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Follow Up Email
100 Reviews

Follow Up Email for Magento 1

Follow up your customers with fully automated emails. Insert coupons, purchased products, pictures, restore cart links.

  • Abandoned cart emails to increase conversion
  • Flexible conditions for precise email targeting
  • Multiple events to cover all aspects of customer's activity
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Over the last years, email marketing has become one of the fastest growing trends in customer acquisition. It is not surprising, since follow up email is a simple and convenient means of communication between merchants and customers, which allows to make right offers in time.

The Follow Up Email extension is a perfect solution that provides comprehensive functionality to create highly targeted custom emails to fit your business needs. The extension allows web-store owners to easily create custom email templates with both static and dynamic information, as well as set up rules when they should be sent.

  Goals to Achieve   Follow Up Email Solution

Boost revenue and increase the number of returned customers
Every single cart abandonment email sent, delivers over $5 in revenue*.

Send notifications to your store visitors who abandoned their shopping carts, start second order e-mail campaigns, create your personal e-mail schedule to work out the best email marketing strategy.

Convert abandoned carts into sales
35% of clicks from abandonment emails lead to a purchase back on site*

Let your customers restore their carts or resume their session with just one click on the link sent in the email notification

Motivate customer for further purchases
68% of consumers say that coupons generate loyalty**

Create appealing content-rich emails - offer coupons codes, add customer related details, discounts, offers and products.

Enhance customer relationship and build customer loyalty
A repeat loyal customer spends 67% more than a new one***

Greet your customers on their birthdays, send targeted promotions, offer coupon codes, ask your client’s opinion on the product bought.

Create exclusive email content

Configure the follow up email design and content in accordance with your marketing goals.

  • Use pre-defined templates (native Magento and Follow Up Email) or create your own ones
  • Add Magento and Follow Up Email variables
  • Insert up-sells, cross-sells and related products
  • Customize order/cart/wish list products view inserted in email: add pictures, prices, links to product pages and other information.
  • Let your customers restore their carts with just one click on the link sent in the email notification
  • Allow customers to resume session right from the email
  • Let your customers unsubscribe from all follow up emails at once (NEW!)
  • Offer coupon codes

Increase relevance through segmentation

Make sure that your customers receive relevant information - separate your email audience into smaller groups based on their customer/order status, actions and other attributes.

The Follow Up Email extension now offers three predefined sample rules that proved to work - abandoned cart, review request and customer birthday (NEW!)

You can set up your own rules for sending targeted emails based on the best matching conditions:

Segment by Built-in options Additional options*
  • sign up;
  • subscription;
  • login;
  • last activity;
  • came back by link sent;
  • group;
  • group changed;
  • submitted a review;
  • birthday;
  • newsletter subscription;
  • unsubscription.
  • name;
  • address;
  • email;
  • age;
  • gender;
  • view and order history;
  • store of registration.
  • Order
  • order obtained X status;
  • customer placed a new order.
  • lifetime number of orders;
  • lifetime value of orders;
  • lifetime number of purchased items.
  • Shopping cart
  • new abandoned cart appeared;
  • sale amount.
  • grand total;
  • number of different products;
  • total items qty;
  • shopping cart items;
  • subtotal.
  • Wishlist
  • new product added;
  • wishlist shared.
  • wishlist records.
  • Product
  • SKU;
  • type;
  • category.
  • *Additional options can be accessed through our Market Segmentation Suite.

    Manage the efficiency

    Measure the effectiveness of follow ups sent with data on click-throughs, shopping cart restorations and conversions.

    • Specify Google Analytics tracking code for abandoned carts
    • Track customers who placed orders by clicking on the emailed link
    • Track links with abandoned cart recovery statistics
    • Track coupons

    Manage follow ups on-the-fly

    Manage follow ups massively or apply the required action to a particular email - preview, cancel or send it manually.

    • Sort and filter follow up emails by status, schedule, event, etc.
    • Perform mass actions to a bulk of FUE emails - cancel, send now or delete
    • Preview, send, cancel or delete emails manually right from the grid

    Add-on features

    In-depth segmentation
    With Follow Up Email extension you decide who gets what kind of message based on the actions they perform, but it might be a good idea to add customer profiles to the mix. Use customer groups created with the help of our Market Segmentation Suite as an additional filter for targeting your audience.

    Automated product selection
    The good thing about follow-up emails is that it’s a much more personal type of marketing. The bad thing is that crafting personal offers requires certain extra effort. Luckily, with the help of Who Bought This Also Bought and Automated Related Products extensions you won’t have to spend time figuring out which products to suggest to your recent shoppers.

