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Booking and Reservations
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Support period:
Regardless of your active support period terms, we ensure lifetime updates for all our products.
The product support covers the following:
  1. 1. right to install the product on a single Magento instance at any time;
  2. 2. free technical support during the period.

Get 180/360 days of support at special price

Get 360 days of support at special price

Additional services:

  • Priority Support
  • Installation
  • Personal Account Manager

Booking and Reservations Changelog


* Fix for magento connect verification


* SUPEE-6788 compatibility issue


* Inability to book a product for the next year if “Date from” & “Date to” fields were empty in the backend
* Incorrect month was shown when date range was selected on calendar


* A product wasn’t added to cart when date/time in future were selected


* Past time could be selected for booking
* Incorrect design in the RWD theme


* No rows headers after orders exporting
* “Qty” field of each product was hidden in the backend
* The Calendar block stretch according to the Day details bar
* Inability to select time in the From, To fields


+ Email notifications improvements
+ Logic of reservation for the same date improvements
* Incorrect validation of the “Number of calendar pages to show" field
* Calendar was updated only after opening previous/next month
* "Date to" could be early than "Date from"
* Custom options didn’t work
* Incorrect behavior when several days were excluded
* Inability to book more than 3 days
* Problem when filtering booking orders
* Problem when editing product in the shopping cart
* Inability to create a booking product with a single day
* Incorrect time displaying in the frontend
* Minor bugfixes


+ Stability and speed improvements


+ Booked dates are marked with red color at backend
+ If product has been booked but available quantity is not exceeded for that date, this day is colored green at backend
* Issue with product editing from shopping cart
* After changing booking period, configured price wasn’t updated automatically
* Impossibility to add product to shopping cart if “Period Type” was set to “Time” or “Date and Time”
* Incorrect work of {{var order_date}}
* Product with incorrect time range was added to shopping cart
* Incorrect CSS-style on product page in Enterprise Edition


+ Page loading time improved
* Calendar issues
* Minor bugfixes


+ Magento EE 1.10 compatibility
+ Magento CE 1.5 compatibility
+ Speed of booking product page loading is increased
+ Notification to admin about wanting product quantity in completed order
+ Tiered price support
* Incorrect extension work if two customers add one product to cart at the same time
* Incorrect work with orders which don't need invoice
* Fatal error while filtering “Last order” at Booking/orders grid
* "'opConfig' is undefined" error at product page in IE 7/8
* Incorrect work at product reviews page
* Impossibility to add booking product from wishlist to cart
* Unlimited product quantity in shopping cart
* CSS bugs
* Wrong extension behaviour at reviews page
* Incorrect work with percent price type in custom options
* Incorrect price rules validation
* Wrong calculating when price rules added
* Wrong calculation of billable period
* Wrong calculation with "Date and Time" period type
* Minor bugfixes


+ Magento Enterprise Edition v.1.8 compatibility
+ Ability to duplicate booking product
* Incorrect calculation of price with custom option
* Bugs on refunding booking product
* Special price was displayed at catalog page when product was reserved for all day
* Incorrect work with 2 AM or 2 PM periods on product page


+ Magento v.1.4.* compatibility
+ Booking period is added to Order details and invoice
+ Dynamically changing price with AJAX while changing reserved period at frontend
+ AJAX calendar loading and navigation
+ Live price change while changing custom options
+ AJAX Cart Pro support
+ Booked period is shown to customer as unavailable for reserving even without being checked out
+ Ability to define the number of calendar pages displayed on the product page
+ Ability to specify the number days the booked item is kept in abandoned cart
+ JavaScript load optimization
* Incorrect design for Time option in Magento 1.4.*
* Multiple October 31 fixed
* "Recurrent day of week" option works incorrectly
* Wrong date format on most pages fixed
* Booking/reservation products are not available while managing orders from admin panel
* Possibility to order a bookable product on excluded days
* "To" option is not displayed in IE 7/8
* "Last order" field is not updated
* Incorrect number of pages and total number of records
* Booking quantity is set to 0 fixed
* Recurrent excluded days optimization
* Incorrect quantity of ordered products
* Localization issues
* "Duplicate" button disappears
* Wrong custom options summing
* "Booking" tab was added to all products after installing on Magento
* IE incompatible JSON notation
* Backend crash after exporting/re-importing all products to CSV
* Error occurs after changing daily billing to hourly (and vice-versa) and clicking "Save and Continue Edit"


+ Stability and speed improvements


* Minor bugfixes

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