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Checkout Promo
37 Reviews

Checkout Promo for Magento 1

Display promotional banners on shopping cart and checkout pages

  • Cart conditions allow targeting by cart content
  • Group/storeview allow targeting by customer groups
  • Dispaly options include scheduling and rule priority
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Successful retailers – whether offline or online – know the art of the upsell and cross sell. It is all about appealing to the buyer on the way out and luring the person to shell out a few dollars more. Use the Magento Checkout Promo module to increase your sales by making some tantalising offers to your customers. For example, “Buy Product X to get a 20% discount", "Spend more than $50 to get Product Y for $15 only!", "Buy product N to get K for free", and so on…

Smart and intelligent, this powerful sales motivation extension arms you with product upsell capabilities that can rival those of the largest online retailers. Check out some of the wonderful features and benefits of the Checkout Promo extension.


Unlimited and customizable rules

  • Create your own shopping cart price rules to display your promotional messages. Native Magento functionality lets you set up rules for any combination of order and cart items’ attributes, and our extension displays your promo banners.
  • Set priority for the application of different rules, start and end dates, so that you have complete control over your marketing promotion.

Target with precision
Target your promotional message based on customer groups or websites, to maximize the probability of an upsell.

Maximise visibility of promotional messages

  • Offers you multiple configurable blocks for positioning on checkout and shopping cart pages. The customizable blocks can be easily defined in the “Static Blocks” section in the CMS.
  • Option to place multiple promotional blocks on a page.

Integration with other Aheadworks extensions

Using the Checkout Promo extension together with the below Aheadworks products, online merchants get more valuable insights.

Show promotional messages to targeted audience basing on segmentation rules.
Insert promotional banners into the one step checkout page.

Good product

Review by Nadia | Jan 11, 2017

Recommended, very useful. Great service too. thank you!

Really great products and very helpful people

Review by Simon | May 27, 2016

Highly reccomended

Always 5 stars with Aheadworks extensions

Review by Jose | Dec 5, 2014

Never any issues, amazing fast service as well, must have extensions, always 5 starts! thank you!


bad effect on shopping cart performance

Review by Kalantari | Aug 24, 2014

we used this extension and then realized that when customer's shopping cart have many rows (~100), cart not open or open very slow

Installing this ext was a pure win!

Review by A. Osbourne | Apr 3, 2014

A great solution that gives that exact edge you need to close a sale. I'm receiving positive feedback ever since this app was installed.

I was looking for this.

Review by Eric | Mar 24, 2014

This is as usual another excellent extension as well as aheadworks support. I was looking for an extension for promo and my journey finished to this one. Thanks aheadworks.

Let them know!

Review by M. B. | Feb 3, 2014

What's the reason for offering specials and discounts if your customers are not even aware of them? It wasn't once that my customer qualified for some offer, but never took an advantage of it!
Now, it is past. Not only these banners motivate the visitors to add that extra item to get free shipping (for example), but the stats show reduction of abandoned carts since this module has been installed!

Needy extension!

Review by Crumny | Jan 30, 2014

Hi, first of all this extension rocks! It allows creation of numerous rules that have combination of conditions. I usually set conditions of different types and results are impressive. Promo banners are pushy and motivate customers greatly. When customers see such blocks on the Shopping Cart and Checkout pages they buy more products. This module does impressive job!

Don't miss this one!

Review by Victor | Dec 5, 2013

One of the most effective sales booster we have tried! Nothing else works nearly as good as prompring a customer to "buy just one more thing, and get something".
Believe us, it works, and the outcome is close to unbelievable!

Small extension, but...

Review by John Galt | Nov 4, 2013

Who would have though that such a small module could increase sales of my store. Thank you guys.

Really makes customers buy more

Review by Attila | Sep 17, 2013

It really makes customers remember what else to buy, thus making more purchases. Well worth its price!

Absolutely Fantastic

Review by Madhuri | Jul 25, 2013

We are new to magento and researching for extensions. We have bought 3 extensions from aheadworks. All are absolutely working fine as they described in the description.

The beauty of check out promo extension is it display's the important message to customer on the shopping cart pages. That too based on few rules that we defined in the back end.

Really helpful to the eCommerce websites.

Can't figure out how to configure rules

Review by | May 21, 2013

Does anyone know of a good tutorial to set up rules correctly? Otherwise, this extension is useless to me since it doesn't come with a detailed manual or guide.

Checkout the Checkout PRomo

Review by Jerome | May 5, 2013

Worth the buy. This encourage customers and sway those need a little incentive to buy a little more items
I would say it's recommended , a highly necessary item for all

Results Already

Review by David Press | Apr 16, 2013

Simple, easy, customisable and very effective. We noticed immediate increases in conversions after installing this great extension! Highly recommend. We'll also be looking to add the segmentation suite soon for extra functionality and effectiveness.

A little extra...

