Event Tickets


Allows booking, printing, and redeeming event tickets
Event Tickets
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Event Tickets Changelog


Released 17.11.2017
*Fixes for Magento Marketplace


Released 22.08.2017
+ Ticket Holder Name - unique for each ticket
* Sort by event dates doesn't work
* No email is sent out when purchasing with PayPal
* Minor issue with searching on Event Id field in the admin grid
* Single quotes in Ticket types* name are not supported
* Cyrillic is not displayed in PDF ticket
* Can't buy ticket if event started


* Design for iPhone theme


* SUPEE-6788 compatibility issue


* Admin with restricted permissions wasn’t able to redeem tickets via QR code
* The extension ignored store environment when generating PDF tickets
* Inability to place an order with tickets from the backend


+ “Orders” column in the Manage Tickets grid
* Minor bugfixes


+ Tickets redeeming system
+ Printable PDF Tickets
+ QR code support
+ Tickets in My Account
+ Define start/end of events
+ Describe event location
+ “Event Tickets” menu
+ Default confirmation/reminder email templates
+ HTML support in instant messages


+ Stability and speed improvements


Initial release

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