[M2] Popup Pro


Spin up promo campaigns with highly-targeted tailor-made popups.
[M2] Popup Pro
  • Community Edition
  • Enterprise Edition

Support period:
Regardless of your active support period terms, we ensure lifetime updates for all our products.
The product support covers the following:
  1. 1. right to install the product on a single Magento instance at any time;
  2. 2. free technical support during the period.

Get 360 days of support at special price

Services Included:

  • Installation
  • 90 days of support period

Services Included:

  • Installation
  • 360 days of support period
  • Priority Support
  • Personal Account Manager

[M2] Popup Pro Changelog


Released 16.06.2020
* Magento 2.3.5 compatibility fixes
* Fixed issue with sending the cookies


Released 22.11.2019
+ Integration with Aheadworks Customer Segmentation
* Error appears after compilation


Released 22.11.2019
* Fixed issue with preview button on "Edit Popup" page


Released 24.10.2019
* Fixed issue with grids opening in Admin (Magento v.2.3.2)
* Popup position is incorrect on mobile devices
* Fixed issue with popup page opening in Admin (Magento v.2.2.4)
* Popup doesn't respect the option "Hide popup for mobile devices"
* The position of a created popup is always "Middle left"
* Fixed issue with nested conditions


Released 28.01.2019
* Magento 2.3 compatibility


Released 03.04.2018
*Recently viewed widget does not appear in the popup
*Popup breaks checkout data for guests
*Error appears when collecting translations


Released 14.11.2017
*Compliance with Magento Marketplace requirements (no fixes or new features has been introduced)


Released 04.09.2017
+ Disable popup on mobile devices
* Manage Popups grid doesn't open in Magento 2.2


* Unexpected error message when subscribed to newsletter
* Compatibility with RBSlider: Slider is not shown in Popup
* Page load speed is affected due to cache invalidation


Released 26.01.2017
* Compillation issues
* Installation issues


Released 14.10.2016
* Magento 2.1 composer.json compatibility


Released 04.08.2016
* "Add To Cart" button in popup redirects incorrectly
* Popup does not appear on product page if conditions with "Price" attribute are set
* Filters don't work at Admin
* "Save As New" button doesn't work on Popup page
* Catalog and Product conditions aren't taken into account when popupis set at all pages
* Error occurs after applying mass actions


Released 26.07.2016
* Added support for php v7 in composer
* Popup cannot be edited if single-store mode is enabled


Released 20.07.2016
* readme link


Initial release 27.06.2016

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