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AJAX Cart Pro for Magento

Fully customizable AJAX substitute for Magento cart

  • Editor to adjust and preview pop-ups on the spot
  • Segment by product page, customer group, storeview
  • "Add/remove" actions are both supported by extension
Magento 1
Magento 2
Version: 3.2.14
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  • Overview
  • 117 Reviews
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Ajax Add To Cart - Time-Proven Solution

Since its inception and to the current 3.x branch, the extension has been undergoing continuous improvements and fine-tuning. The result is the most stable, adoptable and flexible solution on Magento market.

  • Bug-free code

    Clean code

    The extensions has been worked to perfection, in and out. You may be sure that every single feature you see advertised, will be delivered.

  • Custom themes friendly

    Custom Themes friendly

    The extension has been designed with your needs in mind. It is equipped with a handy toolset for integration with any custom theme.

  • Maximum interactions with native code

    Minimal interference / maximal interaction with the native code

    The extension is designed to rely on Magento's native capabilities to maximum extent, ensuring that the module plays nice with any other component of your Magento.

    • Supports all the native product types
    • Works with standard Cart Update controller
    • Works on Product, Category and Wishlist pages
    • Works on custom pages where the standard Cart controller is called
    • Updates all the native Cart instances (sidebar cart, top cart)
    • No conflicts with external plugins

Make shopping appealing

It has been proven that elaborate site design contributes a great deal to brand's trustworthiness (and consequently, to conversion rates). So, it is seamless shopping experience and that elusive "pro" feel that any store owner is striving to achieve. The AJAX Cart Pro extension serves a solid tool in such an endeavor.

Give your store its recognizable image!

Frequently-seen service screens and confirmation dialogues do not have to be boring or annoying. On the contrary, the module's customizable confirmation pop-ups can be made a great use of. Not only can you excite your customers with the neatly designed splash-screens, but also include interactive elements to guide your clients.

Unlimited customization possibilities

Backend pop-ups editor

Forget complex code adjustments - a simple backend editor will do the trick. Instant Preview function guarantees that the customers will only see the result when it is ready.

Backend content editor

Control every tiniest detail

It's not only the pop-up content that you can easily adjust from the backend. Choose one of 4 animation types, define the pop-up alignment, upload your custom activity indicator - all you need to get your ideal store appearance.

Backend settings

Separate confirmation windows for adding and removing products

Whatever you marketing strategy is, you can adjust the module's behavior to suit it. Separate configuration options for "Add to" and "Remove from" actions allow gently guiding your clients without seeming aggressive.

Individualize your products

Sometimes, the "one size fits all" approach just doesn't work. For this, we have a remedy. The extension's rule system allows for unprecedented flexibility: you can show special dialog boxes for a set (or sets) of select products, specific Customer Groups or storeviews.

So what do I really get?

With the extension, you pave your customers' way to the checkout, making their shopping an easy walk rather than an epic quest.

  • No time wasted on page reloads
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Easier catalog exploration
  • Higher customer retention
  • Longer sessions
  • Pro-level site feel

Integration with other aW extensions

Using the AJAX Cart Pro extension together with the below aW products opens extra possibilities.

Let visitors add items from the featured products block to the shopping cart without page refreshing.
Buyers can add related products to cart and select all required options directly on the checkout page.
Display pop-up windows with promo information only at checkout & shopping cart.
Let customers add gift certificates to the shopping cart without page refreshing.
Add items with selected options from category to cart without page reloads.

Tanya Poleshchuk | Head of Customer Care

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Tanya Poleshchuk
Version: 1.2.5
CE 2.1.X - 2.2.X
EE 2.1.X - 2.2.X


  • Overview
  • 117 Reviews
  • Docs & FAQ

How AJAX Cart Pro Magento 2 extension beat the competition?

  1. Integration tests

    Allow to check extension compatibility with any given store to identify potential integration issues

  2. Mobile adjusted

    Going beyond basic responsive design, our extensions support mobile-specific user interactions

  3. Quality code

    We write clean code complete with full technical documentation - just waiting to be altered

How Magento 2 Ajax Add to Cart Works

When installed, it takes only three options to set up Magento 2 AJAX cart, which could be done in under a minute. After that, the store is equipped with an add-to-cart pop-up, which allows to select all the necessary options and add products (even configurable ones!) to cart without leaving the catalogue.

Shopping experience

John’s got a new apartment, which is all good, except the kitchen is literally empty and there is barely a fork. John makes a list, goes online, and visits the first store he finds.

“Here is a nice set of plates” thinks John while scrolling through and clicks an “add to cart” button, which, being a native Magento button, takes him to a product page instead of simply adding items to cart. “Hell no!” thinks John, “This back and forth type of thing is going to take forever!”

Now, the best case scenario is that he will buy the bare minimum and later get the rest of his list elsewhere. He might quit altogether. At the very least, he’ll be scarred for life by this negative experience and there is very little chance he’ll pick this store next time.

This is the exact problem we solve with our Magento 2 Ajax Cart Pro - letting people shop with as little interruption as possible, eliminating exit points, and creative a positive shopping experience that customers came to expect these days.

View demo

Feature Highlights

Check out selected features below or view documentation for a full feature list

  • Product types

    Add-to-cart pop-up may be setup to work with any existing Magento product types

  • Pop-up content options Screen

    Apart from the essentials, admin may add a short product description, product rating, and a number of product reviews to add-to-cart pop-up.

  • Related product support

    Increase your average order value by offering cross-sells after adding products to cart.

  • No page reloads

    Fast processing and smooth transition from the catalogue page to the pop-up and back

  • Select product configuration

    All product options may be selected right from the add-to-cart window

  • No need to leave the catalog Screen

    When done adding product, the customer is returned back to the same catalogue page

  • Product page support

    Display add-to-cart and confirmation popups on product page

  • Mobile adjusted Screen

    In case you have a custom theme that allows add-to-cart buttons within a mobile view, then our extension will apply a mobile friendly add-to-cart pop-up

  • Automatic Cross- and Up-sells Screen

    Related items generated automatically can be displayed inside of AJAX Cart Pro confirmation popup with the help of Automatic Related Products.

Tanya Poleshchuk | Head of Customer Care

Got questions? Let’s talk!

I will be happy to tell you more about this extension!

Contact us!

Tanya Poleshchuk

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