[M2] Follow Up Email


Run efficient email marketing campaigns.
[M2] Follow Up Email
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Add-on features:

Services Included:

  • Installation
  • 360 days of support period
  • Priority Support
  • Personal Account Manager

[M2] Follow Up Email Changelog


Released 31.08.2020
+ Compatibility with Magento 2.4
* SQLSTATE error occurs when sending emails


Released 06.12.2019
+ Integration with Aheadworks Customer Segmentation
* Fixed issue when header and footer of abandoned cart email templates get lost
* Fixed issue with Grouped products links


Released 20.11.2019
* Fixed issue with Wishlist Event
* Magento 2.3.3 compatibility fixes
* Translation does not work correctly when sending messages on schedule (cron)
* Fixed issues with Environment Emulation
* Magento EQP tests fix
* Improved compatibility with Aheadworks Advanced Subscription Products
* Visual fixes on A/B Testing Mode page


Realesed 15.02.2019
+ Magento 2.3 compatibility
+ Improved work with Magento quote


Released 11.04.2018
+'Customer submitted a review' event type
+'Customer Birthday' event type
+'Wishlist content has been changed' event type
+Scheduled emails tracking and managing
+Drag-and-drop email chains reordering
+Moving events between campaigns
+AW Smart One Step Checkout integration
*Email content encoding issue
*Errors appear in CRON jobs for guest orders
*The EventHistoryProcessor cronjob executing issue
*Error shown when subscribing to newsletter


Released 15.01.2018
*Fixes for Magento Marketplace


Released 13.11.2017
*Magento 2.2 compatibility
*Fixes for Magento Marketplace
*"Last Customer Activity" event renamed to "Any Customer Activity"
*Error appears in preview window when developer mode is enabled


Released 06.10.2017
Full extension refactoring
+ Email campaigns
+ Restore cart link
+ A/B testing
+ Email statistics
+ Email chains


Released 10.11.2016
* fixes for Magento Marketplace
* Magento 2.1.x compatibility


Released 13.10.2016
* Fix for Code Analysis Errors - "resource" is a reserved word in PHP 7


Released 13.10.2016
* Magento 2.1 composer.json compatibility


Released 03.08.2016
* Incorrect dates are shown in Mail Log after changing Interface locale
* Incorrect dependency in class error during the compilation process
* Can't create a new email
* In some cases Emails are not generated
* "General Conditions" tab should be hidden for Single-store mode
* Remove pagination if email qty is less than 20
* "Save as New" button doesn't work
* Can't create an invoice
* "Abandoned Checkout" emails are not generated
* Emails are not cancelled after occurrence of canceling event


Released 27.07.2016
* Single-store mode issue
* Pagination issue
* Disabling rules issue


Released 15.07.2016
* Database tables with prefix issue


Initial release 05.07.2016

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