    Permission marketing
    Receiving ads through follow-up emails is certainly annoying to some of your customers and might lead to erosion of your subscription base. In case you want to avoid that, use our Advanced Newsletter extension to ask shoppers what kind of information they are interested in, if any, and apply this data when segmenting your audience for follow-up emails.

    *SaleCycle, a remarketing company
    **RetailMeNot, a marketplace platform
    ***BIA/Kelsey, a research and advisory company

    Integration with other Aheadworks extensions

    Using the Follow Up Email extension together with the below Aheadworks products, online merchants get more valuable insights.

    Add promotional blocks into your email notifications.
    Send follow-up emails only to subscribers of specific segments.
    Use a custom mailing service for the outgoing emails.
    Define custom filtering rules to send emails only when conditions are met.
    Insert extra promo blocks into follow-up emails.

    E-commerce Manager

    Review by Alisher | Mar 9, 2018

    Great product! Works as described. Lots of options.

    Fantastic extension and support.

    Review by Vasilis | Jan 23, 2018

    Aheadworks is well-known for quality products. Automated email is an essential extension for communication with customers. Just use your imagination, and create countless rules of sending automated emails. Also the support is really fantastic - i need some support for setting the cron job correctly and it's done within 1-2 business days. Thanks!

    Great product

    Review by Nadia | Jan 11, 2017

    It works very well, very glad to have it in my e-commerce. It could be better if there were some different design templates to choose from. Great service too.

    Very useful and easy to configure

    Review by Dominic | Oct 21, 2016

    Although we are still just scraping the surface of what we could do with this extension, our experiences so far have been very positive. It is easy to setup and powerful enough to segment our customers to our different marketplaces and languages. Aheadworks have been very supportive when help is needed.

    Just what I need

    Review by Mike | Jun 16, 2016

    Great functionality from a great extension. I was spending heaps of time emailing customers manually after specific product purchases, now Follow Up Email has saved me time and guaranteed a seamless customer experience. Great work, guys!

    Excellent extension

    Review by Roy | Mar 27, 2015

    We have this extension now already for 2 years on our site and it has been working excellent and without any issues. The extension is very flexible and can be used for a lot of different purposes. It is really up to your marketing flexibility to define follow-up emails.

    Solid and stable extension, good support, lags some features

    Review by Nicolas | Feb 19, 2015

    This is a nice, solid and stable extension. After digging in the code to test things here and there I would say it's decently written, sticking to the Magento way.
    As it provides some nice features like customer auto-login (only supports abandoned carts), a flexible way of templating mails (with control structures) and chosing which kind of product-related products (cross-sell, related or upsell) to use, it lags some others like auto-login for reviews as well or a more flexible way for rules by re-using Magento's rule-system... for example if a user already gave a review for a product you don't need to bother him, if he reorders the same one. This could be done by other events, but why not using Magento's powerful rule-mechanism? This would also work nice with rules on the shopping cart instead of only using SKU or sale amount.

    Anyway, I had some correspondence with the support, which is willing to help.

    Don't get me wrong - all in all I would buy this extension again and maybe I choose another one from Aheadworks, since the solid code and having no real problems speaks for their way handling things.

    We are using it for:
    - Review requests (w/o coupon)
    - Please come back (w/ coupon)
    so far.

    Best wishes!

    Great module

    Review by alex | Oct 31, 2014

    It's a fantastic module. Made my life simple. Beyond other functions it send review request to our clients after a week from the day the order was set. Really great module. keep the good job guys!

    Great extension

    Review by Andy | Oct 23, 2014

    I love this extension. The only chore with setting it up was figuring out how to set up cron jobs, but after that it was easy going.

    Some of the rules events and cancellation events are a bit tricky to get to work properly, but otherwise it works great. I mostly use it for product reviews anyway, and those rules are solid.

    I'd recommend this for every Magento store owner.

    Easy install and Use

    Review by Chittakorn | Oct 9, 2014

    I try to many free extension, but it don't work, On this extension is very simple setup,
    I still need HTML email template if you can do for us

    GREAT WORK! 768 abandoned carts changed into 83 (11%) return visitors that led to sales with 16,8% conversion

    Review by sean | Aug 5, 2014

    Over a period of months we collected 713 abandoned carts + 55 com back after a year. We have 4 FUE set-up"

    1. Are you happy after 20 days + can we help
    2. Please rate our products + store after 30 days
    3. Abandoned carts (please come back) - without a coupon!
    4. Please come back after 365 no sales

    768 FUE emails sent of the type abandoned carts + please come back emails resulted in ==>
    83 return visits (11%) to our site ==>
    and this led to 14 transactions with 16,8% conversion rate

    This traffic type (FUE) is now in our top three converting sources report

    many thanks!

