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Layered Navigation
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Layered Navigation Changelog


Released 26.05.2017
+ An option to have a category tree expanded/collapsed by default
* Add strings to CSV-file
* Back browser button gets "no results" on search pages


+ Stock filter
+ Sort order option is now available for specific store view.
+ Option that specifies "Default State" of the filter (Expanded / Collapsed)
+ New extra layer attributes: review rating, availability, "on sale" and more
* After returning by "Back" button filter don't work first time


Released 20.02.2017
* After applying sorting by AJAX and reloads page content crashes
* Incompatiblity with AW_Catalogpermissions on serach result pages.
* Incorrect products number is shown at page after sorting by Price
* Sorting products by position on the AW Shop By Brand brand page doesn't work
* iPhone Theme compatibility: Filters are displayed on category pages
* Unexpected "success" message after manual reindex
* 'Back' browser button changes URL but does not refresh the page content


* Incorrect pagination on the search page when SOLR search is enabled (EE)


* Module incompatible with magento


+ Observer speed improvement
* Category position synchronization issue
* RWD slider
* Template adjustments
* XML adjustments
* Stability and speed improvements
* Configurable swatches image switcher issue


* SUPEE-6788 compatibility issue


+ Speed improvement
* Incorrect filter results if a product had several options
* Problem with out-of-stock products displaying after filtering
* Filters with decimal and integer type didn’t work properly if the Solr search engine was enabled
* Checkbox filters worked incorrectly


+ Integration with Shop By Brand by aheadWorks
* Products weren’t shown in the frontend if the module was disabled in the Disable Modules Output tab
* Problem with the drag-and-drop option if a filter had more than two options


+ Solr search engine support (Magento EE)


* “Price” filter didn’t disappear after clicking "Clear All"
* Problem with the AJAX Cart Pro compatibility on the RWD theme
* Price slider didn’t work on iPad
* Attribute was shown in layered navigation even if it was removed from required attribute set
* Incorrect layout if category URL key was "products"


* Problem when two and more attributes were selected


* Incorrect filtering by "Country of Manufacture" attribute
* Only one help popup was shown
* Error after applying two filters with decimal or price type


+ Compatibility with Magento CE 1.9
+ Compatibility with Magento EE 1.14
* Problem with reindexing in stores with a huge amount of products/attribute
* Minor bugfixes


* Problem when multiple attributes were selected
* Problem with order cancelling
* Incorrect filter work when more than 1 word was searched
* Price filter wasn't displayed in the frontend in PHP 5.2.* versions
* Problem with filtering products by category
* Incorrect work of “Yes/No” attribute type
* Incompatibility with configurable products


* Problem when tax was included into price


+ " Is Enabled in Search Results" option
+ Hide attributes for specific categories
+ Decimal/integer attribute support
+ "Yes/No" attribute support
+ Help notice per attribute
+ Specify column layout per filter
+ Advanced Search by aheadWorks integration
+ Show category filter as a tree
* Incorrect price range when tax is included into price
* Disabled categories were shown in navigation
* Incorrect multiple wishlist displaying in Magento EE


+ Stability and speed improvements


Initial release

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