Review by Frank | Mar 29, 2013

Again a great extension from AW and easy to install. Had some minor issues but were solved quickly by the support team.

Easy to configure Checkout Promo Rules to give the customer a little extra push to converse!

Thanks AW!

Love the Checkout Promo Extension - Even more now!

Review by Starborn | Jan 24, 2013

This extension was very useful as it was delivered, and worked exactly as advertised. However, I truly needed a solution for an important feature that was missing. Using the Checkout Promo extension as a base platform, and coding the static blocks just so, I was able to calculate and dynamically display the exact additional amount that a shopper would have to add their the cart to achieve the next discount threshold or promo. Since I use 'cart total based discounts' to trigger the next discount level, this is AWESOME!!!

I can now make promos that display like this: "Add $XX to your cart to receive XX% on your whole order ! " where $XX is calculated in real-time and XX% reflects the rule conditions.

I have searched several threads in recent months where Mage admins have tried to figure this out. Now, with the help of AheadWorks, it can be done quite easily. Maybe they will bake this trick into their next version?

PS - I just purchased z-Blocks as a recommended way to insert the Checkout Promo blocks anywhere, including the product and category pages. Should be great!

Thanks AheadWorks!

Great Module with Excelent Features

Review by Michael | Jul 31, 2012

Couldn't be happier with this module.
We run free shipping over $75 and insert a banner with this module to incentivise customers to buy a bit more.
Stable module, works well... great support when needed.

Great Support

Review by Ahmad | Jul 19, 2012

Very clever extension for a very reasonable price,any questions answered with speedy response,support service that far beyond the asking price of the extension.They solved my problem right the way, they never ignore my emails, I do believe this company is NO 1

Simply Fantastic

Review by F.L. | Jun 14, 2012

This is an incredible extension!
A powerful tool to communicate directly with your customers, to suggest them behaviours, promotions or simply information.
Another great extension from AheadWorks !

Just plain awesome

Review by Tom | Apr 10, 2012

This extension has increased sales as soon as i installed it, works great, no issues what so ever.


Review by ANDREI | Feb 27, 2012

Easy, perfect, and wonderful. Thanks AW.

Yet another winner

Review by Nick | Feb 3, 2012

It's very nice to be able to display to customers what they should see. It worked for Ahead Works, and now its working for me. Now if i can just find one more item to add to my cart...


Review by Brian | Feb 3, 2012

We give discounts when a customer orders 2 jars instead of 1 jar because it saves us on shipping costs. Thus, we wanted to encourage customers to order 2 or more jars of a product. So for the customers that add just 1 jar of a product to their cart, we used this extension to have a pop up that says "Buy A Second item for just $5.00 more". The rules to set up all the crazy things can be a bit tricky to figure out, but for the most part this extension is pretty powerful.

The one thing that it isn't able to do:
We considered having a promotion where if a customer tried a new product, we'd give them $5 off. So we wanted to set up a rule that said: if there are 2 different items in the cart, apply a $5 coupon. However, after speaking with AW, they told us this wasn't possible. It can give a discount if there are 2 items total in the cart, but they could be 2 of the same item or 2 different items.

Promotions and info

Review by Tania Isabel | Jan 8, 2012

I use this extension to inform my customers about free shipping when spending more than X money, and also about our discount program and other promotions.

Free Shipping!

Review by Flaxton | Nov 23, 2011

Let customers know when they need to add more items to their carts for free shipping and other neat tricks.

Very Useful!

Review by Michi | Sep 14, 2011

Perfect extension for increasing store sales!
And as always, the support is awesome.


Review by Lennart | Jun 27, 2011

This is a perfect enxtension to make more sales and keep customers updated during checkout. We have only used it for a week, but it seems to make a big difference in checkouts. Not as many seems to drop the basket.

Very usefull

Great little app.

Review by Scott | Jun 2, 2011

Works well for us to provide custom information to customers at the cart level when specified conditions are met. ie. "this product can not ship outside of the US" etc.

Very happy..

Review by Scott | Jun 1, 2011

We're very happy with this extension.. We believe it has helped increase sales since we have implemented it..
Support is great as always.

Web Designer/Developer

Review by Jeff | Oct 20, 2010

Simple install. No problems. Great product. Thanks guys :)


Review by Nicole | Sep 2, 2010

The support for using and installing this extension is fantastic!

Fantastic Extension

Review by Bradley | May 7, 2010

This extension + Market Segmentation Suite had an immediate impact on our bottom line!


Review by Pa Kua | Mar 22, 2010

A Perfect extension, works fine. And even better is the support and the service. Great company


Review by Tom | Feb 18, 2010

This extension is brilliant once configured properly. Its deceivingly powerful and should be a good driver of sales.


Review by Kay | Feb 18, 2010

This extension is great. Very amazing. Thank you.

Useful extension

Review by Vicky | Sep 4, 2009

A nifty, useful extension. Works perfectly.

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