[M2] Subscription & Recurring Payments


Turn one-time purchases into subscriptions.

[M2] Subscription & Recurring Payments Changelog


Released 17.04.2019
* Fixed issue with PayPal payment method (Magento CE v.2.3.1)


Released 02.04.2019
* Fixes for Magento Marketplace


Released 29.03.2019
* Vulnerability: A customer can change a subscription data of another customer


Released 04.03.2019
+ Magento 2.3 compatibility

* Starting with this release, the module will work on Magento 2.3+ versions


Released 04.03.2019
* Subscription plan information isn't shown in Subscription Cart
* Incorrect status of subscription order
* Subscription Start date is wrong on Paypal
* Subscriptions Orders aren't created via Authorize.Net payment
* Authorize.Net payment adjustments
* Improved support of database with prefix


Released 15.06.2018
+Taxes applied to Initial Fees
*Stripe payment issue fixed
*Adyen payment issue fixed
*Fixed problem when confirmation latter is not sent
*Fixed issue on the checkout page when the USPS delivery method is enabled
*Fixed problem when FedEx shipping is not displayed on checkout
*Fixed problem with mass actions not working on subscriptions plans grid


Released 03.11.2017
*Stability and speed improvements


Released 23.10.2017
+ Adyen payment method support
+ Subscription status logging
* Split database support for Magento Enterprise
* Blank cart page if 45 Days Plan available
* Subscription suspension upon failed payment
* Guest checkout option for subscriptions


Released 05.04.2017
+ Stripe support
+ Stripe related engine restrictions
* Subscription plan backend: Rename "Status" to "Enabled"


Released 21.03.2017
+ Authorize.net support
* Improvements in payment engine specific data source management logic
* Can't activate suspended subscription


Initial release 31.01.2017

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