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    Catalog Permissions
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    Catalog Permissions for Magento 1

    Show different items, product prices, and categories to specific customer groups

    • For hidden products redirect to a different page
    • For hidden price show a custom note in its place
    • Restrict permissions by different customer groups
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    Smart Loyalty Program


    Magento Catalog Permissions is designed to hide products and/or prices and will assist you with one or both of the following concerns:

    • Diverse client base
      For the shops that serve both wholesale and retail sectors or have layered partner programs this Magento advanced permissions extension will help hide irrelevant store sections and provide differentiated prices for various customer groups.
    • Promoting specific behaviours
      You may encourage your customers to login or register in order to view certain products or you may couple this extension with a loyalty program and create a restricted store section available to the most devoted shoppers only.


    Restriction set up
    You may choose whether you want to hide specific products, product prices, or whole categories.

    Restriction explanation
    For hidden products and categories you may redirect customers to an explainer page or simply any other page within the store.
    For hidden price you may choose a custom note to appear in its place, like “out of stock” or “restricted to premium users”.

    Restriction for individuals*
    Control product and product price access by an individual customer. Choose specific customer criteria such as age, gender, lifetime spending, order history, wishlist items, etc. and hide products and price from clients that match the criteria.
    *This functionality can be achieved within Market Segmentation Suite installation.

    Integration with other Aheadworks extensions

    Using the Catalog Permissions extension together with the below Aheadworks products, online merchants get more valuable insights.

    Set up clients' permissions in your store using advanced custom criteria such as client personal info, order/cart details, etc.

    Great extension but lacks of functions

    Review by Aurélien | Aug 8, 2017

    This extension works as described and we can hide some categories or products for some customers groups.
    Great !
    But, it could be awesome to tell the opposite : alls products/categories are hidden for a specific customer group except for those we tell to be visible.
    it's the way we need to work for a specific customer group. (and so, limit visibilty in search)

    It just works!

    Review by Rodrigo Rosa | May 10, 2017

    The extension works like a charm and the support team is amazing. I recommend.

    This Extension is golden! If you have wholesale accounts, this is a must

    Review by Jon | Jan 11, 2015

    I must say, I absolutely love this extension it is exactly what I needed for wholesale accounts. Now only wholesale accounts (groups) can now view categories specified towards them only!

    Great job guys! I love it!
    Thank you,

    Great extension, great customer support

    Review by James | Dec 13, 2014

    This is a very good extension, well designed, and supported with regular releases & bug fixes. We had an issue during installation, which has been fixed in no-time by the excellent customer support team. Thanks so much!

    Easy Instal and setup

    Review by Michael | Oct 9, 2014

    Worked exactly as we needed forour multi store setup with complicated customer group setup. Was up and running in a relatively short period of time, now just a matter of customising ll our product for our clients.

    Got it nailed!

    Review by Dan | Apr 8, 2014

    Another thing we've got from AW, and another exact match!
    Presumably, such a specific solution is not of great use for a regular store, but for our business model and diverse customers pool, it was the proper solution.

    Works as expected

    Review by Gerald | Feb 4, 2014

    For our B2B website, this solution was crucial. Allows us to properly manage the catalog access for different partners.
    Easy to work with, and extremely reliable too. Nice job!

    Very good extension

    Review by Haresh | Jan 3, 2014

    It contains all features as they mention and also work perfectly.


    Review by Martin | Dec 6, 2013

    Product went in like a charm for Magento 1.8 . Only had to read directions afterwards to make sure I did not forget anything. I haven't tested extensively yet, but worked as advertised on first use.

    Some suggestions - allow ability to "Permit Category from Specific Customer Group" instead/as well as "Hide Category/Product from Specific Customer Group'. This would allow building more limited access stores revising permissions with each new category.

    a large Financial Services company (Canada)


    Review by Nicki | Dec 3, 2013

    This extension flawlessly does what you expect. We are very happy.

