review by Mark Jaguare | Jun 18, 2014

This is an amazing extension and works great on magento Easy install, great support.
Amazing System................!

must-have extension

Review by Ana | Apr 18, 2014

Help Desk Ultimate is a must-have extension for any online Magento store, helps you provide the best quality customer service and keep your customers always happy.

Great Workflow

Review by Joe | Apr 16, 2014

We have transitioned our customer service operation to rely heavily upon this module as a way of reducing call volume. We have been thrilled with the support and the way it can link to customer orders. Have used it for multiple sites.

good extension for question reply

Review by HANLIX INC | Apr 14, 2014

good to use and with good tracking of customer message.
tks the app.

Really helpful

Review by Dave | Apr 2, 2014

This module is great all around. Customer service was starting to be a real headache with our store gaining momentum ,and the Aw module proved to be the exact solution to this problem.
Managing clients' inquiries is now really easy, I recommend this ext to anyone!
- Regards, Dave

Great Tool for Managing Customer Interactions

Review by Matt | Mar 24, 2014

After testing a few other so Help Desk tools, we decided to move forward with UHD. The price and ease of implementation were exactly what we needed. It is great for both our internal Customer Service team and our customers that have questions. We recommend it.

Advise to everyone who needs this functionality

Review by Joshua | Jan 29, 2014

According to our pretty long-term studies it is the best Magento extension of that functionality. We have been using it for several months and now we have an apple-pie order in our multiple tickets. It took some time to handle the workflow, but now it is seamless. We definitely advise this extension for the companies, which have to work with multiple customers appeals.


Review by Amit | Jan 23, 2014

Before ordering this solution we looked at a lot of trouble ticket modules for Magento customer care, but went with Help Desk Ultimate because it integrates very well into the store and you do not need to use any other external software. This is especially useful if you need to enhance the satisfaction level of your clients.
I believe that these guys really understand the online/retail workflow and it is shown in the design of their software. The extension covers all the bases with a wide range of user-friendly admin features.
We highly recommend this extension.

Highly Recommended Help Desk System

Review by David | Jan 22, 2014

This module saved my client a lot of time dealing with customers over the phone. It was easy to install, and integrates seamlessly. This is an absolute MUST for any Magento system.

The aheadworks team is the best one!

Review by WEI | Dec 4, 2013

Such a good extension ! We must must must have it!!!

Easy installation and quick handling

Review by Guillaume | Dec 4, 2013

Simple to install and configure, work at the first try, perfect extension !

Absolutely satisfies our needs

Review by Andy | Nov 18, 2013

Help Desk by aheadWorks works for us very well. We needed some customization and AW team did it without conflicting other modules. We have already purchased several extension from them and are fully satisfied with the quality of code and support. Great work!

Most Fav module

Review by John | Sep 11, 2013

This one works great and has been a HUGE help to our customer service dept.

Does exactly what you need

Review by Max | Sep 10, 2013

Good product, makes it much easier to manage support emails, tickets etc...
The price is on the high side imo - and it would be great if a cool frontend page was provided too. That kinda disappointed me a little bit...

The Best!

Review by Dylan | Aug 28, 2013

I love this extension. I was able to drop my $60 a month Kayako subscription after getting this. It makes customer service so much easier.

Must Have

Review by Anthony | Aug 8, 2013

This review is easy. You have to have a customer support function on your website, and Help Desk Ultimate is the one to install. Many ticketing modules are awkward for both customers and admin, buy HDU is easy on both. Fundamentally it does all the right things, and in addition, email parsing is an great feature saving time and duplication of work, and/or eliminating missing emailed support requests.

Central coordination of all tickets - MUST HAVE

Review by Atul | Jun 19, 2013

I have purchased 4 extensions from AheadWorks, I had some issues with cron which the AW went out of their way to sort it out. Now all my Sales & support is co-ordinated from one central place with standard canned responses as it was difficult to do this with individual emails. MUST HAVE for any Magento system serious about selling!