    And for some improvement in next version (please send to development):
    1) would be nice if these statistics (above) come out of the extension; so we could test case and improve even further. And I really want the insight. So: more statistics! (like advanced reports)
    2) Suppose we schedule a message 1 year ahead. There is now no way to change that email within the time-frame of being scheduled and being sent. And this ofcourse is necessary happen when we change style or other
    3) Please show us release notes of versions + a roadmap idea of where you are going

    Works as designed

    Review by Alan | Jul 9, 2014

    This module was very easy to install and worked out of the box. We are using it almost exclusively to request product reviews. After tweaking the email templates, we're completely satisfied with our review follow-ups. We haven't used it long enough to test its effectiveness, but prior to this we were not sending review requests to customers.

    Fantastique ... comme d'habitude chez AheadWorks

    Review by Axel | Jul 3, 2014

    Ohh ! where is the sixth star ?

    Comme à chaque fois avec AheadWorks, je suis comblé par l'efficacité de ce module. Il permet entre autres d'envoyer des emails personnalisés en fonction d'un changement de statut de la commande. Pour ma part, j'utilise une dizaine de statuts "custom" en fonction des événements après-vente notamment. J'ai trouvé là mon bonheur.

    J'ai passé une bonne partie de l'après midi dans la config et ça m'a ouvert pas mal de perspectives. La principale concerne les emails de relance suite à l'abandon de panier. La config est "complexivement" simple :). J'entends par là : énormément de possibilités chacune très simple à mettre en oeuvre. Ajout de coupons générés automatiquement pour inciter l'acheteur à revenir, insertion de produits upsell cross et related au sein même de l'émail de relance, tracking de clic ...

    Little message to developpers : we can find <nobr> tags in email templates :( Depreciated. --> nowrap is better

    Sinon, je recommande vivement cette extension

    Conversion Powerhouse

    Review by Jerry | May 27, 2014

    I can't explain how much this extension has helped me grow my business. It's so easy to create amazing email campaigns that maintain themselves and simply WORK! Such a great extension, thanks Aheadworks!


    Review by Jean-Philippe | May 26, 2014

    Très bon module. Facilement customisable. Good job !

    This is one of the most useful extensions I bought!

    Review by Ricky | May 12, 2014

    I love this extension! It's very powerful and flexible and is easily one of the most useful extensions I've bought. We have already set up several series of follow up emails which will be sent to customers upon signing up, making a purchase, and some we've missed you emails. These were very tedious to do before but now they are all automated :-)

    More trust for shoppers

    Review by Henk Valk | Apr 16, 2014

    This module is nice and easy te set up. After installing this module, we get more good reviews from our customers. This gives more trust for new customers to buy when we have more than 50 excelent reviews per product.

    Very nice job again !


    works well

    Review by Fielding | Apr 14, 2014

    Had it up and running within a day or so. Customized a few templates to remind customers to review products they bought. First weekend we had 5 new product reviews and 1 order from the product review email. With a bit more optimizing, this module will pay for its self in no time.

    good follow up extension

    Review by max | Apr 14, 2014

    nice to use and with full functions of marketing to get more profit.
    good support also.

    Works perfect

    Review by Peter | Apr 9, 2014

    This extension works very well and really helped us a lot in keeping in contact with the customers. We use it to send out request for reviews and this has helped us tremendously. I highly recommend it.


    Review by Andrey | Apr 8, 2014

    Wу spent some time for module customization and adjustment. Now it works great!

    earns money for itself

    Review by Michal | Apr 3, 2014

    This module has earned money for itself - many abandoned carts was restored.

    Nice but this one can improve more

    Review by Eric | Mar 24, 2014

    This extension is nice. I suggest to improve it more. I like your support again.

    Get it now!

    Review by Jordan | Feb 5, 2014

    What Aw did here is a "I-can-do-it-all-and-a-lot-more" thing. We've purchased it just recently for abandoned cart reminders, but we're alredy using it in a couple of other ways. We've even setup auto-notifications to our supplier! And I still keep adding rules:)

    the most app

    Review by Karen | Jan 30, 2014

    The Follow Up Email is certainly one of the extensions I could not live without. It allows us to set up trigger email campaigns that have proven extremely effective in keeping customers engaged with our store.

