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eCommerce Gamification Suite
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eCommerce Gamification Suite for Magento 1

Use gamification principles to turn visitors from passive observers into assertive buyers and store promoters.

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Smart Loyalty Program


Only a little while ago the task of a loyalty program was pretty simple - to create a feeling of earning while actually spending. But now that almost every store has mastered it, the purpose of a loyalty program has to be much more than that - to create a sense of personal attachment, to form a habit, or may be even an addiction.

With this in mind we are introducing the eCommerce Gamification Suite, which is designed specifically to make shopping experience as addictive as video games. The mechanics of this extension appeal to some of the most common player types, allowing customers to compete for status and accumulate points and achievements. As a result, it makes your customers feel like they’ve already got something going at your place and prevents them from seeking an alternative.

The extension assigns ranks based on how many points players earn through purchases and product reviews. But, most importantly, once players reach a new rank, they are automatically moved to a new customer group (based on customization settings, e.g. lifetime spending), creating a gateway to all kinds of tier-based loyalty programs. Once your customers are segmented you may use either native Magento functionality or benefit from add-on features to provide differentiated prices, access rights, benefits, discount rates, and so forth.


Point accumulation by:
in-game points are awarded for various activities

  • Purchasing items ($1 = 1 point);
  • Leaving reviews (assign custom point value per review).

Rank management:
rank is an in-game status measured by the number of points

  • Create any number of ranks and define rank thresholds;
  • Create rank names that match the tone of your brand;
  • Automatically move ranked customers to separate customer groups.

Achievement management:
achievement is a one-time badge awarded for specific activities

  • Create any number of achievements;
  • Grant achievements for either lifetime spending, single order value, or a number of reviews left;
  • Create achievement names that match the tone of your brand;
  • Design custom badges to go with each achievement.

Leaderboard settings:
public display of top players

  • Frontend display is optional;
  • Define the number of positions to be displayed.

Live stream settings:
public display of recent in-game activity

  • Frontend display is optional;
  • Define the number of events to be displayed.

Profile management:
creating of public/private profile

  • Admin may choose whether or not allow the creation of public profiles;
  • A customer may choose his own avatar, nickname, and whether or not the profile will be public;
  • Admin may choose to change customers’ nickname and point balance from backend.

Add-on features

Merge with classic loyalty program
It might happen that in-game points are not sufficient for your type of customer. In this case you may use ranks as tiers, effectively segmenting your customers in accordance with how much they have spent. Then use these tiers within our Points & Rewards extension to give loyal customers better rates of earning monetary rewards.

Add exclusive benefits
For stores that sell limited editions or “one-of-a-kind” items there is another way to create value for loyal customers. With the help of our Catalog Permissions extension it becomes possible to use tiers for granting loyal customers exclusive access to certain parts of your store.

Promote advocacy
Let your customers earn additional points by installing our Refer a Friend extension and awarding points to everyone who invites more visitors. Additionally, our Facebook Link extension will allow your customers to share their achievements via social networks thus generating additional buzz around your store.

Integration with other Aheadworks extensions

Using the eCommerce Gamification Suite extension together with the below Aheadworks products, online merchants get more valuable insights.

Let users receive game points for friends inviting.
Let gamers share their achievements on Facebook and promote your store among their friends.
Change gamers’ points balance basing on segmentation rules.


Review by alex | Oct 31, 2014

First time I saw this kind of functionallity while shopping at They offer this kind of gamification for vip clients. For me, a straight-forward person it was a challange to get more bonus and participate in the ranking in order to get a higher rank. That mean I was spending more money... That's the whole deal of this module - spend more, get more active and you'll reach the top. Again for the store owner it's a big gain for loyal clients :)

very nice

Review by caglar | Oct 22, 2014

I think it is needed for every ecommerce webstore, for loyalty and get good profit from the store

Very useful

Review by Eric | Mar 4, 2014

We plan on using this to categorize customers in regards to how much $ they have spent in our store. It will allow us to give our best customers the best perks we can offer. Not sure if we'll use all the "game" stuff, I wish it came a bit more "serious" out of the box.

High level customers:)

Review by Serge | Feb 25, 2014

Now my customers are lvl-ranked and involved it this friendly challenge:) Thanks to the support team for resolving minor conflict on my site, you are the best!

Our clients are happy

Review by Jude | Dec 9, 2013

We partake in charity, our customers know that certain % of our proceeds are donated.
Having this module installed, we can now make it obvious for our clients that their goodwill is recognized and acknowledged. And, the people really appreciate it.
If your business involves any similar principle, you should seriously consider implementing this app.

Gamer's joy

Review by Barny | Dec 5, 2013

This module looks like it has been designed specifically for our store:) We sell various gamers' stuff, and we've been looking for something like that for god knows how long.
From the functional POV, the most beautiful part is updating customer's group when they achieve certain rank. We use this feature in combination with Magento's per-group pricing, our high-ranked clients get everything at lower prices.

Came as a surprise

Review by William | Oct 3, 2013

For our B2B site, this ext serves a way to highlight out top partners.
Certainly, we had to do some carefull re-writing, to make the ext's notifications and wording appropriate for serious affairs - but surprisingly, the functionality itself was the exact match.
Probably, Aheadworks should consider re-branding, to avoid this powerful ext's title scaring off potential "serious" users.

Consider using with AW Catalog Permissions

Review by Don | Sep 2, 2013

We have a number of limited-stock exlusive items, that are only available for our top buyers.
We've been using another AW plugin, Catalog Permissions, for quite a while to restrict those items' availability, but before, we had to manually move customers to correspondend groups.
Now, with the introduction of Gamification Suite, it is all automated, and our system works like a charm. Absolute win for us!

Pricey but useful

Review by Cimberly | Jun 15, 2013

This module offer at least one function that is crutial - moving customers to different group after their spending certain amount. That's one feature we sought for bittely.
You may not need the rest of the options featured in this ext, so for us, the price seemed somewhat an overkill. But we've got what we were after, and had we ordered some custom plugin, I doubt the costs would be lower.

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