Works Great

Review by victor | Jun 17, 2013

This is an amazing extension and works great on magento Easy install, great support.


Review by Adam S. | Mar 17, 2013

We purchased this over the others just because of how well it integrates into Magento. Great work AW.

great extension

Review by Peter | Mar 14, 2013

Product didn't work perfectly after installation. Aheadworks was great in helping us fix that problem. Afterwards, the extension is a must have if you deal with more than a couple of customer service emails.

Simple and effective

Review by Jean | Mar 12, 2013

This extension has allowed us to provide a better support to our customers while saving a lot of time.

Great extension

Review by Lucas | Mar 5, 2013

Great helpdesk system!
Indispensable for any serious ecommerce.

Really helps clean up customers email management

Review by Mitch | Feb 20, 2013

Great package and great support
Product delivers as does AHW's promice of service
I am a new loyal fan

Great extension

Review by Michèl | Feb 16, 2013

If you want to save yourself a lot of time (read: money), don't doubt to buy this one. Aheadworks gave me great support to get this working in a complicated theme and we are 100% satisfied!

Support Client haut de gamme

Review by Thierry | Feb 7, 2013

Un module incontournable et certainement le meilleur dans sa catégorie.
Tout est pensé et prévu pour simplifier le quotidien.

We love Help Desk Ultimate

Review by Christoph | Oct 7, 2012

The extension saves hours with customer service and is in our opinion better than a third party on demand service. You've everything in your backend, no integration issues whatsoever, nothing. It works like a charm and is worth every single penny.

Support, as always with AW, is absolutely great. You will be very happy if you buy.


Review by Ruben | Oct 2, 2012

It does exactly what I want and it works exactly as you told. No problems during installation.
A small config mistake from my own, but Aheadworks support in less that 24 hours solve my mistake!
Thank you again Aheadworks!

Aheadworks totally rocks in efficiency in Helpdesk Ultimate!

Review by Christopher Quek | Sep 4, 2012

I am not a techie and I was scared to purchase an extension fearing it has issues and I may have bought a lemon. Moreover mine is Enterprise Edition and it costs a bomb. I paid for professional installation and Aheadworks was really quick to install it. Within 5 hours, everything was done.

I did a test run of the system and presto, it is working great...! My operations team have asked a lot of questions and Helpdesk was able to be configured to their needs.

To Aheadworks, thanks very much for your installation. It was great, painless and efficient! Our team has started using the Helpdesk Ultimate and I am going for the next extension soon! Worth every price!

Great module!

Review by Viktor | Jul 6, 2012

We are going to integrate with all our stores!

Amazing Extension

Review by Lee | Jul 5, 2012

This is by far my favourite extension to date, The time it saves me with the ticketing system is well worth the money, without this extension my customer service would still be in the stone age. The customer support is great as when it was initially installed we had a few problems but was quickly resolved. Once again a great extension and a must have for any high volume eCommerce store

Packed with features!

Review by Essam | Jun 28, 2012

Wow this is a great extension. So many functions are included. It will help you manage your customer service 100 times better!

Improved our store custumer pos sales eficency

Review by Joao | Apr 29, 2012

Best Extesion we could get, very simple to use, and easy to integrate!
Help us a lot on reducing time analysing and serching for e-mails from custumer, now we have everything on one place, organized, and with the possibilty of attaching the order that produced the ticket!

Very useful Module

Review by Martin | Apr 25, 2012

This module has made our customer service loads better. Installed perfectly, and excellent support from AW as usual.


Review by Thierry | Feb 6, 2012

Ce module est vite indispensable pour gérer la relation client. tout est centralisé, c'est clair et facile de suivre l'historique. Un vrai gain de temps et de qualité du service clients.

