Group Deals


Organize collective buying by offering products at significantly lower prices
Group Deals
  • Community Edition
  • Enterprise Edition

Support period:
Regardless of your active support period terms, we ensure lifetime updates for all our products.
The product support covers the following:
  1. 1. right to install the product on a single Magento instance at any time;
  2. 2. free technical support during the period.

Get 180/360 days of support at special price

Get 360 days of support at special price

Additional services:

Additional services:

  • Priority Support
  • Installation
  • Personal Account Manager

Group Deals Changelog


* Fix for magento connect verification


* SUPEE-6788 compatibility issue
* Inability to invoice the last order of the deal
* Incorrect design of the "Deals" page when no deals were available
* Inability to view a deal from My Account
* Active deals were not displayed in the frontend on Magento EE
* Error occurred on an attempt to close a deal as failed
* Incompatibility with the RWD theme
* Blank page after a deal was closed as failed


* Minor bugfixes


+ Stability and speed improvements


+ Stability and speed improvements


* Minor bugfixes


+ Magento PE compatibility
+ Social buttons in CMS block
* Mass deleting in grid issue
* Minor bugfix


+ Order Tags compatibility
+ URL field for deal
* Extension breaks https (Facebook Share button is replaced with Like button)
* Incorrect collection filter for upcoming deals
* Fatal error in admin panel if related to deal product is deleted
* Disabling extension in System > Configuration > Advanced breaks shopping cart
* No confirmation dialog on deleting deal from mass action section
* Magento Enterprise - incorrect CSS in customer account

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