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    AJAX Cart Pro
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    AJAX Cart Pro for Magento 1

    Fully customizable AJAX substitute for Magento cart

    • Editor to adjust and preview pop-ups on the spot
    • Segment by product page, customer group, storeview
    • "Add/remove" actions are both supported by extension
    45-Day Money Back
    90-Day Free Support
    free lifetime updates
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    Ajax Add to Cart - time-proven solution

    Since its inception and to the current 3.x branch, the extension has been undergoing continuous improvements and fine-tuning. The result is the most stable, adoptable and flexible solution on Magento market.

    • Bug-free code

      Clean code

      The extensions has been worked to perfection, in and out. You may be sure that every single feature you see advertised, will be delivered.

    • Custom themes friendly

      Custom Themes friendly

      The extension has been designed with your needs in mind. It is equipped with a handy toolset for integration with any custom theme.

    • Maximum interactions with native code

      Minimal interference / maximal interaction with the native code

      The extension is designed to rely on Magento's native capabilities to maximum extent, ensuring that the module plays nice with any other component of your Magento.

      • Supports all the native product types
      • Works with standard Cart Update controller
      • Works on Product, Category and Wishlist pages
      • Works on custom pages where the standard Cart controller is called
      • Updates all the native Cart instances (sidebar cart, top cart)
      • No conflicts with external plugins

    Make shopping appealing

    It has been proven that elaborate site design contributes a great deal to brand's trustworthiness (and consequently, to conversion rates). So, it is seamless shopping experience and that elusive "pro" feel that any store owner is striving to achieve. The AJAX Cart Pro extension serves a solid tool in such an endeavor.

    Give your store its recognizable image!

    Frequently-seen service screens and confirmation dialogues do not have to be boring or annoying. On the contrary, the module's customizable confirmation pop-ups can be made a great use of. Not only can you excite your customers with the neatly designed splash-screens, but also include interactive elements to guide your clients.

    Unlimited customization possibilities

    Backend pop-ups editor

    Forget complex code adjustments - a simple backend editor will do the trick. Instant Preview function guarantees that the customers will only see the result when it is ready.

    Backend content editor

    Control every tiniest detail

    It's not only the pop-up content that you can easily adjust from the backend. Choose one of 4 animation types, define the pop-up alignment, upload your custom activity indicator - all you need to get your ideal store appearance.

    Backend settings

    Separate confirmation windows for adding and removing products

    Whatever you marketing strategy is, you can adjust the module's behavior to suit it. Separate configuration options for "Add to" and "Remove from" actions allow gently guiding your clients without seeming aggressive.

    Individualize your products

    Sometimes, the "one size fits all" approach just doesn't work. For this, we have a remedy. The extension's rule system allows for unprecedented flexibility: you can show special dialog boxes for a set (or sets) of select products, specific Customer Groups or storeviews.

    So what do I really get?

    With the extension, you pave your customers' way to the checkout, making their shopping an easy walk rather than an epic quest.

    • No time wasted on page reloads
    • Higher conversion rates
    • Easier catalog exploration
    • Higher customer retention
    • Longer sessions
    • Pro-level site feel
    Integration with other Aheadworks extensions

    Using the AJAX Cart Pro extension together with the below Aheadworks products, online merchants get more valuable insights.

    Let visitors add items from the featured products block to the shopping cart without page refreshing.
    Buyers can add related products to cart and select all required options directly on the checkout page.
    Display pop-up windows with promo information only at checkout & shopping cart.
    Let customers add gift certificates to the shopping cart without page refreshing.
    Add items with selected options from category to cart without page reloads.

    Professional Support

    Review by Shahid | Jan 4, 2018

    This extension is excellent. I purchased many magento extensions from other companies. But all of them Aheadworks customer support is best. Their support team is professional. They helped me solving conflict between extension & configure with my website perfectly. Thanks for best support.


    Review by Konrad | Sep 1, 2017

    Works really well, very easy to install and doesn't crash with all kinds of extensions.

    Nice experience

    Review by Martin | May 24, 2017

    Thanks for the great work that you did it on my project... excellent support!

    Brilliant extension and Brilliant support

    Review by Gareth | Jun 24, 2016

    Installation of this extension was easy and then easy to configure for our website. The ability to pop up upsells is exactly what we needed. We had a couple of issues with our theme but the aheadWorks team were great to deal with and sorted them quickly. Highly recommended.

    Very good quality

    Review by Emily | Jun 17, 2016

    Really good extension for store owners who hate constant page reloads - I love it.
    Though there was a small problem with my top cart, AW support team has solved it outright.
    Yes, I would recommend AJAX Cart Pro, as well as other AW extensions I am currently using.

    good extensions

    Review by david | Apr 8, 2016

    this extension is very good ,it run in magento ce 1.9 perfect.

