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Automatic Related Products
22 Reviews

Automatic Related Products for Magento 1

Define the rules for related products and offer people alternatives to the current product automatically

  • Select products via flexible attribute conditions
  • Display block on any page within a store
  • Display block anywhere within the page
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Magento Related Products Overview

Displaying relevant related products will increase the average order value, reduce the number of abandoned pages, and simply help your customers browse through the store looking for what they need. However, assigning related products in Magento is a time consuming task, especially for anyone managing a store with thousands of items.

What we have for you is a Magento Automatic Related Products extension that automates the whole process, allowing to define the general principles for assigning related products (up-sells, cross-sells, etc.) and to choose which products these principles apply to. This way it doesn’t matter whether you are dealing with a couple items or with a 100K product store - it will still take just a few clicks to set up an appealing related product block.


Position within the store
For each Magento related products block you create you may choose whether to display it on the product page, the category page, or within the shopping cart.

Position within the page
Within the page you may select one of the predefined positions: before content, instead of native block, under the native block, or inside the page. Additional options may be created by adding auto related products as a CMS block or a widget. Note that there is a possibility of creating different blocks with varying content and placing them within the same page.

Display options
Each block may be given a custom name to reflect the type of suggested products, e.g. “similar products”, “frequently bought together”, “more in this collection”, etc. You may also decide on the number of related products displayed in the block at once.

Highly flexible rules
Products, for which any particular block is to be displayed, may be defined as narrowly as you want. Use any attributes to select a specific group of products or even select an individual item. Similarly, related products may be set to match specific attributes or to follow specific patterns.

Audience selection
We provide an option of creating different content for different customer groups.

Integration with other Aheadworks extensions

Using the Automatic Related Products extension together with the below Aheadworks products, online merchants get more valuable insights.

Insert the block with related products into follow-up emails.
Add the block with related products to the one step checkout page.

Excelent Extension and spot on support

Review by Adam Holden | Jul 4, 2018

This extension was just as expected. Works perfectly doing what we need it to. There are many rules you can set to call different related products based on particular block locations.
I had a few issues placing the blocks in the location I wanted within our theme page. This was due to our theme settings though and the support developers sorted it straight away no problem.
I would definitely recommend this extension and would definitely search for a relevant AheadWorks extension if I need one in the future.


Review by Tony | Jun 27, 2018

We have a custom theme along with custom everything else! Had a couple of issues (not caused by the AheadWorks ARP extension) that caused a conflict, support had it fixed within a day! Cannot recommend this team enough. Well done, extension works perfectly too.

E-commerce Manager

Review by Alisher | Mar 9, 2018

We are using this extension for almost 3 months and very satisfied with what it does. After configuring and enabling the extension you just forget about related, up-sell and cross-sell products. Great job!!!


Review by Jesper | Jan 26, 2018

We bought this extension and I must say it's one of the best extensions we have ever bought.
It saves us for a lot of time from manually associating related products to main product!.

We had a conflict with another module from another developer. The support solved this issues.
Great module -& Great support :-)

Good job!

Review by Janay | Aug 24, 2017

Thanks for your job! Though the extension is more expensive than the same one by Amasty, the settings are more flexible and adjustable to my needs.

Works great

Review by Bernd | Jun 8, 2017

We have been using this and other AW extensions for a few years and they work great. A custom theme change caused a layout problem and the AW support was able to get it resolved quickly.

Great extension

Review by Alex | May 24, 2017

The extension works really well. We were not able to display related products on some spots within our custom theme, but the team at aheadworks helped us achieving what we wanted to do. They are also very good at customer service. I would buy more extensions from Aheadworks.

Wonderful module

Review by Davide | Jan 24, 2017

n great extension as it saves you a lot of time from manually associating related products to main product.

Good product

Review by Nadia | Jan 11, 2017

Very useful. Please think about adding the displaying of the products in random order. Great service, thank you


Review by Tyler | Jun 22, 2016

We've only been using the extension for a week so far but we love it! This kind of functionality feels crucial to any shop. Support response is quick and helpful. Feels like the right level of customization, too. Thumbs up all around so far!

Digital Consultant

Review by Shep | Jun 8, 2016

We have over 7,000 SKUs and this extension worked great. Easy to install. We needed some customization and the team was very responsive and did the tweaks we needed.

30 seconds save for every new product

Review by Max | Jun 3, 2016

it saves us from selecting related products each time for every product add.
In addition, they made a custom change for us so we can now show related products from detailed subcategories requirement

IT mgr

Review by Julian | Apr 7, 2016

It's easy to set up and configure but could do with more config options for 5 stars
For me it needs:
1. Ability to specify placement of title and image in relation to each other
2. Ability to specify size of image
3. Ability to hide price, add to cart, add to wishlist

Also it seem to depend on the url path to get the category. If you have a URL http://domain/product-name.html then the related products block doesn't show.

