Price Match


Customers may report lower prices on your products
Price Match
  • Community Edition
  • Enterprise Edition

Support period:
Regardless of your active support period terms, we ensure lifetime updates for all our products.
The product support covers the following:
  1. 1. right to install the product on a single Magento instance at any time;
  2. 2. free technical support during the period.

Get 180/360 days of support at special price

Get 360 days of support at special price

Additional services:

Additional services:

  • Priority Support
  • Installation
  • Personal Account Manager

Price Match Changelog


* SUPEE-6788 compatibility issue


* Incorrect discount status if a coupon was used
* Incorrect position of the “Show” button in the customer account area
* Expired coupon codes could be used several times
* Problem with the “Translate Inline” tool


* Minor bugfixes


+ Data verification in the "Competitor's price" field
* Incorrect position of the "Price Match" button on the product page
* Discount requests were not submitted automatically in specific stores


+ Email template improvement
+ Only the first Price Match request is approved automatically
* Incorrect price calculation for grouped products
* Incorrect work of the Apply discount coupons automatically function
* The Price Match form was displayed incorrectly on a separate page
* Several users could see the discounted price
* The popup window looked incorrectly
* Discount wasn’t applied to the second and next requests
* Catalog price didn't include Price Match discount (for bundle and grouped products)
* Minor bugfixes


+ Approve requests automatically
+ "I'd like to pay for it" option
+ "Customer Groups" column on the Price Match Requests page


* Incompatible with php versions less than 5.3.0
* Coupone code still active when status changed from approved to rejected
* Unexpected html in form template


* Minor bugfixes


+ Stability and speed improvements


+ Enable/Disable the use of multiple coupons per shopping cart
+ Enable/Disable Auto Apply Coupons


+ Tab “Price Match Request” in "My Account"
+ The field “I'd like to pay for it:” in "Price Match" form on frontend
+ The field “Phone Number” in “Price Match” form on frontend is auto-filled for registered customers
+ Column "Status" removed from a grid on "Pending Requests" page
+ New features for admin in request editing page:
a) Field "Discount amount"
b) “Approved” & “Rejected” e-mail templates for customer
c) Smart calculation of discount in absolute & percentage values
d) Button "Save & send e-mail"
e) Field "Customer's price"
f) Field "Discount active to"
g) Field "Discount usage"
+ Price Match functionality for guest customers
+ Direct link to product page in the confirmation email that are sent out to customers
+ AW Facebook Link extension integration
+ An option to insert a Price Match request button automatically or manually

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