    Does its job

    Review by Charlie | Dec 2, 2013

    This module proved to be a crutial solution for the membership site we recently finished.
    We had to do some tweaking to to make the module fit our requirements, but those were OUR specific requirements. The advertised functionality is delivered 100%

    The real thing - simple and powerful

    Review by Brian | Oct 31, 2013

    This extension is as reliable as all other aheadWorks modules we have. The quality of code is very high. Now all unique products of our store are shown only to the privileged group of customers. Runs cool. Thanks, guys.

    eCommercer Web Designer

    Review by Rooks Advertising Sarasota | Oct 30, 2013

    Magento has great customer management and tier group pricing already built in. But in order to enable more robust role management, custom programming or a third party software extension is required. We needed to limit access to certain products and categories by customer group. This extension provided an easy to implement solution at a very reasonable price. It worked as expected. I was confident purchasing from aheadWorks as they have been creating Magento extensions since Magento first launched back in 2007.

    As always; good extension and superb customer service!

    Review by Niko Imeraj | Jun 17, 2013

    I purchased this extension for our Magento shop/site a week ago. It needed however some customization to work on my cusomized template. Aheadworks rose up to the task and offered me a solution for a very small extra fee for the customization.

    They truly care about their clients and go a long way to make you happy.


    Good product overall... a couple of suggestions

    Review by Stefano | Apr 26, 2013

    We purchased this extension and is working good for us. Grants a good level of customisable viewing options for products and categories. I would like to make a suggestion for the next release. When you hide the purchase button on the product, it would be good if we could have the possibility of having a "request for quotation" button instead which could interact with the customer requesting more details. The button could then open-up a pop-up where the user could type in the details of his/her request.

    Configurable products compatibility

    Review by Sidney Billiet Studio Emma | Nov 23, 2012

    Great extension. Unfortunately the catalog permissions can not hide certain children of configurable products.

    I would be great if it would be compatible with "Der Modul Programierder's Better Configurable Products" extension which we use frequently for our projects.
    This extension add the simple product to the cart when choosing an option from the configurable product.

    Nevertheless, Catalog permissions is a great extension for people looking to hide products and/or prices from specific groups
    Kind regards,

    Works Perfectly!

    Review by Andrew | Jul 25, 2012

    We purchased this extension so that catalog items would not be visible to the public (only logged in / approved customers). EXACTLY WHAT WE WANTED!!!


    Review by Oliver | Jul 24, 2012

    I bought this module to solve a permissions issue I had when downgrading a store from Magento enterprise edition to the community edition. - It solved the problem I had with the missing functionality (the enterprise version has it natively). The module works smoothly, the install was simple and the price was great!

    Great Support Service

    Review by Alessandro Negri | Feb 24, 2012

    I purchased this extension for my shop and I had a problem with the new version of Magento 1.6.2 and my database. The support service checked immediately the installation and fixed the problem in 1 day. They sent me a patch and explained me what was missing.
    Now the extension works perfectly!

    Well done AheadWorks!

    Great extension!

    Review by Gabriele Weinfurtner, red websolutions | Jul 20, 2011

    Great extension! I was looking for this feature for more than a year. And I couldn´t belive how simple zu install and configure for my customers special needs. Very well dekomented, too. I changed the "not in stock" message to an individual one with the included instructions, and was no problem at all. I really recommend this extension; it´s a lot more woth than you pay for.


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    Customer Group Catalog Permissions for Magento 2

    Customer Group Catalog Permissions for Magento 2

    The extension provides control over the visibility of website content for different customer groups to divide store catalog between wholesalers, retailers, and other client segments.

    • Divide catalog content between wholesalers and retailers;
    • Hide CMS pages from the specified customer groups;
    • Redirect your customers to any pages;
    • Show customized text messages instead of hidden price and/or add to cart button;
    • Apply permissions individually and in bulk.
    $175 $249
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    How does the Magento 2 Customer Group Catalog Permissions extension beat the competition?

