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Encourage customers to invite their friends to your store and reward them for referrals
Refer a Friend
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Refer a Friend Changelog


+ Customer tax calculation before/after RaF discount
* RAF block is absent in shopping cart if Bundle product is in the cart
* Add strings to CSV file
* Negative grandtotal
* Redundant images in the extension CSS
* Wrong link in the pager insige "Referred Friends" grid
* Unable to apply entire discount for bundle products with fixed price
* Potential vulnerability in the code
* Fatal Error after registration via Broadcast Link
* Link "Back" is absent on customer area


* Mobile: Invited persons block is not displayed at iPhone Theme
* Design for iPhone theme
* MOBILE: "Invite a Friend and Get Discount" button doesn't work


* SUPEE-6788 compatibility issue


* Incorrect work of the "Store sign up" rule type
* Grand Total was calculated incorrectly in Credit Memo
* Customer emails were duplicated in the Referred Friends tab
* Problem with the eCommerce Gamification Suite integration
* Bonuses for registration were applied incorrectly at multiple websites
* Inability to apply a discount for bundle products with dynamic price
* Broadcast link wasn’t displayed properly


* Error in Sys.log after "free product" rule triggered
* Target was ignored for "Store sign up" rule
* Hint messages were not left-aligned in popup
* Bonuses were not charged to referrer


+ Recognize referrals by e-mail addresses
* Inability to apply discount if the subtotal was less than discount amount
* Problem with the “Store sign up” rule on Magento CE 1.9.1, Magento EE 1.14.1
* Problem with currency rates conversion


* Discount amount was included into store credit after refund
* Incompatibility with iPhone Theme by aheadWorks


* Incorrect look of the Referred Friends tab
* Problem with the Add Transaction button when the Customers section was updated by AJAX
* Incorrect action links in the Customers section


+ Compatibility with Magento CE 1.8.1
+ Improved guests support
* Incompatibility with Subscriptions and Recurring Payments v.2.x by aheadWorks
* Inability to delete referred friends from the backend
* Incorrect behavior if referred friends registered at checkout
* “Apply discount for referred friends” block was visible for guests
* Discount was not applied to taxes
* Discounts were not displayed in confirmation emails
* Incompatibility with non-default currency
* Problem with bonuses for registration
* No redirection to index page if "Redirect to" was empty


+ Stability and speed improvements


+ Stability and speed improvements


+ "Manage Rules" grid improvements
+ "Save remainder for later usage" option
+ Ability to limit rule triggering for a single referral


+ Stability and speed improvements


+ Stability and speed improvements


+ Stability and speed improvements


+ Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) locale support added
* "Fatal error: Maximum function nesting level of '100' reached, aborting!"
* After certain actions actual balance was displayed incorrectly
* Decimal values rounding was incorrect
* Certain actions led to impossibility to apply discount
* Some currencies formatting was incorrect
* Locale csv file update
* Impossibility to apply discount after switching to another currency


* Migration script from Refer a Friend 1.x was added


* Minor bugfixes


+ 3 different rule types: for referral's signups, their number of purchased items and their purchase amount
+ 2 types of bonuses: fixed and percent discounts
+ Possibility to use both fixed and percent disconts at a time
+ Customer can specify an amount of fixed discount which they want to be applied on Cart
+ Possibility to add and subtract bonuses from backend
+ A possibility to set a lifetime percent discount
+ The options to limit bonuses amount which can be applied on checkout
+ An option to set minimum discount, which can be redeemed by customer
+ A possibility to give bonus to referral
+ Broadcast link
+ A possibility to insert 'Invite a friend' button into CMS manually
+ 'Share on social networks' widget
+ Separate information pages for fixed and percent discount
+ Statistics page
+ Rules can be set per store view
+ Multishipping support


* Fix for magento connect verification

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