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Follow up your customers with fully automated emails. Insert coupons, purchased products, pictures, restore cart links.
Follow Up Email
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Follow Up Email Changelog


Released 09.07.2018
*Fixes for Magento Marketplace


Released 28.02.2017
+ possibility to capture email address when guest subscribes a newsletter
* JavaScript error in the Admin Panel
* Coupon expiration dates don't match
* Variable "payment_html" in email is empty.
* "Unsubscribed_customers" column is cleared after re-saving a rule
* "Sales amount" field should be disabled for "Doesn't matter" value


* Fixed vulnerability issue


* Fix SQL injection vulnerability


* "Coupon expires after, days" must be a required field
* Multiple rules triggered at the same time
* Coupon expiration dates don't match
* FUE extension doesn't show Advanced Newsletter templates
* Second coupon could not be applied
* Backend is lowed down when running FUE
* Missed content type from request for image


* SUPEE-6788 compatibility issue


* Problem with “Customer submitted a review” cancellation event
* Minor bugfixes


* Error while sending emails if payment method was deleted
* The goto URL parameter of the url_resume variable didn’t work in multistore environment


* Minor bugfixes


+ Option to unsubscribe from all follow up emails
+ "Customer submitted a review" event and cancellation event
+ 3 sample rules available after first-time installation
+ Responsive email directives (EE 1.14.1 & CE 1.9.1) support
* Redirect to grouped product page if customer clicks on the child product link from email notification
* Product images in order-related FUE emails
* Problem with "Customer sumbitted a review" cancellation event
* Minor bug fixes


+ “Customer placed a new order” cancellation event for “Order obtained X status”
* Notifications about abandoned carts were generated only once per each customer
* Abandoned cart wasn’t restored by the resume link if persistent cart was enabled
* Thumbnail directive didn’t work on multisite and multistore
* Incorrect work with slave/master database configuration
* Incorrect work of the “New customer sign up” event if account was created via backend
* "All store views" option wasn’t displayed in the Follow Up Rules grid
* Problem with the "Customer placed a new order" event
* Incorrect work of the "Customer new subscription" cancellation event


+ Notice in the backend if there are emails older than 3 days
* Guests were not able to unsubscribe from newsletter


* The birthday rule validation worked incorrectly
* Incorrect work of the expressions calculation in emails


* Problems with test emails sending
* Minor bugfixes


* Minor bugfixes


+ Stability and speed improvements


+ Stability and speed improvements


* Minor bugfixes


+ Abandoned cart emails can contain cross sells block
* Price was missing in abandoned cart emails on Magento Enterprise
* Cross sell block displayed prices in base currency only
* Unnecessary styling removed from email preview page
* incorrect link to grouped product in email
* Send test email uses random customer even if order/cart id was specified
* Product images were missing in emails
* Guest name was missing in emails
* Wrong currency in email on New abandoned cart appeared event
* Memory lack on attempt to use 'Save and send test email' option


+ SKU limit of 255 characters was eliminated
+ Option to disable triggering of duplicate events
+ 'Send Test Email' option improved
+ Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) locale added
+ sample 'Review request' templates updated
* Problem with compilation
* CSS styles in templates were ignored
* Issues with cancellation event 'Customer placed a new order'
* Typo in Google Analytics tab
* Cron lock overrided Help Desk Ultimate's one
* Issue with 'success' message on attempt to send test email
* Unsubscribe option did not work
* Issue with Magento version validation
* Issue with integration of Automatic Related Products 2
* Problem with parsing of template variables
* Grammar error in unsubscribtion notice on frontend
* Link to shopping cart removed from "Order changed it's status" template


* Minor bugfixes


+ Compatibility with native Magento up-sells, cross-sells and related products
+ Compatibility with Who Bought This Also Bought extension by aheadWorks
+ Compatibility with Automatic Related Products 2 extension by aheadWorks (works with ARP 2.3.1+)
+ Improved lifetime of coupons
+ New template for reviewing product
+ Ability to set up the expiration date of a rule
+ Auto login function in emails
+ Template type was changed to "Text" by default
* Incorrect cancellation of “Product was added to wishlist” event
* Log problem
* Coupon code expiration date