    Nice extension - great support

    Review by David | Jan 5, 2016

    extension works really nice, had a conflict with another extension, which solved the team immediately - i recommend this extension :)

    Works great with custom theme after support given

    Review by John | Oct 22, 2015

    Initially, the extension didn't update the shopping cart info in my site's header on my custom theme. All I had to do was submit a support ticket and AheadWorks responded within a few days with a fix. They actually created customized code to the extension to make it work with my theme. SUPER AWESOME.

    Nice extension

    Review by Manmit Singh | Jul 2, 2015

    This is nice extension, user-friendly for customer

    Fantastic Tool

    Review by Paul | May 12, 2015

    This tool will make it much easier for our customers to shop. The service we received with this extension was amazing. Almost an instant reply & our request for customisation was accepted with no hassle. Great company & extension.

    Good product and even better service!

    Review by Jan | May 8, 2015

    We sell many individual products and I was doubting between cheaper extensions and this one. I decided to purchase the AW-extension and this was definitely the best call. Our theme conflicted to some degree with the extensions and the developers of AW fixed my issues within 24 hours. Thank you very much!

    Great functionality

    Review by Roberto | Feb 14, 2015

    With this extension I've reduced the time of my customers for insert products in cart. Now the flow is more quick and I can present crosssell product immediatly. Very very usefull for the customer experience.
    Thanks AW team

    Nice and easy - very happy

    Review by Neil | Aug 19, 2014

    Installed it, moved it to my theme folder because I am using a custom Magento Package, and it works. What more can say except nice and easy!

    Great extensions

    Review by Spiruella | Jul 2, 2014

    Bought already several extensions from Aheadworks, mostly working perfect from first install, some with small problems. Always perfect solved by support. I can recommend buying extensions from Aheadworks for fully 100%

    Works Great

    Review by Richard | Jun 12, 2014

    Works out of the box. Can't wait to customize it will up-sell features.

    As usual, I wish aheadworks would not default their plugins to spam the admin area with messages. News about other plugins should be opt-in, not opt-out.

    Cool extension really worth using

    Review by Stevan | Apr 20, 2014

    Hey guys,

    Purchased this extension and was really happy with it.

    Keep up the good work!

    Great Extension with even better support

    Review by Calum | Apr 19, 2014

    This is a great extension to add into your magento store, had a few issues with it but the support was excellent. Responded quickly and rectified the issues, which were them related, very quickly and efficiently.

    We have a few aheadworks extensions on our store, and have a few more book marked.

    Can not recommend them highly enough.

    a must-have

    Review by Creative Art | Apr 8, 2014

    This module is a must-have ! It's really useful to display cross-sell products in the ajax animation. Besides since 3.2.2, this extension works too on IE8. Great, 5 stars !


    Review by Fred | Apr 2, 2014

    To be frank, I'm still curious as to why something like this module does not come with default Magento package. The fact, though, is that it doesn't, so you NEED the proper cart solution. Without it, a webstore looks cheap and amateur.
    The aw Add to cart extension is solid. I've encountered no issues throughout integration and setup process, the module works flawlessly.

    Extremly nice extension.

    Review by Eric Jensen | Mar 24, 2014

    I rate this extension full. This is what I was looking for add to cart. Support was good and working superb. Saving time!

    Great. lacks documentation

    Review by yoav | Feb 14, 2014

    I've tried another and finally chose this Ajax Cart.
    Support was great.
    The ajax popup window needs to be configured to work like the demo. the documentation on this part could be better, especially if you don't write code.
    great extension.

    Another Excellent Magento extension by aheadworks

    Review by Calum | Feb 14, 2014

    Purchased this and installed fine, had some issues with custom theme, but aheadworks were on the case quickly and sorted this out for me.

    Highyl recommended company to buy your magento extensions from

    This should have been in Magento by default!

    Review by Danny | Feb 5, 2014

    Really, the dynamic add to cart is a must-have feature nowadays, to the extent where a store without it looks plain lame!
    This particular module not only fills in that HUGE gap, but comes loaded with a massive number of nice extra features.
    Well-done, and recommended to anyone!

    Definitely must-have

    Review by Kellan | Jan 29, 2014

    Worth its money. Easy to install and our customers really like it. Advise to everyone.


    Review by Jerome | Jan 24, 2014

    This module is great, just install it and it works !!!

    Nice extension !

    Review by Guillaume | Jan 20, 2014

    Even with a highly customized frontend, the extension works with no effort and does the job !

    Ajax cart pro is a great extension, service is even better

    Review by Richard Blezer | Dec 18, 2013

    Had a little problem installing Ajax cart pro. After contacting support they fixed it quickly. Turned out to be my own fault.

    Nice Module !!!

    Review by Beverly | Dec 5, 2013

    There was some issues with variation products (configurable product). But Support team has fixed these issues pretty much quickly.

