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Magento ticket management module with case tracking, statistics, and resolution systems
Help Desk Ultimate
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Get 360 days of support at special price

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Add-on features:

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  • Personal Account Manager

Help Desk Ultimate Changelog


*Security issue with attachments


Released 06.09.2017
* possible high security ramifications
* Incorrect email address in "New" ticket form
* Mb > MB (Megabit to MegaByte)
* Ticket assignment issue
* 404 error page displays if page opened via Workload Report
* Wrong search results in tickets grid
* Tickets filtered by date throws exception
* Scroll content in tickets
* Update aw_lib for module
* Strict Notice: Only variables should be passed by reference
* Disabled departments/agents are visible in the tickets grid dropdown
* HDU "Ticket created" notification for customer contains attached files, when customer send email with attachment directly to department mailbox
* The quantity of notes in 'Notes' tab is not updated


* Attachment with the same name cannot be parsed
* HDU stops parsing emails if header contains incorrect character


* No subject email parsing issue


* Design for iPhone theme
* MOBILE: unable to create ticket from customer area


* SUPEE-6788 compatibility issue


* Subject quotes were not parsed if a ticket was submitted via the contact form
* Link "Back" was absent in the Help Desk tab of the customer account area
* “Customer Note” nl2br / htmlescape issue
* Incorrect directives behavior with WYSIWYG


+ Tickets grid performance improvement
* Security issue: XSS vulnerability


+ Ability to disable native contact form emails


* Guest's name was displayed incorrectly
* Incorrect information about new and open tickets in the Agents section of the Workload report
* Special characters in email subject weren’t converted into a ticket title


* Inability to change email address of a primary user
* Inability to unlock locked tickets
* Name and email weren’t auto-populated when ticket was created from a guest order
* Administrator’s replies to email notifications were recognized as customer’s replies
* Problem with "Send carbon copy to" parameter when several email addresses were specified


+ Tickets rating
+ On-the-fly ticket management from the grid page in the popup window
+ The Help Desk Tickets tab on the Order View and Customer Information pages
+ Detailed Ticket Grid with order number, store view, rating and other customizable columns


+ Ability to delete tickets from the backend


* Inconsistency of the date/time in 'Last Message' column
* Problem with tickets assignation when special characters were used in emails
* Names of attached files were cut incorrectly
* Incorrect links to the product questions page in ticket thread
* Ticket title was displayed incorrectly on the ticket page in the backend


* A quick response wasn’t inserted into a ticket when WYSIWYG was disabled
* Tickets were created when product questions were liked or disliked
* Customer’s address wasn’t shown in the Customer Summary tab if it wasn’t selected as a default billing address"


+ Create tickets from the order page
+ View tickets assigned to specific customer
+ Bot-protected web-forms
+ Configurable tickets grid view
+ Fill in the Status/Priority fields to add a ticket from the backend
+ Insert a quick response into a ticket created by admin
+ Search tickets by customer email
+ Tickets grid is opened with preselected “New and Open” filter
+ Tickets sorting: last modified tickets are shown first
+ Ticket subject in the "Last Customer Tickets" block
+ Export agents/workload statistics into CSV/Excel XML
+ Mass action in the Rejected Emails grid
+ Admin notes counter in tickets
+ Attach files of any extension
* Disabled statuses were shown in statistics
* Problem with tickets filtering
* Customer couldn’t reply to the ticket when Admin answered from the department where gateway wasn’t specified
* No redirection to the tickets grid after replying to any ticket
* Problem with data in Agent Time Statistics report
* All backend users were shown in reports
* Tickets pagination didn’t work in customer account area
* Problem with customer name in the Tickets grid
* Amin permissions were not taken into account in Department Settings
* The “Last Customer Tickets” block was broken after a message with html code
* Problem with The Last Customer Orders section
* Previously submitted tickets were not visible when a customer changed the email address of his account
* Newly created ticket couldn’t be opened in the backend when a Customer sent a message without a subject
* Inability to create custom email templates


* Minor bugfixes


+ Full redesign and improved business logic
+ Tickets assignation to agents
+ Ticket escalation
+ Tickets search for administrator
+ Statistics (workload, agents, ticket status)
+ Customizable ticket status/priority
+ Product Questions v.2X integration
+ Multiple file attachments support
+ Show customer’s orders in a ticket
+ Display last customer tickets
+ Leave notes regarding a ticket/customer visible for admins
+ Set up email gateway per each department
+ Hide system messages in ticket thread
+ Quick response per each store view

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