Good extension Great cust service Needed custom work)

Review by Dean Gorton | Jul 29, 2015

Bought this extension and it needed some custom work for it to fit our magento template. We worked with Aheadworks and Vitaly and their customer service was second to none. Extension looks great and we are very happy with it, may need some custom work for some customers and extension is basic out of the box but with a little tweaking it has come out great and saves us alot of time as we have two blocks on product pages that would have had to be inputted manually so saves lots of time and effort, Working with aheadworks was a pleasure and we couldnt fault their help.

This extension saves me so much time!

Review by Ricky | Jul 24, 2014

I used to spend a fair amount of time setting up related products, crosssell and upsell products manually. Now I don't need to worry about it. One thing I would love is a bit more flexibility in choosing which products to relate to. But apart from that, it can only get better!

An amazing module!

Review by Ned | Jul 2, 2014

We've got quite an extensive catalog, which is also frequently updated. This Auto Related plug-in did a great job for us, saving us a PLENTY of time on products management. Couldn't be satisfied more.


Review by Erik | Jun 17, 2014

Not as flexible as stated. in case of multiple product categories, it would be nice if user could indicate which categoriy to pick related prodcts from. More manual adjustment of results is highly desired! Also different ways of listing related products would be interesting (table-style for example)

Ultimate Sales Driver

Review by Eugene | May 21, 2014

I've purchase more than a few extensions from Aheadworks and this is a MUST have. Not only its reasonably priced, clean coded and super fast, the flexibility is awesome. If you can think of a scenario "if this, then do that" this extension will accomplish it. A must have for any Magento install.


Review by Scott | Apr 29, 2014

Great Extension. Really customize what your customers are viewing to buy.

Very flexible

Review by Hamza | Apr 11, 2014

This module provides so many ways to show and customize related products blocks that we likely never repeated yet. It's great for customers. Really appreciate it.

Works as it intended

Review by Peter | Apr 9, 2014

This extension saved us a lot of trouble from having to manually set up related products and cross-sell products. It didn't work with our customized theme at first but the purchased units for help was very professional and knew what they were doing. Highly satisfied.

A brilliant solution!

Review by Jim | Apr 7, 2014

This module was of great help for our store. We've built quite an extensive catalog over time, and we needed some tool to handle related items suggestions for us.
This Automatic Related Products by AW did the trick for us, strongly recommended!

Makes it easy

Review by Eric | Mar 4, 2014

This saves lots of time and allows us to ensure that we have products that are related showing. We expect it to increase our sales. Definitely recommend!

More than satisfied with this extension

Review by Edward | Jan 31, 2014

I was impressed by the this module's advertised capabilities, and it proved to deliver every single thing when I finally ordered it.
Took me some time to get through the configuration - but that was expected.

Easy to use and convenient

Review by Janelle Dawson | Jan 1, 2014

I have found this extension easy to use and very useful. It really saved me a lot of time in setting up my new store.

However, there is one downfall, it means I cannot utilise existing email functionality to cross sell related products as there is no ability to insert a widget in the emails.

It would be useful to incorporate the ability to utilise the module and make it accessible in the transactional emails functionality.


Review by Scott | Dec 7, 2013

Good Price, Great support, solid extension.

Indispensable for big stores

Review by Charlie | Nov 8, 2013

This module is all about flexibility. You can get almost whatever you want if you just put some thinking into configuring rules.
The beautiful thing is, you only have do it once. Set up the rules - and never again will you need to worry about setting up related products listing.
Expectedly, as any other frontend module, the ARP 2 took us some styling works to get it play nice with our custom theme - but that was quite an easy task.

Very Good

Review by Gabriel Mongeau | Oct 10, 2013

A lot of work was necessary in my case to adapt the extension to my need but it was definitely worth it !


Review by Rod | Sep 14, 2013

Works immediately! Does exactly what it is supposed to do. love it!
Just one missing feature: being able to have a rule in %. Like display products with price higher than 10% of current product

Outstanding Extension!

Review by Matt | Sep 2, 2013

This easy to use extension will have you "merchandising as easy as 1,2,3. I had a bit of a problem installing, but AW support showed me what I was doing wrong and everything is running smoothly now. I will definitely recommend this in the future.

A Brilliant Plugin!

Review by Nathan Green | Aug 22, 2013

Incredibly easy to setup, customise and output. And for those wanting custom block placement this may be helpful:

This is one of those features that should be properly built in natively with Magento in the way AheadWorks have done with this extension IMO. AW have done a great job here.