    Great Support!
    Nice extension!
    Fully Satisfied :)


    Fantastic for any site with a lot of products

    Review by Colin | Nov 26, 2013

    No more long page loads!!!! Great boost to my Magento Store Performance. A must have for any site with more than one page full of products in any category.

    Avoid long page reloads - get this thing

    Review by Colin | Nov 23, 2013

    Smooth / Fast Installation - AND - a smooth / fast customer experience. This module plus the one page checkout allows for speedy transactions and happy customers.

    Works fine, very happy

    Review by Max | Nov 22, 2013

    Works fine as described. Support solved some isuues fast and friendly.
    Thanks a lot!

    VP Of Accounts & Purchasing

    Review by James Elder | Oct 21, 2013

    I had the Ajax Cart Pro installed and it is working great. Configuring it is fairly easy and I can see where this would help save and / or retain customers. Excellent!

    Works as advertised

    Review by Gabriel | Oct 15, 2013

    I installed the extension on a custom theme, and it just works. It's as simple as that.

    Good extension and Great support

    Review by Scott | Oct 9, 2013

    Easy to install, Had some trouble with the order my website loaded some of the files. Submitted a support ticket and they went above and beyond to getting there extension to work with my template.

    Great Extension and Fantastic Support

    Review by Christos | Sep 22, 2013

    Increases the looks of your website in a nice way and reduces bandwidth usage by decreasing the amount of page loads when customers are adding products to there carts.

    Very convinient

    Review by Attila | Sep 17, 2013

    This module makes life for the customer very convenient. When on the product page, he can buy the product without having to leave the page. He can continue to read the details, or add related products to the cart. Without this module, it is very easy for the customer to "get lost", not knowing how to go back, how to find the related products again. This issue is completely gone when using this module.

    Superb Extension

    Review by Beverly | Sep 6, 2013

    I have used with Magento CE version.

    * Excellent service and support
    * Superb Extension
    * Easy installation + Configuration
    * No conflict with other modules

    Great extension, Excellent service

    Review by Chalermpong | Sep 5, 2013

    Have some problem with my themes, the aheadWorks team solve it quickly and professionally.

    This is an excellent product

    Review by C. Macmillan | Aug 29, 2013

    This is an excellent product. Although there was a clash with our template, the issue was quickly resolved by Technical support ON SUNDAY!!!!

    Nice Extension

    Review by Maria | Aug 14, 2013

    Had a couple of hiccups but my developer sorted it for me, great extension.

    Works as expected

    Review by Max | Jul 13, 2013

    This is simply a must have for your magento ecommerce site if you do not want to scare your buyers away for slow and non userfriendly checkout processes


    Review by Johan | Jun 30, 2013

    Great extension that makes the store feel a bit more modern and fluid. It is the little things that counts!

    like it

    Review by john | Jun 13, 2013

    very good


    Review by Noam | May 27, 2013

    Great extension! really makes to ordering process so much easier for the customer and improves conv. rate.

    Good Job

    Review by Denis Louvegnies | Apr 17, 2013

    Très bonne extension et super équipe technique pour les petits réglages à faire!


    One of the worlds best extension developers

    Review by Micha Paashuis | Apr 9, 2013

    This team has one of the best Magento developers. We had a small issue when we upgraded to ACP 3.0 and the next day Aheadworks team fixed it. 2 day's later we see version 3.1. That's so great. Upgrade your extensions always to the last version because Aheadworks always makes there extensions better and better.


    Review by Alexander | Mar 26, 2013

    For over 2 years we use software of Ahead Works. And it does work. Installation is easy, support is very well, and fast. Just plain: great. And sure you might have questions or problems, but their helpdesk is great. I surely can say there aint no better extention supplier for Magento that even come close to Ahead Works in quality.

    Clean extension and EASY to integrate

    Review by Daniel | Feb 22, 2013

    I liked about this extension that is not intrusive. The Javascript code is state of art.
    As a developer I installed a lot of extensions. This one made my life easier.
    The features of this extension are great to have on a store off course.
    A small improvement would be fine to have by default in this extension: besides the image in the confirmation overlay it should have the name of the product, the short description and most important the price block.

    Great extension

    Review by Nicolas | Feb 6, 2013

    For use in all e-commerce sites
    Very easy to configure.
    Great Customer Experience

    Excellent module

    Review by Sylvain | Oct 18, 2012

    Easy to use extension... Installed in minuts...
    Easy customizable... Thanks a lot !

    work fine but...

    Review by hakan oktay | Oct 11, 2012

    work fine but what aboout drop down mini cart and quantity increments like (- +)

    Awesome extension and service

    Review by Stefan | Oct 8, 2012

    This is a really great extension. I got some problems after the installation but the guys from the helpdesk found a solution for every problem in record time. So i want to say THANK YOU :-)
    I will never buy an extension elsewhere.

    great extension

    Review by Marcus | Aug 11, 2012

    This extension is perfect. Installation is easily, support is always great and quick. LIke some others already wrot before: improvement that I would like would be the possibility to show related products in the confirmation screen. Maybe you will integrate this in further releases?