    Very useful

    Review by Nelson | Jan 29, 2014

    We had some doubts before the purchase, but the functionality is very promising... Now we can't imagine our store without it and it works fine. The configuration is intuitive and multifunctional at the same time. We cover all our email marketing tasks by this extension. Great tool.

    This module makes us money by saving us labor costs

    Review by Paul Storberg | Jan 23, 2014

    A fully integrated system with excellent tracking capabilities that helped us enhance customer relationship and built customer loyalty. This module makes us money by saving us labor costs, the support is awesome and the software well written. We used to have 30+ abandon carts per day. Now their quantity is minimal. 100% recommended.


    Review by Parma Sassone GbR | Jan 22, 2014

    Absolutely essential extension. We're using it for payment reminders in the first place which massively reduce shortalls in payment, and for various after sales activities. Easy to install and handle, works flawlessly!

    5 stars !

    Review by Guillaume | Jan 17, 2014

    Perfect installation, feets to the needs and easily configurable.

    Really useful extension

    Review by Charles | Jan 3, 2014

    Use this a lot to send out emails about missed checkout opportunities. Easy to set up and hasn't failed on me, very impressed.

    Great extension

    Review by Ashrey | Dec 16, 2013

    Great extension to have on your website.

    Happily Surprised

    Review by Scott | Dec 7, 2013

    Agree with others, this extension exceeds expectations. A little trouble with tests not sending due to errors in templates or something out of the box. Got it to work after a while somehow.

    Feature Suggestion: Would be nice to also use for one off emails to a list of orders. From admin>sales>orders select the orders you manually need to send an update to.

    Was not sure this would be worthwhile but was happily wrong

    Review by Hank B | Nov 20, 2013

    I was not sure why this was rather pricey but once installed and configured some test scenarios I was very impressed and can see how this is such a usefull extension. It is like having someone workign for you for free sending emails to get busness! Great stuff and very advanced extension. I has to make one ticket about why I was getting 5 coupon codes and Support was very fast and explained to just delete 4 from the template if you only have one offer. Good stuff.

    A great way to maximize business

    Review by Johnnystevey | Nov 13, 2013

    I often find it difficult to keep up with my customers and because of this potential business sometimes slips through my fingers. This useful module has made things much simpler and I noticed the increase in my revenue straight away. With just a few clicks I am able to provide professional looking follow up contact for customers to make sure that I never lose them and they remain interested in my products.

    great extension

    Review by Olga | Oct 26, 2013

    Great extension, great support. I wish I had it earlier.

    Good Extension - Money Maker

    Review by Garrett | Oct 9, 2013

    Good Extension. Customizing templates can be a little frustrating, but once you get it down its ok. Suggestion!! There really needs to be a setting of some kind to exclude items that are not visible individually.

    One of the best investments

    Review by Attila | Sep 17, 2013

    I have to admit: this was one of our best investments ever in the Magento world. This can be used for so many things. Purchase follow-ups, reminders, promotions, all sorts of stuff. Makes life really easy (and complex at the same time).

    Invaluable extension.

    Review by Allard | Sep 15, 2013

    With over 10.000 registered customers an auto-reply email system is a must. The Follow Up Email extension is excactly what you need. Simple and highly customizable.

    Good features and support

    Review by Olaf | Sep 12, 2013

    Though our shop is highly costomized, the installation worked like charm. A smaller problem was solved by the support very quickly.
    The features of the module are good, though some minor features are missing; but I hope that future updates will include those.

    Conversion Increaser

    Review by John | Sep 11, 2013

    This one has really helped our sales.

    Great extension

    Review by maria | Aug 14, 2013

    It is a good extension once you get your head around it and can have it working to how you want, will save time once set up how I want

    Very Useful Module

    Review by Madhuri | Jul 25, 2013

    This is very useful extension. You can really make it more effective if you are using this with the marketing suite extension.

    This is very cost effective way of sending all the abandoned cart emails to the customers.

    This is the one of the beautiful product from aheadworks and top in my favorite list

    Pays for itself in no time..

    Review by Chance | Jul 17, 2013

    We love this extension. It brings people back and increases revenue. We use it on all our clients sites.

    Some problems but nothing to worry about

    Review by Leonhard | Jul 12, 2013

    We are using this extension for some of our shops and even recommending it for shops of our customers. It is really easy to choose when to send an email and to define the exact events.
    The extension get better from update to update and in case there is a problem with the extension, the team of AheadWorks will help and make it run. Nice work!

