[M2] Smart One Step Checkout


Allow customers to checkout in one step, automate all their actions, analyze the checkout performance, improve and increase conversions.
[M2] Smart One Step Checkout
  • Community Edition
  • Enterprise Edition

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Services Included:

  • Installation
  • 360 days of support period
  • Priority Support
  • Personal Account Manager

[M2] Smart One Step Checkout Changelog


Released 08.08.2018
+Integration with Amazon Pay
+ Custom CSS file for themes that do not support LESS
* Font path improvement in LESS file
* Fixed issue when labels don't move upon entering text in fields (Safari v.11)
* Fixed deploy problem


Released 28.02.2018
*Fixed issue with VAT validation on checkout
*Can't change Billing address when using PayPal Express
*Unable to place order using Paypal Payflow Pro Payment
*'Address Line' string can't be translated via csv
*Shipping cost update issue
*Issue with initialization of the required "State" field
*Shipping methods become disabled when changing shipping addresses
*Loader doesn't disappear if payment with Braintree gets failed
*Paypal Hosted Pro compatibility issues
*Pressing of 'Tab' in the qty box deletes its value
*Shipping method doesn't appear on Checkout page without page refreshing
*Delivery date and customer notes aren't shown on order page


Released 22.11.2017
+Integration with Google Autocomplete for Addresses and Places
+Aheadworks Store Credit and Refund integration
+Aheadworks Gift Card integration
+Aheadworks Reward Points integration
+Integration with the Magento Commerce store credit functionality
+Integration with the Magento Commerce reward points functionality
+Integration with the Magento Commerce gift card functionality
+Added Gift Wrap and Printed Card options in checkout totals
+GeoIP country detection
+Product images displaying according to native Magento settings
*Adyen payment method support
*Fixed issue with tax in product details section
*Error in developer console after CSS/JS merging


Released 23.10.2017
* "From - To" fields should be required for Abandoned statistics Calendar
* Saving configuration issue
* Js adjustments on "Abandoned Checkout Statistics" report page
* Design issue with Ebizmarts Sage Pay Direct payment method
* Unit tests update


Released 10.10.2017
* Сompilation issues
* Static tests adjustments
* Issue with OneStepCheckout and Ebizmarts SagePaySuite
* Braintree payment method design issues
* Magento 2.2: OSC page opening issue
* Shipping isn't updated after changing country/post code
* Stability and speed improvements
* PayPal Billing Agreement Setting is set to "No" issue


Released 17.08.2017
* Field placeholder is not moved to top when field is completed
* "Order review" block width adjustment for mobile view
* Extension affects design settings
* Abandoned Checkout Statistics week calculation adjustments


Released 07.08.2017
* Delivery date and time fields cosmetic adjustments
* Shipping price isn't updated in "Order Review" block
* Order note is missing if Order is created via Paypal
* Right-hand sidebar adjustments
* Delivery date field checkout page validation
* Saving more than 3 Trust Seals error message adjustment
* Special symbols in Order Review block support


Released 28.07.2017
* Unable to place order if there are not shipping methods


Released 28.07.2017
Initial release

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