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AJAX Cart Pro
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Additional services:

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AJAX Cart Pro Changelog


Released 05.06.2017
* Popup scroll is absent if "Dialog window alignment = Top"
* Error in console: ReferenceError: optionsPrice is not defined
* Rule is not triggered for configurable product
* Update button disappears after updating the cart through the ACP in RWD theme
* ACP issue with custom option "File"
* Total price of bundle product is not updated on rwd theme
* 'Product' variable presents itself as a child of a bundle product in confirmation block
* Redrawing block options when scrolling
* "Cancel" and "Add to cart" buttons are displayed out of the screen border
* Unable to add one more category in conditions


* Fix for magento connect verification


* SUPPEE-6788 stability improvements


* SUPEE-6788 compatibility issue


+ Stability improvement


* Vulnerability issue


+ Show a pop-up window for all products added from the Category page
+ Specify quantity for any products in a pop-up window
* Incorrect size of a pop-up window in the RWD theme


* Product quantity was shown when shopping cart was empty on the RWD theme
* Required fields weren’t shown in a popup if a gift card was added from the category
* Selected popup options were reset after using Layered Navigation filters on the RWD theme
* Popup with required options didn't appear after clicking the "View details" button on the RWD theme
* Parent product image was shown in a popup disregarding Magento settings


* Progress animation was shown at the shopping cart if a product was edited from the minicart
* Inability to add a product to cart using AJAX in IE 11
* Shopping cart content was not updated properly on the RWD theme


+ Compatibility with Add Free Product to Cart by aheadWorks
* Incorrect behavior on Magento CE v.1.4
* Incorrect image in the confirmation dialog box when a configurable product was added to cart
* Problem with removing a product from the cart
* Issue with the "File" custom option


* Problem when adding a product from wishlist to cart
* Two products were added to cart if "Buy X get Y free" rule was active
* Popup didn't appear after clicking the “View details” button
* Incompatibility with Magento 1.9 RWD theme
* 'Continue Shopping' redirected incorrectly after adding a configurable product to cart


+ Compatibility with Magento CE 1.9
+ Compatibility with Magento EE 1.14
* Pop-up window appeared even when a custom option was selected
* No redirection to the Enable Cookies page


* Product was added to the cart after clicking the PayPal Express button
* 'Add to cart' button didn’t work in IE8


* Popup position didn’t change after zooming on iPad or iPhone
* Problem with configurable products on Magento EE 1.13


+ Rules: specific content and behaviour per product
+ ‘Show popup for products with required options only’ option
+ Compatibility with Gift Card/Certificate by aheadWorks
+ Multiple wishlist support in Magento EE


+ Stability and speed improvements


* Incompatibility with Magento CE 1.8


+ Stability and speed improvements


+ Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) locale added
* Autoclose option was linked to 'Continue Shopping' button
* Incorrect value decoding


+ Product name is added to the list of pre-defined variables in the Confirmation pop-up settings
+ Confirmation Pop-up can be closed by clicking outside the pop-up window (click on overlay)
+ The system notifications (errors / warnings / notices) are now updated by the extension
+ Custom themes compatibility improvement (Custom.js optional file)
* Incorrect work if a sidebar cart block is removed/ renamed in template
* Pop-up position does not change on zooming or resizing a browser window
* Top/sidebar cart links are not updated if the Full Page Cache is enabled (for Magento Enterprise)
* Incorrect work under Safari browsers (endless timer in the pop-up window)
* Duplicate error messages
* Confirmation pop-up has been removed from the Shopping Cart page
* Backend configuration menu issues under HTTPs
* System notices in pop-up window were displayed in red color (disregarding the notice type)


+ Full refactoring
+ Using current layout of store
+ Grouped and bundle products suppor
+ Gift Card support in EE
+ Ability to specify quantity for products with options in pop-up window
+ Customizable confirmation blocks, appearing after adding\removing product to\from cart
+ Ability to use widgets, images and variables in the confirmation blocks
+ Ability to preview confirmation blocks after customization
+ Support of all product types in wishlist
+ Shopping Cart update and clearance without page reloading

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