Review by Vitalijs | Jul 30, 2013

Very slow work , i have 70.000 products and 1000+ attrebutes

General Manager / Magento Administrator

Review by Raphael Rafatpanah | Jul 17, 2013

This extension is absolutely fantastic. I don't think people understand how versatile of an extension this is. You select related products by creating logic. The best part is that it is highly customizable since you can use unlimited rules on every attribute. You can use rules like is, contains, does not contain, is greater than... etc. Could not be more thrilled with this product.

And, since I have a customized theme that caused this extension to not be displayed, the aheadWorks team customized my theme further to allow this to work perfectly!

Sales Director

Review by Neel | Jun 5, 2013

The automated related products extension has really saved us time and effort to manually add products every time a new product is added onto our system. Its a great extension to aid automation on our processes and reduce manual labour.

Easy to install and use. Great results

Review by Mark | May 16, 2013

This is the perfect extension for a shop with lots of items in each category. The results are excellent. We have used a number of Aheadworks extensions and found them all to be excellent.

Perfect Extension

Review by K. Smith | Mar 17, 2013

Works immediately. Not having to manually related products = priceless.

Pas simple à mettre en oeuvre

Review by Thierry | Feb 7, 2013

Pas très simple à configurer mais redoutable d’efficacité si on se donne le temps de bien l'intégrer et configurer.
Prévoyez un bon temps de reflexion afin de bien en optimiser les possibilités

Gran extensión

Review by Fede | Jan 30, 2013

Fácil de instalar y configurar. Gracias

Great Extension

Review by Ben | Jan 7, 2013

What a great extension! Instal time; only 100 seconds!
Worksr great and easy to use.

Saves tons of time

Review by Matzee | Nov 28, 2012

With a catalog of over 5000 items, this extension saved us many, many boring hours!

what i have been looking for

Review by makkoga | Nov 15, 2012

This new version of Automatic Related Products makes it possible to diplay the related products in shopping cart which is what I have been looking for in a long time.There were some issues but they fixed them and it all worked out. Great extension. This extension surely boosts the sales of your website.


Review by Jeff | Oct 8, 2012

Works great & a huge timesaver for adding related products for larger sites.

Works great, I just wish...

Review by Nathan | Aug 29, 2012

I love this extension, but if you don't use "random" for the products that are to be displayed, then you generally will get the same small sampling of products.

Random on the other hand always changes each time you refresh the screen.

Not a huge deal, but it would be nice if either random did not change on each refresh or that the non-random option displayed more variety across products.

Otherwise, I'm very happy with the ext and the service!

pefect extention & Support

Review by Oliver | Jul 19, 2012

it's always nice to integrate aheadworks extentions. arp 2 extention works well, and the support is top!

Thumbs up!

Review by JSCH | Apr 3, 2012

Great extension, makes related products so much eassier!

Life Saver

Review by Seth | Apr 2, 2012

This product has been a life saver. With over 12k products in our catalog it has saved our lives attempting to set up related products for every sku in our system!


Review by Ian | Mar 26, 2012

Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh a breath of fresh air, this module is soooooooooooooo good, even for small sites.

Easy to install, configure, use

Review by Fred Zimmerman | Mar 2, 2012

No problems installing. Very flexible and powerful. Aheadworks is an excellent vendor.

Display related products in no time

Review by Stefan | Feb 2, 2012

To sum it up it in one single word: "Fantastic!"

Makes life easy

Review by Marcel | Dec 29, 2011

I bought this extension because i have so many products that it is no workable to do related products by hand. I use custom templates with magento and this extension didn't work perfect right out of the box because of the custom template. I have send a support question about this and within two days the problem was solved. The aftersales support of Aheadworks is great and the extension is also working great this safes me a lot of work and makes my life a lot easier

Love it

Review by Erwin | Nov 24, 2011

Bought this exentension and is running on 1.6.1. I love it ! Works out of the box smoothly.


Review by Andrei Blaj | Nov 24, 2011

Very good extension, would be really great to display products in a random order.

Works well out of the box

Review by Flaxton | Nov 23, 2011

If you need something with little configuration and a simple way to relate products on your site this will do the job.

Very good one

Review by Karol | Nov 23, 2011

Flexible, fast and powerful extension, must have + great support = ahedworks ;)

Good extension

Review by kevin | Nov 8, 2011

good extension, and easy setup and get better useablity for customer


Review by Luca Gammelli | Oct 15, 2011

i bought this extension few hours before.
It's a very good extension even if there is no documentation at all, is easy to install and configure.

Just a missing feature, would be very usefull to have the ability to display products in random order.

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