    Senior Web Developer

    Review by Greg | Jul 6, 2012

    We have been using this module since our site relaunch under Magento. Our theme is incredibly complex and AheadWorks has helped us through every step of the way to get the module running and working properly. In subsequent upgrades, AheadWorks continues to be there to help us with all of our customizations.

    I can not express how pleased we are with this module and AheadWorks as a company. They stand behind their products and extend support well beyond most vendors. They consistently have products that do everything they say they will do, install easily, and they work with you in case of any issues. All in all, a great module and a great company to work with.

    Perfect Allround!

    Review by Matt | Jun 23, 2012

    Another great extension that was nice and easy to install, set-up and deploy with 30 mins! Works superbly and our customers already love no page reloads!

    Very good extension

    Review by Essam | May 16, 2012

    Perfect extension, very good for increasing your conversion rate!

    Makes shopping easier

    Review by Michal | Apr 6, 2012

    This module makes shopping for your customers easier and more inuitive.
    I would recommend for everyone.

    Web Designer

    Review by Ian | Mar 26, 2012

    Typical Aheadworks Extention, Works Great (as alsways).

    Would be nice to have the same dropdown effect that is involved in the "My Cart" action on Aheadworks own site, but hey, you can't have everything, not for this money!

    Many thanks to Aheadworks - Ian

    Nice extension and awesome support

    Review by Michi | Mar 10, 2012

    Magento overall is slow compare to our shopping cart I used before, and it was quite annoying whenever clients click on one product, the system lead them to the checkout page, and it takes time for browsing. With this extension, your clients don’t have to experience such irritation and you can sell more products.
    And as always the aheadworks support is great!
    Since I am using JPY for my base currency, when I first used this extension, I had some currency digit issue. But the support team resolved the problem in a couple of days.

    Great extension

    Review by Vivek | Mar 7, 2012

    This extension works as promised. Installation is very simple.

    Our template needed little customization for additional mini cart at the top bar. They delivered it though there was little delay.

    Great Extension

    Review by Sanjay Patel | Mar 1, 2012

    This extension is very useful and nice functionality.A++++++

    Fast and Furious

    Review by Jerome | Feb 27, 2012

    I like the following checkout.
    Things have been much better because of the plugin. Checkout was a breeze for most customers.
    Highly Recommended

    Great Product

    Review by ANDREI | Feb 27, 2012

    Great Product and any issues I have ever had, Aheadworks takes care of me.

    Very good extension and good support!

    Review by Dmitry | Feb 18, 2012

    After my unsuccessful attempt to install this extension , I asked the technical support aheadWorks.

    Employee of technical support for 7 days has helped deal with the problem and make the expansion work at our website:

    Now the extension works great.

    + The possibility of customization for your unique theme.
    + Flawless work of expansion.
    + Adequate support (pleasantly surprised that the employee was the Russian-speaking).

    - Not very prompt responses to requests support through Help Desk in my account. Although everything is relative ...

    On the whole, pleased with the work of aheadWorks and already planning to buy some more additions.

    Simple et efficace

    Review by Thierry | Feb 6, 2012

    Ce module est simple et efficace.
    Facile à installer, c'est une bonne expérience pour le client.
    Le support aheadWorks est toujours à la hauteur


    Review by Brian | Feb 3, 2012

    Very helpful for our customers. Much faster for those customers ordering more than one product because they don't always have to go to the shopping cart page until they are actually finished. AW customer support was great at helping us tweak this extension.

    Great extension - great service as usual.

    Review by Anthony | Jan 14, 2012

    An AJAX enhancement like AJAX Cart Pro is a MUST HAVE for any site who wants to look modern and professional. And of course the functionality helps the customer by reducing clicks and screen refreshes.

    And as usual AheadWorks sales and support team has been great... as usual.

    Great extension

    Review by Alexander | Dec 29, 2011

    Second time in buying this product. For good reasons!

    Excellent and seamless install. No service required, but if you need some support, AW is all good.

    Thanks AW. Again!

    Just Keeps Working

    Review by Michael | Dec 13, 2011

    We're always a little tentative when upgrading any module in our stores, but the Ajax Cart Pro didn't miss a beat. We've just upgraded this module to fix an IE issue, not only did it upgrade without a hitch, but the issues that we had with browser versions have been resolved... Great work Aheadworks! Thanks.

    Excellent service!

    Review by Alex | Dec 8, 2011

    Very nice extension! Support is great too. They did not stop until all was solved. Again: great stuff AW!