* Incorrect back link in emails for grouped products
* “payment_html” variable added for new order templates
* Incorrect cancellation of abandoned cart event
* Incorrect coupon expiration date format
* Minor bugfixes


* Minor bugfixes


* ‘New customer subscription’ event issue
* Expired coupons removing problem
* ‘Customer birthday’ event issue
* ‘New abandoned cart appeared’ event issue
* ‘Customer last activity’ event issue


+ Ability to insert several coupons in one email
* Multistore bugfixes


+ PE compatibility
* Fatal error on running cron
* Emails sending improvements
* Newsletter template disappears from FUE rules if it was changed
* Minor bug fixes


* Minor bugfixes


* Incorrect titles for all FUE pages
* Unexpected pop-up when sending email
* Incorrect applying coupon code
* Abandoned cart event doesn't create emails for registered customers
* Incorrect work of coupon generation
* Time zone bug in event Abandoned Carts
* Layout directive problem
* Cancellation events do not trigger for test emails
* Order status history rules aren't processing
* Category conditions problem


+ Magento EE rewards points support
+ Mass actions in the Email Queue grid
* New coupons codes are invalid
* Impossibility to generate coupon code for the customer birthday event
* Incorrect customer name in emails
* Store URL problem
* Incorrect work via HTTPS
* Unsubscribe issue
* 404 error in the link tracking grid
* Unexpected coupon generation


+ Stability and speed improvements


+ Market Segmentation Suite extension integration
+ Store option view is selected by default
* Incorrect processing of "Advanced Newsletter - Send only to subscribers of segments" rule option
* Link Tracking grid sorting
* Product type label displaying
* adminhtml.xml added
* Incorrect work of rule when Sale Amount condition is set to "Doesn't matter"
* Sender details default value in general settings
* Edit rule page error when Advanced Newsletter extension disabled
* Z-Blocks extension reference


+ Magento v. compatibility
* Sale amount condition reset when editing rule in IE


* Minor bugfixes


+ 'New customer signup' event
+ New 'Decimal' template filter modifier
+ Event cancelling by customer email only (not by email and initiator object)
+ Schedule more then one email on the same time
+ Mail encoding is UTF-8 now
* url_resume in Multistore mode
* Grouped products condition on order and cart-related events
* BCC field is always empty in email preview
* The URL generated via url_resume doesn't consider the store in Multistore
* Sending test emails with empty test object IDs fields
* Sending test emails on 'Customer birthday' event
* Send E-mail from the Mail Log with certain conditions


+ SKU filter
+ Сustomer group filter
+ Days, Hours, Minutes, and Before/After delay available
+ Integration with the AheadWorks Advanced Newsletter extension, targeting by its segments
+ 'Send only to newsletter subscribers' option moved grom general settings to the rule settings
+ Minor changes
* Duplicate messages on order status events


+ Core rebuild
+ Sender details configuration for each rule
+ Sale amount condition option for each rule
+ Multiple product type contition option for each rule
+ Category condition option for each rule
+ Event can cancel emails generated by other events
+ 'Send email copy to' option
+ 'Send test email' with test objects option
+ 'Send to subscribers only' option
+ Sender details for each rule
+ Newsletter Subscription checkbox on checkout page
+ Both Newsletter and Transactional Email templates are supported
+ New {{foreach }} template filter directive
+ New {{thumbnail }} template filter directive
+ New 'Price' and 'DateTime' template filter modifiers
+ Abandoned carts tracking and restoring for non-registered customers
+ Link to unsubscribe
+ Link to resume customer session with cart restoring option
+ Email queue with email preview
+ Manual email sending/cancelling/deleting option
+ Links tracking with detailed statistics
+ 'Customer came back by link sent' event added
+ 'Customer birthday' event
+ 'Customer logged in' event
+ 'Customer last activity' event
+ 'Wishlist shared' event
+ 'Product added to wishlist' event

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