Great addition

Review by Steve | Jan 6, 2012

We've been using this for a couple of months now and my staff absolutely love it. Such a great way to make sure that things are not falling through the cracks. Tickets can be assigned to different departments and customers will be informed of changes and can login any time and check the status of the ticket all the way through the process. We use it for complaints, misships, returns, suggestions, site problems, and many other things. In another couple of months, I doubt any of us will remember what life was like before HDU!

A Massive Time Saver

Review by Jeremy | Dec 1, 2011

This module is a must-have for any successful magento business. The days of managing customers via email are gone. It's great to have tickets or contact forms our customers fill out automatically attach to their account and/or Order Number. It saves on average 1-2 minutes per customer when we have to deal with issues. That equates out to be a lot of saved time and money throughout the day for our Customer Support Team.

Aheadworks is quick to answer questions about their modules and quick to resolve issues. IF aheadworks doesn't make it, you typically don't need it :)


Great Customer Support Extension

Review by David | Nov 14, 2011

This is so much easier than collecting contact us form emails and hoping you answered everyone's questions correctly and promptly. We've been using this for well over a year and love it!

Excellent Addition

Review by Shawn M | Oct 5, 2011

The Help Desk extension has been a great addition to our multiple store environment. Easy installation and set up. It has assisted with pooling all of our emails so that we dont find ourselves searching. Applying them to specific order is great as well.

Works great on our pretty larger scale store

Review by CJ | Sep 1, 2011

We've been using the module for more than 6 months now. Our customer support team is relying on this module for daily operation. Installation and configuration is quite simple. We only had email template issue and resolved it eventually. We have our own dev team. Originally, we were going to create a ticket system by integrating bugzilla and Magento. But this Help Desk module is much easier. One of the best modules by AW. Thanks.

Cool Gadgets at Right Prices.

Wow great extension

Review by Scott | Jul 16, 2011

This really is the complete help desk solution.. Really does save us alot of time in dealing with our customer responses.

Installation of the extension was easy.. took me a little bit to figure out how to setup cron on my server so now it automatically creates tickets from the contact us form..

Just great..

Excellent ticket system

Review by Tom | Jul 12, 2011

Great addition to Any magento store. Support is great. A few design formatting issues, easy fix since my template is customize.. Works well!

A must have to secure and organize your customer communication

Review by Thomas Maier | Jul 5, 2011

We bought this from the very beginning to organize and secure our customer communication. Store owner and customers are happy with this, because it gives them all information and directions they need. No more lost emails, forgotten answers and inquiries. Great product!

Finally no more lost enquiries

Review by Jan | Jun 21, 2011

Although we are a small company, messages from the customers used to fall between chairs. Not so anymore. We are very pleased with this stable product. It might look somewhat overkill with help-desk, issue number etc, but it is well worth it. Now we know for sure if we have replied a customer (and what the reply was!).
Also the different states you can put an issue in is very helpful.

What we are missing is that attachments from customers are lost.

In sum: We recommend this extension.

Customer service at it's best

Review by Jason | Jun 1, 2011

Before It was getting hard to keep track of customers and their respective orders. With this it's a breeze. A must!

High Volume Store MUST HAVE SCRIPT

Review by Elliot | May 27, 2011

I bought this, hoping it to work exactly like as advertised... AND IT DID! :) I can't count the number of times that I have ordered something from a magento module developer and it not work out as expected... I buy a lot of scripts, but this is by far the most helpful in managing my day-to-day customer care. Now, I have a clear concise record of all communications pertaining to particular orders. This script is priceless... I have found the standard of quality of scripts from AheadWorks to be quite satisfying...

Highly Recommended

Review by Scott | May 24, 2011

Switched from an open-source non-integrated solution, and have to say this is well worth the money for integration and ease of use. Good support too.

Very Solid Product

Review by Scott | Mar 30, 2011

Very pleased with this extension.

Was very pleased to find that tickets could be created from the orders area. Many other solid features contained within.

Email piping would be a nice additional option.

A Must for every site!!