    Nice extension and better support.

    Review by Victor | Dec 7, 2011

    The extension is great. I recommend it. gives no installation problems, and is easily adaptable to any shop. I found a little bug, and they'd sorted out within 24 hours. Really the best customer service I've encountered in my years of Internet businesses.


    Review by Igor | Nov 28, 2011

    After installation, this extension had some confilicts with other extensions in our store, but AheadWorks support was great, so they were able to resolve all problems in a quick way.

    As a future enchancement, it would be good to extend this extension for other Magento actions (such as Add to compare, Add to Wishlist etc.)

    Must have

    Review by Erwin | Nov 24, 2011

    Must have for every shop owner. Easy to install. Easy to configure. Nice blinking right column after adding a product to the card. Most important, your customers will like this,

    Ideal solution, great support

    Review by Ross | Nov 10, 2011

    This extension allows my clients users to quickly add items to the cart, which results in more being added. I had a small issue with my theme but support were helpful and responsive and even though they were busy they managed to have the issue resolved within the specified timeframe. Fantastic.

    great extensions, should be magento default cart for any store

    Review by Sander | Sep 26, 2011

    Had some installation issues with the js, but that was promptly fixed by the helpdesk. Thsi module should be in any magento shop

    Amazing out of the Box

    Review by Edward | Sep 21, 2011

    This extension is amazing. Purchased it and within a few minutes had it installed and ready to go. I thought this product was going to have a conflict with my onestepcheckout and other extensions, however there were no problems and works great! Other Carts cannot compare, especially when it comes to the quality that Aheadworks provides.

    Very Professional

    Review by Jeff Sohler | Sep 19, 2011

    The installation went smooth, and the look is so much more professional with our pages not having to refresh every time someone adds a product to their cart.

    Frankly this type of behavior should be part of standard Magento by now... but thankfully we can get it here! Thanks. It makes our site look more professional, and the perform better.

    Great extension, Great service.

    Review by tim | Aug 12, 2011

    very smooth extension ... works very well . Few problems with a custom theme but support sorted it very well

    A best extenxion

    Review by Ben | Aug 10, 2011

    Recommended for any store ;)

    good one

    Review by Li | Aug 9, 2011

    The add to cart button on the Preview is good

    Good extension and support

    Review by kevin | Aug 9, 2011

    Easy to install and useful of this extension.

    Classy Extension

    Review by Scott | Jul 16, 2011

    I really like this extension.. Install was effortless..

    The simple improvement of customers not having to refresh the page once they add items to their cart makes a bit difference.. Really adds a classy touch to our site.

    The best ajax cart extension out there

    Review by Thomas Maier | Jul 5, 2011

    I tried several others for my customers but the best working and most compatible one is the Ahead ajax cart pro extension. Also the fast and helpful Aheadworks support is a very important point the go with their extensions.

    Great module - gives website more depth

    Review by Dave | Jul 3, 2011

    very impressed, it makes the site much more dynamic for the end users. Very slick performance


    Review by Lennart | Jun 27, 2011

    We have purchased multiple extensions from aheadworks and as always they are working perfectly. The Ajax Cart Pro has made the lives of our customers much easier and we see better conversions than without it. Even the smallest things makes a difference.

    Keep up the good work

    Good Customer Service

    Review by Andrew S | Jun 21, 2011

    The product works great but I'm most impressed about their customer service. I was using a theme that had three types of carts that were displayed on the page and by default, AJAX Cart Pro only updated two of them. I gave them my login information and they had it fixed within a few days. Very impressive. They could've easily made this a big deal and try to get extra money from me but they did it for free.

    Thanks so much!

    Works perfectly, well written code

    Review by Jonathan | Jun 21, 2011

    The extension works as it should and allows me to make changes to the code without hassles. Good stuff.

    Simply indespencible!

    Review by Jason | Jun 1, 2011

    After installing this my customers started saying how much easier it is to shop. And the site feels so much more snappier.

    Simple and easy

    Review by Carlos | May 27, 2011

    Help customers make purchases more easily.
    Recommended for any store

    Great Extension!

    Review by Office Slide | May 26, 2011

    This extension is great! It was easy to install and the support team quickly helped me work out a bug that was specific to IE9.

    Our average cart total has increased by 15% since installing this extension.

    Good module

    Review by Simon | Apr 13, 2011

    This module is really good. They've covered pretty much every angle, and the support to fix the very minor issues that we had was superb.

    Absolutely Perfect: Extension & Support

    Review by Guillermo | Mar 7, 2011

    Regarding AheadWorks Support (email and chat), and this extension, all I can say is: P-E-R-F-E-C-T .

    I will buy more extensions from them, and also ask for customizations for my site.


    Great support and nice extension

    Review by Marcel | Feb 23, 2011

    A very nice and good working extension.
    The support is also perfect.