    Great Product, already paid for over and over

    Review by sumesh | Jul 9, 2013

    since I bought this product, it paid for itself within first two weeks. I am very impressed, except that the email page is not very catchy that goes to the customers OR may be I dont know how to set it up,

    Excellent product

    Review by Justin | Jul 5, 2013

    This extension was the only one I found that could meet my clients specific requirements for their promotion, and also has enough functionality that they can also implement many more ideas later on.

    Superb Functionality and Implementation

    Review by Matthew | Jul 4, 2013

    This module is excellent, it pretty much does exactly what it says it will do. Some of the rule conditions seem a little complex. I struggled with the whole SKU/Category matching but overall it is essential for keeping in touch with customers.

    Good extension

    Review by | Jun 25, 2013

    We use this extension in our store We use a number of different mails, for example: requests for product reviews and we send out a discount code to customers that sign up for the first time. Never had any problems installing of using.

    Great Return on Investment

    Review by Atul | Jun 19, 2013

    Installation was a breeze, Great Return on Investment as i recovered an abondoned cart within 24 hours of installation

    Great Extension

    Review by David Press | Apr 16, 2013

    We purchased this extension as well as the install service, which was a great choice because it was all completed and working before I even had a chance to check!

    Great service as always and the live chat team even went out of their way to fix a problem with a discount not working in their cart when we purchased the extension.

    Not the first nor the last time we use AheadWorks!

    Really advanced plugin

    Review by Mark | Mar 30, 2013

    I was looking for a plugin to remind my customers to write a review. We allready bought another plugin to do this, but when I bumped into this one we just deleted it from our magento store and bought this one. I was so enthousiastic about it's features!

    I'm configuring the plugin as we speek and it realy works great!

    One thing I'm missing and what would be a great thing to have; I would like to remind my customers to transfer the grand total of the order to us, but I would like to send the reminder for orders placed on monday's earlyer then for orders placed on friday's because we don't check our bank account in the weekends.
    And it would be cool if I can filter orders on the payment method that was used.

    Just some inspiration for the great programmer that build this plugin!


    Review by Alexander | Mar 26, 2013

    Install and use it. It does work out of the box. The supplied documentation is sufficient and we didnt need support for it. Sales went up and in all its a good module for our customers. Simply a great module to have.

    More then abandoned cart extension

    Review by francesco | Mar 21, 2013

    I bought this extension to manage the carts abandoned but does much more. With this extension I can communicate with my clients based on many events. I must say that follow up email is very precise and above all it is completely automatic. I highly recommend this plugin.

    Easy to install

    Review by Jean | Mar 15, 2013

    Very easy to install and use, works perfectly!
    Thank you for this extension

    Very Usefull

    Review by Pierre | Feb 18, 2013

    We bought this product on week ago, and we use it for abandonned cart, it's very usefull to foolow our business


    Review by Joe Smith | Feb 4, 2013


    What date field did you change to get this to work? I'd like to do this as well, but can't seem to find the date field that needs to be changed.

    Works Well

    Review by Kevin | Jan 23, 2013

    This extension does just what I wanted. I also found that you can send e-mails on old orders (placed before the install) by modifying the date entry in the database. You should exercise caution doing so, but it worked for me to send a few hundred review reminders to past customers.

    I do wish there were an option to send an e-mail to a customer after placing a review with a coupon code.

    Great extension towards marketing automation

    Review by Tomasz | Jan 8, 2013

    Quality an advanced Magento user, I would like to write down few words about Follow Up Email extension.
    This extension is one that meets marketing standards for XXI. cent.
    Its benefit is to automate some things that require employee support.
    I hope guys from Aheadworks will go towards full marketing automation systems like Marketo, Netsuite, Hubspot, Salesmanago.
    and I suggest adding tracking code - that will be triggered rules if user spends for example 30 minutes on product pages from category X. Or will look twice for certain product details page. This can revolutionize Magento marketing. and the Follow up Email is ahead right way.
    Best Regards

    Very useful

    Review by Noam Levy | Nov 28, 2012

    This extention is extreamlly useful for creating chain-mails comunications with your customers.
    It really healps you to build a lasting relationship with your customers and automate your salesforce.

    Follow Up Email - results

    Review by John B | Nov 26, 2012

    Fantastic module, we have generated thousands of pounds of lost sales using this extension, so is a must have. However, one problem - somehow we are clearing the cache of saved orders, we don't know how we are clearing them, but we get annoyed customers who receive dead links, wish I knew why. Suspect it is clearing the magento cache but not quite sure.

    We also want to sometimes resend an adapted email, but for some reason it will only try to send the original one. Nevertheless, this add-on has paid for itself more than 100 times!

    Store owner

    Review by Peter Richardson | Nov 13, 2012

    Brilliant! Only been installed a few days and completed 7 abandoned carts! Good work guys!