Review by Fotis | Dec 7, 2010

The Help Desk Ultimate is a must app for everyone running an e-commerce site. Aheadworks once again produced a marvellous, practical and very easy to install extension. Thumbs up!!

Great Extension

Review by Dan A. | Oct 5, 2010

This extension is fantastic, it does exactly what the description promises and more. I needed guidance figuring it out, Aheadworks was extremely helpful in assisting me. 5-Stars!

Help Desk is Great

Review by Boba | Jun 22, 2010

I have purchased 4 extensions from AheadWorks, and I am very satisfied with both the extensions and the support I have received.

Help Desk is a great investment for our store. Customers are already accustomed to "submitting a ticket" when they have a problem, so they will look for a similar function on your site. Previously we used a free ticket system, but it was not integrated with Magento and required customers to open a a different page.

We paid the money for AheadWorks's Help Desk, and now if a customer submits a ticket that says only "where is my order?", the Help Desk system will show us all orders associated with that customer, so we can help him more quickly.

We do not use it yet to manage all incoming emails that we receive, just because the volume of our emails is not great enough to require this, but we will certainly use this feature in the future to help us stay organized.

Help Desk is great overall!

Makes support EASIER!

Review by Scott | May 17, 2010

Great extension, no problems setting up or configuring. Easy to administer without having to go through tons of code.

If your site has a high volume of support requests you simply MUST have this extension. Do yourself a favor and also purchase the knowledgebase extension too. While aheadWorks hasn't yet "hooked" them together, allowing customers to help themselves with the Knowledgebase then submit tickets and track them online is invaluable.

Feature Request for next version:
- Ability to hook the knowledge base into the helpdesk so knowledge base articles are scanned for keywords (and potential answers are displayed) BEFORE the ticket is actually submitted. I have that setup on my non-magento site and it's cut my support requests down by 65%

Great extension

Review by Peter | Apr 20, 2010

This extension helps if you wish to professionalize your customer relationship. Works perfectly.

The Best From The Best

Review by Rich | Feb 3, 2010

I did my homework and research. I wanted to make sure I got a support ticket system that not only did what I needed but would be around for future updates of Magento and future plugin improvements. Ahead Works is a company that knows its stuff when it comes to Magento and making quality plugins. This plugin not only provides support tickets but a messaging system that is vital for good customer relations. Ahead Works sends out updates of their plugins when additional features are added or Magento upgrades. They provide great support and installation directions that are easy to understand. Hands down the best from the best Magento add-on company.

Great extension!

Review by | Feb 2, 2010

This is simply one of the best Magento extensions on the market, hands down.

Works great, does not touch any core files, is easy to install, and integrates seamlessly.

best extension

Review by Kay | Jan 24, 2010

I am very glad that I found this extension. It works great. The support is really fast and the installation service I choosed too. Respect!!

great helpdesk system

Review by Jan | Oct 14, 2009

"Help Desk Ultimate" is a great extension for Magento. It integrates seamlessly, and it can be configured to highly meet the merchants' needs. I highly recommend this wonderful extension to everybody using a Magento store. Furthermore, the cost/performance ratio is excellent.

Outstanding App for any Ecommerce Site

Review by Brian - | Jul 29, 2009

We were a bit skeptical about implementing this mod because we do not have a need for a "help desk" (customers do not need direct support from us since we simply sell and ship a product.)

However, after implementing the mod we were surprised to see the customer use the app for asking questions about their orders, getting upgrades and other sales functions.

As with all mods from Aheadworks the installation was quick and painless. No core files were changed, not HTML / PHP copy/paste code snippets.... just install and go.

For the price we would recommend this to anyone running an Magento site. Your customers will thank you because of the professionalism you will display and ease of answering customer concerns.

Superb Help Desk System

Review by Jared | Jul 18, 2009

This is hands down the best investment my company has made in a Magento module. It saves us countless hours in customer phone calls and has now made our returns processing more efficient. This is an absolute MUST for any Magento system serious about selling!

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