    Lovely greetings



    Review by Saiful | Feb 22, 2011

    GREAT Product..

    Had some issues with the way I want the Cart to work out...

    A+++++++++++++++++++ Service..

    A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ to PAVEL

    A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ to Artem

    A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ to the Tech Team...

    Please do buy products from this people as you will know that if anything does not work out the way you want, help is just around the corner....

    GREAT PRODUCT...GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE>.........................

    Great products & SUPERB service!

    Review by Niko | Feb 3, 2011

    I ordered the Ajax cart pro for our shop. Needed a tiny bit customization due to our shop being in Danish language. They did this for us free of charge!

    Bought from AheadWorks before and we will do it again to enhance our shop with quality extensions.

    Pavel did great in communicating with me about our needs.


    So easy to install

    Review by Matthew | Jan 24, 2011

    one of the easiest paid-for extensions to install. plus it actually worked first time. Top notch extension, looks great and I've no doubt it will improve conversion on my site

    Must have extension for Magento

    Review by Tamara | Nov 24, 2010

    This is a must have extension for Magento. As with all of Aheadworks extensions, it is so easy to use and customise yourself with basic tech knowledge. Looking forward to future upgrades to this extension. Everything just works the first time. Of all the extensions I have purchased, I have not once had to contact them for support as they just work first time every time with no issues. Keep up the great work!


    Review by Yabo | Nov 11, 2010

    I bought a bunch of extensions from Aheadworks, and I saved this one for last, because honestly I was worried that something would go wrong and interrupt my customers' orders. But I installed it with no problem on the first try, and it is just amazing! It really does make a big difference in the user experience.

    Most of my products are configurable products. I was very pleasantly surprised that the Ajax pop-up box displays the configurable options. It makes ordering much easier and much more enjoyable.

    Thank you!

    Cool extension - but what about bought together?

    Review by Daniel Andersen | Oct 19, 2010

    I really like this extension and want to buy it. I like the idea that people can buy the product direct from the category and even select the sizes. However I dont like that we loose the upsale possibility of bought together module.

    If it could work together with this module I would not hesitate to buy the module.

    Worth every penny

    Review by Nuru Gel | Oct 15, 2010

    Great product, sleek easy to use, and love the customizable animated status gif when adding a product to cart!

    Extension de qualité

    Review by Webetik | Aug 18, 2010

    Très bon produit, installation facile, support en ligne sur le site accueillant et réactif, installé en 2 minutes. Je me félicite de mon achat.

    Top notch extension & support

    Review by Ben | Jul 23, 2010

    The support team were great in helping customize this extension to work on a clients site with other 3rd party extensions installed.
    The extension itself is probably my favorite on the site.

    Unbelievably comfortable

    Review by Slava | Jul 22, 2010

    No more annoying "back" clicking!


    Review by Alex | Jun 18, 2010

    Perfect extension, best-in-class support. Ahead really rocks!

    Wonderful technical support

    Review by Keith | Apr 27, 2010

    The product works exactly as advertised and provides needed functionality. My custom theme needed some support in order for it to work. The technical support team is wonderful, they worked with me to get through the problem and provided prompt and thorough feedback.


    Review by Raul | Mar 24, 2010

    Once again aheadWorks knocks it out of the park!


    Review by tom | Feb 14, 2010

    excellent extension. easy installation, looks very nice. worked first time with add to cart. Because of my theme, it didn't display at first in the cart page until i'd created a custom.js as perfectly explained in the readme file. Thanks.

    Nice extension excellent support

    Review by Kathy | Feb 9, 2010

    I got this extension for a site with slow "add to cart" functionality. It does improve the user experience and allows less page loads.

    Aheadworks were very resonsive and helpful and I could not fault them. I would definitely buy from them again

    Great support

    Review by Dennis | Feb 3, 2010

    At first the extensions did not work but Alex replied quickly to support requests and within a couple of days the extension was working superb.

    A possible suggestion/improvement might be the possibility to show related products in the confirmation screen. This could increase sales.

    Excellent extension

    Review by Stefan | Jan 29, 2010

    After installation, it didn´t work with our modified blue theme. Due to the excellent mail support it now works like a charm after just swapping two lines of code in head.phtml.

    Great Extension

    Review by Mark | Jan 8, 2010

    I had no problem installing and configuring this extension even for my custom theme. Ajax Cart adds a simple but brilliant functionality to my shopping cart. Many thanks

    Top service

    Review by Mike | Jan 8, 2010

    We had some problems with installing this module because of another extension. The people at aheadworks quickly solved everything making code changes in both extension (during the holiday season!) and now everything works like a charm!

    Nice view add

    Review by Jeroen | Dec 7, 2009

    Increases the looks of your website in a nice way!

