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Reduces the number of checkout steps from 6 to 1
One Step Checkout
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Add-on features:

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One Step Checkout Changelog


Released 16.06.2017
* Delivery date is shown for recurring orders on OSC page
* DDaN block is not hidden on OSC page even if DDaN module is disabled


Released 24.04.2017
* XSS Vulnerability


* Magento Marketplace compatibility issue


* Checkout page deleting product issue
* Gift Card 2.0 compatibility
* Braintree_Payments 2.0.0 issue
* Checkout page design adjustments
* Reloading "Shipping method" block issue


* Compatibility with Enterprise_GiftWrapping Magento EE
* "Place order" button mouse hover issue


* Mobile: module should be disable for iPhone Theme


+ Integration with eWAY Rapid Payments


+ Compatibility with BrainTree Payments 1.x


+ Integration with the UPS/USPS Address Validation extension


* Incorrect position of the Terms and Conditions title
* Problem with checkout if shipping/payment validation message had an apostrophe


* Incompatibility with ACP when a product is removed from the cart on the OSC page
* Shipping address is displayed for virtual/downloadable products in checkout page
* Extension is displayed incorrectly on IE9, Mozilla Firefox 19.0
* Responsive design small bugs


+ Responsive design
+ Integration with Gift Card/Certificate by aheadWorks
* The position of the "Place Order" button was changed after adding a multiline comment into the Delivery Date field
* Incorrect position of the "Cancel Coupon" button on the RWD theme
* Inability to place an order when 3D Secure was enabled


* Incorrect design of the checkout page in IE 9
* No notice about incorrect data in the "Delivery Date" field
* Incorrect position of the "Delivery Date" field
* The “Delivery Date” field was shown for virtual/downloadable products
* Problem with newsletter subscription segments
* Incorrect position of the “Related Products” block


* Problem with shipping method displaying
* Incorrect behaviour when the TAB key was pressed


* Incompatibility with IE8 on Windows XP


+ Gift Card support in Magento EE


+ Compatibility with Magento EE Store Credit
* Incorrect work of Authorize.Net Direct Post
* Incorrect behaviour of the Related products block on Magento EE 1.13
* Coupon code wasn’t applied if Points and Rewards by aheadWorks was installed
* Incorrect work of products removing after any AJAX updates
* Gift Options in Magento EE were not fully supported


+ Compatibility with Refer a Friend v.2.1.0+
+ Improved support of DPM
+ Compatibility with Magento Catalog MAP
+ Compatibility with Netresearch_OSC (Ogone Payment Module)
+ Support of SagePay Suite improvement
* Problem with newsletter subscription option for guests


+ Stability and speed improvements


+ Stability and speed improvements


* Incorrect position of the “Place Order” button on the RWD theme
* Minor bugfix


* Size of "Comments" field changed when cursor was hovered over "Place Order" button
* OSC and Directpost integration wasn’t PCI Compliant
* When coupon code was applied, the shipping section wasn’t updated
* Credit card number wasn't shown in the backend


* Order totals recalculation after payment information submitting


+ Sage Pay payment method is supported


+ Compatibility with Webshopapps_Matrixrate
+ Compatibility with Magento EE Customer Attributes and Customer Address Attributes
+ Gift Options support


+ Stability and speed improvements


+ Region ID field saves it's previous value
+ Option to set default payment method
+ Option to set default shipping method
+ 'Remove Item' button in Order Review block
* Compatibility issue with One Click Checkout
* Empty label for Google Checkout payment method in backend (Magento 1.4.X)


* Impossible to place order if credit card (CC,, etc.) was used


+ Optional 'Apply Coupon' button
+ 'Edit Your Cart' link has been removed
* Problem with update in specific countries
* Problem with Refer a Friend discount usage
* Compatibility with Subscriptions And Recurring Payments 2.0
* Problem with Points & Rewards when Paypal is chosen as payment method
* Compatibility with iPhone Theme has been improved
* When Mage_Newsletter is disabled, the extension was still showing Newsletter subscription box
* When certain fileds were disabled, it was not possible to place an order
* Minor design problem when certain fields have been disabled
* Problem with blocks update when first shipping method has been selected again


* Minor bugfixes


Initial release

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