[M2] Shop By Brand


Make product navigation simple by highlighting brands in the catalog.
[M2] Shop By Brand
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Support period:
Regardless of your active support period terms, we ensure lifetime updates for all our products.
The product support covers the following:
  1. 1. right to install the product on a single Magento instance at any time;
  2. 2. free technical support during the period.

Get 180/360 days of support at special price

Get 360 days of support at special price

Additional services:

Additional services:


[M2] Shop By Brand Changelog


Released 13.05.2020
* Brand page is not displayed correctly when selecting a brand in catalog / product
* Error occurs when editing brand with multiple store views
* Error appears when brand is clicked on store with Elasticsearch6
* Deprecated functions + missing try/catch blocks
* Сategory suffix on brand page is not added
* "Show/Hide Editor" button doesn't work correctly on store with multiple views
* Fixed issue when invalid URL doesn't redirect to 404 page
* Removed redundant swatches.css file
* Brand page is broken when configurable parent and child are assigned to Webs2


Released 12.09.2019
* Fixed issues with Google ads and other search-related features
* Magento EQP tests fixes
* Fixed compilation issue (Magento v2.2.9)
* Fixed issue with Elastic Search 6


Released 09.04.2019
+ Split database support
+ Data migration tool from M1 to M2
+ Option to display brand URL according to backend brand settings
+ Page Builder support
* Fixed issue with Elasticsearch
* Fixes issue when widget with brands are shown incorrectly
* Error appears when using "/" as a suffix for categories


Released 15.02.2019
+ Magento 2.3 compatibility
* Fixed issue with Elastic Search


Released 14.02.2018
+Brand page products management


Released 15.01.2018
*Fixes for Magento Marketplace
*Wrong brand info on bundle product page for Magento 2.1.X
*Compatibility with [M2] Layered Navigation 1.7.0 for Magento 2.1.X


Released 09.11.2017
+Magento 2.2 compatibility
+Unit tests coverage
*Fixed issue with wrong brand info displayed on bundle product page
*Fixed issue with image uploading in Description section
*"More from this Brand" block is empty in Chrome browser


Released 01.08.2017
* Elasticsearch compatibility
* Unexpected black background under the brand logo


Released 25.04.2017
* Compatibility with [M2] Layered Navigation 1.5.0


Released 27.03.2017
* Stability and speed improvements


* Initial release

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