    Optimized workflow
    Built upon the most common use cases, the backend interface closely matches the actual admin workflow
    Extensive testing
    Our quality assurance guarantees that all our extensions are Magento 2 compatible, customizable, and scalable
    Quality code
    We write clean code completed with full technical documentation
    Gain image
    Gain 1:
    Hide categories, CMS pages, and individual products from specific customer groups
    Manage your product catalog visibility as follows:
    • Hide particular categories from particular customer groups and redirect them to any website page;
    • Hide certain CMS pages and configure redirect pages, thus, allowing retailers, wholesalers, and other customer groups to view the appropriate content;
    • Display individual products for selected client groups to avoid any confusion for improper customers.
    Gain image
    Gain 2:
    Redirect customers from hidden categories, CMS pages, and individual product pages
    Provide customers with the seamless purchasing process as the Magento 2 category permissions extension lets you:
    • Configure desirable page URL’s (both absolute and relative) instead of hidden categories, CMS pages, or individual product pages.
    Gain image
    Gain 3:
    Hide product price and/or add to cart button blocks and replace them with customized text messages
    Customers may just leave your store and go to your competitors if they have trouble purchasing products from you. In particular, if product prices or ‘add to cart’ buttons are hidden and not replaced with some appropriate content explaining them how can make a purchase, our extension allows you to:
    • Show customized text messages instead of hidden product price and/ or ‘add to cart’ buttons (for example, instead of a hidden price, you can insert the following text message: ‘To continue purchasing, please log in’).
    Gain image
    Gain 4:
    Manage permissions massively
    With our Magento 2 Customer Group Catalog Permissions extension, you can:
    • Quickly and easily create an unlimited number of permissions or delete all the recently created ones at a time

    What makes our Customer Group Catalog Permissions for Magento 2 winning

    Key Features Solution by Aheadworks Native Magento 2 solution
    Open Source Commerce Open Source Commerce
    Hide categories per customer group individually and in bulk Only individually
    Hide products per customer group individually and in bulk Only individually
    Hide CMS pages per customer group individually and in bulk Only individually
    Hide prices per customer group
    Hide add to cart buttons per customer group
    Redirect customers to any pages(inner or outer) Only inner
    Replace prices and add to cart buttons with customized text messages
    Apply permissions in bulk
    Delete permissions in bulk

    How Magento 2 Customer Group Catalog Permissions works

    With this Magento 2 advanced permissions module, you can divide catalog between specified customer groups keeping website performance streamlined. In particular, it is possible to hide categories, individual products, CMS pages from any customer group both individually and massively.

    Also, you can hide price and ‘add to cart’ buttons and replace them with customizable text messages. Finally, this Magento 2 user permissions extension allows you to assign redirect pages for those customers who are allowed to access some hidden website content.

    With flexible content visibility conditions, you can provide customer-oriented shopping services by selling products to different purchaser groups.

    Magento 2 Catalog Permissions Extension Detailed Feature List

    General permission settings
    • Set general permissions per store view
    • Hide/display all categories, products, and CMS pages from/for all or selected customer groups
    • Configure required page URL’s for redirect (absolute and relative URL support)
    • Hide product prices and/or ‘add to cart’ buttons
    • Display customized text messages (using HTML tags) instead of hidden product price and/or ‘add to cart’ buttons
    Individual permission settings
    • Set individual permissions per store view
    • Hide category, product, or CMS pages from individual customer groups
    • Create/edit customized text messages (using HTML tags) instead of hidden product prices and/or ‘add to cart’ buttons depending on the individual category or product
    • Use parent permissions
    • Set permissions for any product type
    Mass permission settings
    • Performance-optimized design
    • Create an unlimited number of permissions or delete all the recently created ones at a time
    • Step-by-step permission configuration

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