    Prices, description quantity in emails

    Review by Natan | Nov 12, 2012

    Elvis, you probably missed anything as FUE has everything you described in #3. See the first screenshot above. There are prices, description quantity, etc.

    Very powerfull one... missing few things

    Review by Elvis | Nov 11, 2012

    This one should have any serious marketer. FUE ext is even more needed to have then regular newsletter or advanced newsletter from AheadWorks.

    With this, you can really make automatic interaction with your customers. They can be reminded about you, called for an action etc.. Really really useful.

    Especially if you have MSS within it. Google analytics is another great feature! I dont think there is any similar product on the market.

    However, there are some missing part.

    1. IMPORTANT: there is not an option to only send some email ONCE or X times. Without this, customer is receiving the 'reminder for a review' email every now and then - till he actually click on the link in email, or login or something which is from predefined cancel event. But if customer IGNORES you - you actually behave yourself as a bully. Very aggressive for customer to get a bunch of the same emails...

    2. Documentation and examples can be really improved. Missing some standard examples and for the advanced users there is hard to get into it. Once you get into it is easier.

    3. missing prices and short description in the variables in emails. Dont know why FUE did not just made an framework to get almost ALL attributes by their code. Magento has it all - each attribute has code, type and value. That framework should have been incorporated in FUE not that if somebody ask for a simple PRICE to be in email - he need to pay for modifications...

    Another great product by Aheadworks

    Review by Christopher Quek | Sep 10, 2012

    I am not paid to write a review, but I am saying out of my own heart from a really happy customer. Aheadworks has truly made me a satisfied and happy customer.

    I struggled to make payment for this program, as I encountered payment errors. Their live chat officer was so patient and assisted me till I purchased it with 3 rounds of failed orders.

    With professional installation, it was done within 2 hours of my purchase. I needed a bit more help, and the service desk provided recommendations on how to improve things. Not only they adviced, they rendered free assistance to configure it for me!

    My team is now using this very powerful feature. Follow up not only helps you recover customers for abandoned carts, but also pending and cancelled payments, alerting new customers to start shopping and even allowing me to email completed orders and provide a survey link.

    I am truly very happy with both Helpdesk Ultimate and Follow up email, which my team has been singing praises of it. And I am assured in the next 90 days that Aheadworks are by my side to ensure the product moves just right for my company.

    Thanks Aheadworks. I really appreciate your care and assurance. Now, on to the next extension to purchase...

    Excellent Extension

    Review by Lenny | Sep 9, 2012

    Very powerful and flexible module when used together with Market Segmentation Suite, the email automation saves us a lot of time and we are now less dependent on human factor in terms of email follow up. Great support as well.

    really great extensions

    Review by Essam | Jun 28, 2012

    In my opinion one of the better extensions by Aheadworks. Installtion is very easy and it works excatly as advertised. Must have extension!!!

    Great, a MUST have Extension !

    Review by F.L. | Jun 13, 2012

    FUE is a incredible module with huge potentiality.
    It is a powerfull tool that gives you the freedom to do - almost - everything you can immagine with your email.
    Remarkable is also the support from all the AheadWorks team. Many compliment.
    If you have Magento store FUE is a must!

    Follow Up email

    Review by Ruben | May 30, 2012

    Easy installation as usual from AheadWorks. This was one of the best extensions that i bought. It's help me to decrease abandoned shopping carts and to increased my pending payments. A must have extension!

    Next extension to be aquired

    Review by Joao | Apr 29, 2012

    This will be defenetly the next extension that we will aquire for our magento shop, not only it gives us the oportunity of sending post order notifications to our customers, but also has a huge range of options that are a must have for customer satisfaction, birthday reminders and coupons, recover old customers that have forgotten that we are in the market giving them the incentive of aquiring some products using a possible discount coupon, and of couse the give an incentive to the customers that have abandoned their shopping cart and with that increassing our sales!

    good extension

    Review by surya | Apr 6, 2012

    It is a great extension. it's Track and send notifications to visitors facility is great.


    Review by ANDREI | Feb 27, 2012

    Great support with this product. Customizing emails is great.

    Excellent some rules missing

    Review by Luis Alberto | Feb 17, 2012

    Really is an incredible extension and it helps to boost your sales.

    if it could be the possibility to add new rules as first order mail, or other marketing rules or rewards programs, it could be an amazing one.

