[M2] Customer Attributes


Extend the list of built-in Magento customer attributes adding new and managing existing ones to fully respond to your business needs.
[M2] Customer Attributes
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  • Enterprise Edition

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Services Included:

  • Installation
  • 360 days of support period
  • Priority Support
  • Personal Account Manager

[M2] Customer Attributes Changelog


Released 30.07.2020
* Fixed issue with export


Released 06.11.2019
* Error occurs on the Storefront when "Display on Forms" = "Customer Address Registration"
* Error appears in an attempt to manage relations in an attribute
* Fixed issue when address attributes cannot be modified by admin with limited permissions
* Error occurs when altering Multiple line attribute
* The array *customAttribute* in shipping-information is not passed when the shipping address changes
* Attribute value is not saved when creating an account
* "Use in the Orders Grid" and "Show on the Order View Page" options can't be set to "No"
* Customer Attributes with "Input Type" = "File", "Image File" aren't displayed in the Orders grid and Order View Page Customers
* When Customer Attribute with "Input Type" = "Date" is created, "Minimum Value" and "Maximum Value" options change into current date
* When order is created in Backend and "Date" attribute is filled in, data aren't displayed in Orders grid
* Unnecessary options are shown on "Customer Address Attribute" page
* Fixed issue with customer creation if customer date attribute is set by default
* Incorrect default date is shown in an address attribute on Checkout page
* Default values aren't shown in customer address attributes if create an order in Admin
* Fixed issue when required customer attribute doesn't work correctly
* All dependent attributes are shown even if they don't relate to current option of the dropdown


Released 28.08.2019
* Fix for Magento Marketplace


Released 12.08.2019
* Initial release

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