    Just what I needed, great service

    Review by Donovan | Nov 20, 2009

    They helped me find a bug in my theme that was causing a few different issues. The extension works as advertised and was exactly what I needed. THANKS!


    Review by Tina | Nov 16, 2009

    seamless install

    Great extension

    Review by Thomas (DK) | Oct 2, 2009

    Very easy to install and set up!
    A few nice-to-have features in a future update:
    1. A configurable timer to close the pop-up - maybe with a visible count-down.
    2. Disabling the pop-up for the shopping cart when customer adds cross-sell products.

    Excellent service and support

    Review by Viacheslav | Aug 3, 2009

    After installation I had some problem to make it work with another module from the 3rd-party developer (Points and Rewards) and even it obviously was not a problem of Ajax Cart Pro, the aheadWorks team solve it quickly and professionally. Nice job. Thank you...

    Great extension, first-class service.

    Review by Gui | May 4, 2009

    The installation of this module went very well and smooth. Just followed the steps on their website and it worked.
    I did notice an issue which I reported during the weekend. It got solved on Monday, mind you they contacted me during the weekend for login info. Great extension, first-class service.
    We use a spin-off the modern theme and do not notice any problems updating the quantity on the checkout page.

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    Tanya Poleshchuk | Head of Customer Care

    Got questions? Let’s talk!

    I will be happy to tell you more about this extension!

    Contact us!

    Tanya Poleshchuk

    Magento 2
    • Marketplace Innovator
      imagine 2016-2019 partner summit awards
    • Composer packs
    • Magento Silver Technology Partner
    AJAX Cart Pro for Magento 2
    7 Reviews

    AJAX Cart Pro for Magento 2

    Streamline add-to-cart function and remove interruptions from the shopping process

    • Add-to-cart pop-up for selecting product options without going to product page
    • Short description, rating and reviews also available from the pop-up
    • Mobile friendly add-to-cart design adapts depending on a screen type
    • Works for all product types including bundle, grouped, and configurable products
    • Integration tests to check if extension functions properly within your environment
    Triple the benefits! Buy 3 modules and save up to 15%
    • [M2] AJAX Cart Pro $219
      Support period
    • [M2] Automatic Related Products $299
      Support period
    • [M2] Smart One Step Checkout $299
      Support period
    • -0%
    × Profit from the techniques implemented in Magento 2 AJAX Cart and Magento 2 One Step Checkout to arrange the easiest way to a successful purchase. Use automatic related products to increase the revenue by extra promotions on the add-to-cart step.
    45-Day Money Back
    Free Installation
    90-Day Free Support
    free lifetime updates
    Add-to-cart pop-up | makes it possible to add the product to cart without visiting the product page

    Add-to-cart pop-up

    Cross-sells | displayed in case any cross-sells have been assigned to the product


    Mobile view | is adjusted automatically and offers all the same options

    Mobile view

    Progress bar | keeps customers engaged, as opposed to nothing happening in native Magento

    Progress bar

    Continue shopping | at the exact location you left off

    Continue shopping

    Extension setup | contains just 4 options, allowing you to have it up and running in under a minute

    Extension setup

    Automatic related items | AJAX Cart Pro confirmation popup can serve as a promotional tool with the help of Automatic Related Products and Who Bought This Also Bought extensions

    Automatic related items

    Back-end demo
    Front-end demo

    How Magento 2 Ajax Add to Cart Works

    When installed, it takes only three options to set up Magento 2 AJAX cart, which could be done in under a minute. After that, the store is equipped with an add-to-cart pop-up, which allows to select all the necessary options and add products (even configurable ones!) to cart without leaving the catalogue.
    Case Studies on how to :
    Shopping experience

    John’s got a new apartment, which is all good, except the kitchen is literally empty and there is barely a fork. John makes a list, goes online, and visits the first store he finds.

    “Here is a nice set of plates” thinks John while scrolling through and clicks an “add to cart” button, which, being a native Magento button, takes him to a product page instead of simply adding items to cart. “Hell no!” thinks John, “This back and forth type of thing is going to take forever!”

    Now, the best case scenario is that he will buy the bare minimum and later get the rest of his list elsewhere. He might quit altogether. At the very least, he’ll be scarred for life by this negative experience and there is very little chance he’ll pick this store next time.

    This is the exact problem we solve with our Magento 2 Ajax Cart Pro - letting people shop with as little interruption as possible, eliminating exit points, and creative a positive shopping experience that customers came to expect these days.

    View demo

    Feature Highlights

    • Product types

      Add-to-cart pop-up may be setup to work with any existing Magento product types

    • Pop-up content options Screen

      Apart from the essentials, admin may add a short product description, product rating, and a number of product reviews to add-to-cart pop-up.

    • Related product support

      Increase your average order value by offering cross-sells after adding products to cart.

