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Points & Rewards
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Points & Rewards Changelog


Released 04.09.2017
+ Grid with customers' points balances
+ Data EXPORT tool for M1 points
* Referral system doesn't work if base currency doesn't match with website currency
* Frontend text can't be translated via CSV file
* Incorrect points amount in the order invoice
* Impossible to place an order with discount code and points applied


* Magento Marketplace compatibility issue


* Expired points cancellation on the order refund issue
* Store Credit and Refund compatibility
* Zero Subtotal Checkout payment method is not available if grand total has cents
* Incorrect quantity of refunded items in transactions
* Text-area broadcast-link
* Incorrect total calculation with coupon code applied
* Incorrect tax calculation with taxable shipping method
* Issue with closing refunded order


+ iPhone Theme 3.x compatibility


* SUPEE-6788 compatibility issue


* 'Checkout now and earn X Reward point(s)' message wasn’t shown if reward rules functionality was disabled
* Reward Credits message displayed inconsistent points value on the Shopping Cart page


+ Compatibility with the Gift Card/Certificate extension by aheadWorks
+ Compatibility with the Catalog Permissions extension by aheadWorks


* Taxes were calculated incorrectly on the checkout page if points were applied


+ Magento Enterprise Edition compatibility


* Incorrect work with Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution
* Incorrect position of the points block on checkout page


+ Set up expiration date for points in manual transactions
+ Edit points expiration date per each transaction
* Inability to make a refund if a product was bought via points only
* Inability to add a transaction if "Reward points expire after, days" field was empty
* Errors were shown in System.log after points adding


+ Compatibility with Store Credit and Refund by aheadWorks


* Incorrect quantity of points on product pages when earning was calculated after tax
* Incorrect URL in the notification about balance update
* Wrong comment in reward points history
* Inability to send custom confirmation email


+ Integration with Product Questions v.2.0 by aheadWorks
* Problem with message translation
* Incompatibility with Subscriptions and Recurring Payments by aheadWorks
* Minor bugfixes


+ Limit number of words per review
* Comment for balance update wasn’t displayed properly in emails
* Problem with points for registration
* Minor bugfixes


* Minor bugfixes


+ Points that can be earned for a purchase are displayed on product pages


+ Option to spend the points before or after tax
* Incorrect amount of points in expiration notification email
* Problem with invitation sending
* Problem with order placing from backend


+ pt_BR (Brazilian Portuguese) locale file added
* Incorrect points calculation in invoice (WEEE tax was not taken into account)
* Error on attempt to place order via Authorize.Net on Magento 1.4


* Problem with PayPal Website Payments Standard
* Incorrect points quantity on checkout page
* Spelling error in backend


+ Automatic Points balance update after order refunding
+ MSS Integration
+ Backend option for calculating the earned points amounts "Before Tax" or "After Tax"
+ Current Points Balance widget
+ Points can be added on Customer's Birthday event
+ Backend interface improvements
* Incorrect Points Expiration calculations on multi-store
* Incorrect points conversion rates were applied if a customer was created from the backend
* Issues with applying customer's points for backend orders
* "Apply earn rate if rule matched" option didn't work correctly
* Translation file is updated


+ Ability to add points when editing order from backend
+ Ability to use points simultaneously with Magento coupons
* Problem with notifications


+ "Apply earn rate if rule matched" option
* Problems with "Amount available for paying at checkout by points, %"
* User could save coupon with wrong start date
* Some translation issues
* Minor bugfix


+ Video Testimonials integration
+ "Amount available for paying at checkout by points, %" field added
* Coupons ACL issue


+ Invitation link for social networks and forums
+ “Points” column added to the Rule grid
+ Points expiration notifications are updated
* Minor bugfixes


+ Ability to convert P&R coupon codes to points
* Incorrect points round up at checkout
* Float values in points amount at checkout

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