[M2] Layered Navigation


An enhancement that brings native layered navigation functionality up to industry standard
[M2] Layered Navigation
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Add-on features:

Services Included:

  • Installation
  • 360 days of support period
  • Priority Support
  • Personal Account Manager

[M2] Layered Navigation Changelog


+ SEO Friendly
+ An option to see a list of all selected filters in one place
* Problem with Non-Anchored categories
* "Show X Items" pop-over isn't configured per store view
* Automatic scroll up on pagination
* Compatibility with SBB by AW: "Show X Items" pop-over shows incorrect items qty at brand page
* Incorrect SQL when Flat Product index is enabled
* LN is not respecting the core option for not showing products counts after the label
* Incorrect SQL when sorting by Product Name applied
* Incorrect display currency symbol for Swedish locale


Released 20.02.2017
* An ability to see product counts for each layered navigation filter
* Compatibility with AW Shop By Brand


Released 22.12.2016
* Sometimes products are filtered incorrectly when "Enable Ajax" option is enabled
* Categories without products are not displayed in LN
* Can not select multiple price ranges


Released 12.12.2016
+ Price Slider + From-To inputs
* Fix broken static tests
* Price filter is gone when price step option is configured for category


Released 14.10.2016
* Magento 2.1 composer.json compatibility


Released 05.10.2016
+ An option to disable "Show X Items" pop-over


Released 02.09.2016
+ Full AJAX support - no page reloads upon displaying search results
+ Code refactored: optimized code, shorter expressions, outdated approaches removed, full compliance with Magento 2 requirements, extension covered with unit tests, AJAX productivity increased over 5 times
+ Styles rewritten using LESS: navigation block and popover colors may now be adjusted
* Long calculation time
* "404 Not Found" error in console
* Fatal error on Magento 2.1.0


Released 04.08.2016
* Error running DI compile
* Layered navigation is not shown at Storefront Magento EE


Released 11.04.2016
* https protocol issue


Initial release 01.03.2016

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