    • No page reloads

      Fast processing and smooth transition from the catalogue page to the pop-up and back

    • Select product configuration

      All product options may be selected right from the add-to-cart window

    • No need to leave the catalog Screen

      When done adding product, the customer is returned back to the same catalogue page

    • Product page support

      Display add-to-cart and confirmation popups on product page

    • Mobile adjusted Screen

      In case you have a custom theme that allows add-to-cart buttons within a mobile view, then our extension will apply a mobile friendly add-to-cart pop-up

    • Automatic Cross- and Up-sells Screen

      Related items generated automatically can be displayed inside of AJAX Cart Pro confirmation popup with the help of Automatic Related Products.

    Need additional functionality
    or futher customization of your products?

    How Magento 2 AJAX Cart Pro beats the competition?

    Optimized workflow
    Built upon most common use cases, the backend interface of our extensions echoes clearly the actual administrative workflow.
    Thorough testing
    Effective quality assurance employed, our extensions are customizable, scalable and fully Magento 2 compatible.
    Quality code
    Constantly seeking ways for improvement, we write clean code, subject to timely refactoring.
    Any questions?

    Tanya Poleshchuk | Head of Customer Care

    I’ll be happy to tell you more
    about our products!

    Let's get in touch!

    Tanya Poleshchuk
    • Reviews (7)
    • FAQ (9)
    Overall rating
    5 of 5 stars

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    Feb 25, 2019

    Nice one

    Thanks for the extension you provided, works fine and I can install it without a problem.


    Nov 1, 2018

    AJAX Cart Pro Customization

    Support was very good. They even do a little bit of customization work for us at no additional charge. They added SKU and Tiered pricing to the quick view popup for us and it made the client happy.


    Jul 12, 2018

    Very handy for my customers

    I like the way cross-sells are displayed, additional advertisement to my products :)
    I also appreciate your customer service and will continue to look at your products for future needs.

    Rod Molina

    Jan 31, 2018

    Useful and effective feature addition to Magento

    This added a much needed usability feature to our Magento store. Customers can more quickly browse and add products to the cart, without the slower back-and-forth process from the product listings to the detail pages. The extension is nicely configurable and above all, the support team is very prompt and helpful.


    Aug 16, 2017

    Everything functions as promised.

    Overall implementation is pretty nice and the extension worked fine with our custom theme with just minor css tweaks. The support was exceptional, I'll recommend Aheadworks. Thank you team!


    May 3, 2017

    Flexible and easy to use.

    There is a problem in Magento - when you add something to cart, it often does not refresh it immediately, which is weird.
    This module solves the problem just perfectly and noticeably improves a shopping experience. I definitely recommend it for every merchant, and also for developers, as the code is very good.


    Jul 20, 2016

    I like this module

    It works fast and the code is good. Also they promised to add some features I asked for, so lets see if and when they do it :)

    Which option types are supported?
    The extension supports the following option types:
    - text field
    - text area
    - dropdown
    - radio
    - checkbox
    - multiselect
    If a product has custom options of unsupported type, upon clicking on Add To Cart button a popup will not be displayed and a customer will be redirected to the product page.
    Does it support multi-store?
    Yes, it does. It is possible to configure the extension separately for different websites.
    During the purchase I have to enter our url. Does this extension only work on 1 installation? Because we have a development environment and a production environment.
    Our EULA allows using the extensions on a single production and as many dev or staging sites as you need without a need of purchasing an extra license.
    What is aheadworks policy on supporting its modules? Specifically if a security vulnerability is found will aheadworks create a patch?
    Our extensions come with included support period and we are able to provide technical assistance when the support is active.
    As for security vulnerabilities and bugs, we are trying our best to fix them free of charge regardless of the support period status.
    This extension for Magento 2 supports Saudi riyal currency and Arabic Language?
    If your currency and language is natively supported by Magento 2, the extension will also support it.
    However, to work with RTL most likely some style adjustments will be required and you will need to translate some options the same way as you did with your Magento.
    Does the extension support full page caching?
    Since full page cache is a native Magento 2 feature, all our extensions for this platform support it.
    I run Magento 1.X. Will my currently installed extensions from aheadWorks work in Magento 2?
    Due to a significant difference between Magento 1 and Magento 2 branches, the extensions for M1 will not work in M2.
    However, the owners of the extensions by Aheadworks for Magento 1 can get 25% discount on purchase the same extensions by AW for M2
    Which URL do I specify on checkout if I've got only a development store at the moment?
    You need to enter a final address of the site when it will go live.

    If the domain name is still under consideration at the moment of purchase, you can enter an address of your dev environment. In this case, don't forget to contact us when the final domain name has been registered: our support team will change it by your request.
    I run Magento 2 on AWS with ELB (Elastic Load Balancers) do I need a license per EC2 instance? They are all behind the same domain.
    Such setup is considered to be a single Magento environment, so you need only one license.

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