    I've really recommend it

    Another excellent extension by AW

    Review by Tania | Jan 24, 2012

    With this extension I can automatically send an email to those customers that were not able to pay with their credit cards. Sometimes the payment system rejects the card because it does not belong to "Verified by Visa" program... when this happens Follow Up Email reminds our customers that we can offer them alternative payment methods.

    Of course, we also use this extension to recover abandoned carts, to say "happy birthday" to ours customers, to ask our customers for a testimonial... It is great!!

    Free Upgrade Brilliant ! Can't wait to use Google Analytics to track everything !

    Review by Ekkos122 | Jan 24, 2012

    The latest release lets us track returning customers through google analytics and we can track by campaign how an email blast has performed ! This is going to be wonderful

    Valuable Extension but Documentation Could be Better

    Review by Andrew | Jan 18, 2012

    This is a great extension, especially for customized follow-ups. I'm not able to have follow-up emails go out automatically without using an expensive monthly service, even emails that have custom review links to the products the customer purchased. Also, when a feature was missing (capitalizing the first name of customers if it is lower case), I contacted aheadWorks and they sent me a patch with the new feature! Impressive!

    The one downside to this extension is the documentation. Particularly covering the more powerful aspects - looping through a customer's data and pulling objects and variables for creating dynamic emails - the documentation is severely lacking. In fact, even one of the example in the documentation produces an error that needs to be fixed. But with a little work and investigation, you can figure it out and aheadWorks is good with support, so this isn't a deal-breaker. However, improved documentation for the more advanced features would be great.

    Overall, worth the price! Just get that documentation improved AW... ;-)

    good extension

    Review by kevin | Jan 9, 2012

    this is useful for me

    A valuable tool

    Review by Jeremy | Dec 1, 2011

    There are too many uses for this module to list...the time it saves you and the amount of return sales it creates are worth every penny.


    Very Handy Promotional Tool

    Review by David | Nov 14, 2011

    We use this extension to send product review reminders to customers, as well as invite them back to our store if they haven't logged in after a long period of time. It is a great extension to help keep your website in the minds of your existing customers.

    Great Support

    Review by Jerome | Nov 12, 2011

    This plugin is awesome. It free up one of the usual staff requirement to do a follow-up email and etc.
    And when it didnt work, Alex did a great job with the fixing.

    Thanks Aheadworks

    great module

    Review by Sander | Sep 26, 2011

    I have had no problems with this module and I love it.

    We have used it in our multistore enviroment to automate follow up for abandoned carts, cancelled orders, review request emails. Considering strongly to also buy the segmentation module for more flexbility in sending promo codes

    like this extension and recommend to everyone in Magento

    Review by chao | Sep 18, 2011

    It will generate "client loved email" automatically and sent to them just on time, save time as we have a lot of abandoned carts every day. Well done Aheadworks.

    Very Complex Module

    Review by Terry | Sep 6, 2011

    Very complex module, that does work as advertised. It took almost three weeks to finally get this module set up so that the email templates worked properly. Recommend only using the latest version of FUE as it has the correct template code. Also, highly recommend that one purchases AW's "Configuration" fee along with the module, and let AW configure and set this module up as the email templates and rules can be very confusing.

    Great buy

    Review by John | Sep 2, 2011

    Have only had it installed for a short time but already founds lots of uses for it

    The best one

    Review by Ben | Aug 10, 2011

    Once again aheadWorks knocks it out of the park!


    Review by Sara | Aug 4, 2011

    every customer have this habit of blaming sellers for not following up on their order and not informing them of delays and etc.

    yes of course as sellers we should follow up.
    but there is a human limit and they forget to understand the fact that we are at times, handling over 1000 different customers from various countries (various timezones). and to follow up each and every single one of them is merely impossible. as such, follow up email is the answer to this problem. Every response / angry response can be tackled in an automated way. this will reduce the emails and will increase productivity.


    Review by Tom | Jul 12, 2011

    Great addition to Any magento store. Support is great. Could use a few more events/cancellation. Works well

    A must have extension with great support!

    Review by Michi | Jul 10, 2011

    I will say this is the must have extension if you are running Magento.
    It works great except that the cancellation is slightly confusing ( I think, it will be better if they can offer detailed manual for cancellation)
    Support is awesome!

    Another Brilliant Extension...

    Review by Gareth | Jun 29, 2011

    I have yet to fully use or implement all that this extension does but I am very pleased so far.

    I bought this extenion to setup review reminders for customers who had purchased products, and so far so good it seems to do the job, plus a whole lot more.

    Well done guys, keep it up.

    Followup by exellent support

    Review by Shaul | Jun 3, 2011

    I own 3 extensions from aheadWorks, Follow up email, Search Autocompleate, and Z blocks. Recently I had my Magento updated to version 1.5.1 and for over 2 weeks I was straggling with getting the checkout to work properly. I was in touch with many support professionals, from my hosting company, to other extensions professional, to freelancers. No one could find a solution until AW took control of the situation. AW was prompt responding to me, and very professionals by providing the solution. These guys will be the first one to turn to in anything Magento related. It is all about followup of the sale not just the sale itse1f. Thank you.

    Good service, very useful module

    Review by Ederson Spader | Mar 25, 2011

    Very useful, well built, perfect! Service very good customer focus. Totally satisfied.

    Good, but needs a couple more events to function well

    Review by Philippe | Jan 11, 2011

    A cancellation event should be created when a new order is created that is different than the first one. I have had customers complain after they created multiple orders and the last one went through. They received a follow up email for the first incomplete order (abandonned cart or status as pending) reminding them to send a payment when they already paid the following order. So ideally, there should be a cancellation event when the customer places a new order so they don't receive emails for another order that was incomplete.

    Newsletter or date event

    Review by Max | Sep 3, 2010

    I have this extension and in concept is great, however I agree some others that events are missing.
    Also, some extension to the cancellation events needs to be done - perhaps some of this is handled by MSS?
    While yes, if you connect this to mailchimp, you can get the extra functionality, but isn't a great part of the reason of buying this extension so we don't have to use mailchimp (or other paid services)?
    I would like to see the following two events added:
    - Newsletter signup (I'm unsure why this is already not included)
    - Start date (for campaign/email chain)


    Review by Yabo | Aug 30, 2010

    This add-on is great. You can use it to make your website follow up with your customers in a number of situations, allowing you to provide better customer service, without spending any extra time yourself.

    I use it for these functions:

    1. 3 days after a customer signs up, they receive an email telling them about ways to save money on our site, including using the Refer a Friend / Affiliate program (also from AheadWorks).

    2. 2 days after a a customer abandons a cart, they receive an email reminding them of their abandoned cart and asking them to come back and complete the order.

    3. 13 days after an order is shipped (reaches "Complete" status), a customer receives an email (a) providing them with a discount coupon that can be used on their next purchase and (b) asking them to give a review of the products they purchased. [The extension allows us to choose to include / exclude different customer groups. We do send this email to our frequent buyers, because it means they would receive several requests for reviews every day.]

    4. If a customer has no activity on our site for 15 days, they receive an email asking them to come back and check out our new products.

    The rules are variations of (1) some amount of time (2) after some event happens (3) the website sends an email. You could even make it send an email 3 months after a customer has signed up to celebrate your 3 month "anniversary" together!

    Think about: how long it would take a human to do all of the work above? These are all tasks that the website can/should do for you, so you have more time to do more valuable work.

    Difficult to use other than for very simple emails

    Review by Amanda | Jul 30, 2010

    In theory this is a brilliant idea, but it is exceptionally difficult to set up with the templates etc. if you are using the variables etc. There is not really enough information in the manual and the help desk is very slow to answer at times. More examples would be very useful, and I need some more advice on using the categories and the sku's in the rules section and how this all works. Also, how do I link the email to a promotional code? I am sure this was supposed to be added, but there is nothing in the manual to explain how to do this.

    Great Service - Great Module

    Review by Ben Wolfenden | Jun 5, 2010

    I bought this module last week and I tried using it - there was an error (I think its becuase i have Mag 1.4 - but I contacted Aheadworks and within 48 hours the problem had been fixed. Great customer Service. Thank you

    Great product and great company

    Review by jonathan | Mar 15, 2010

    Great extension-- and the level of support from aheadworks is amazing.

    Great product

    Review by Bernardo | Jan 20, 2010

    Great module, works as advertised. Do remember to setup the cron job so emails are actually sent out! It took me a while to figure this out.

    NEW VERSION is great

    Review by yc | Oct 23, 2009

    i love this module also but please if you have time translate to other languages like german, frechn etc... thxxxx

    Missing Some Features

    Review by Jason Vance | Oct 1, 2009

    I love everything about this module. However, there needs to be some logic that when a customer returns and finishes their order that future scheduled emails are taken out of the system....

    AW team: This feature will be released in Follow Up Email 3.0 (release next week)

    brilliant but missing some events

    Review by Vanessa | Sep 23, 2009

    I love this module. The only thing i would like to see in an upgrade is that it can be connected to a promotion sale discount coupon. As for instance i do partnerships with external websites and it would be brilliant if follow up email can send out customized emails in regarding to this promotion sales.

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