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Advanced Reports Changelog


Released 26.10.2018
* Fixed issues with PHP Object Injection


Released 08.11.2017
* Stability and speed improvements


Released 22.05.2017
+ SKU Usage options should be renamed
+ Coupon column in the Orders Detailed report
+ Product Cost is now taken from the Order Details
+ An option to include/exclude taxes in profit calculation
+Compatibility with AW_Points and AW_StoreCredit
* Total Cost is wrong in some reports if price per website is used
* Add strings to CSV-file
* Wrong total is shown at several reports
* Incorrect discount amount in the "Sales Detailed" report
* 'Total' calculation improvement in Orders Detailed report
* "Users Wishlists" doesn't show all data in the exported CSV
* Split (master/slave) databases support
* Dashboard interface adjustments
* Autocomplete doesn't work in Sales by Category if access to Manage Categories is denied
* "Sales by Category" bug with duplicated Categories
* Sales by Product: empty revenue when use *something* mask
* Sales by Product attributes: result can not be filtered by multiselect attribute
* Enterprise Reward Points support
* Double values in "By Category" report
* Profit columns can't be disabled at Sales by Product
* Sales by Category: input field should not take in account spaces between two categories
* "Total" is false in "Customers by Country" report
* Dates are overlapped on chart if view mode "Week" is selected
* "Sales by Manufacturer" report doesn't work with system attributes
* Sales by Category: Incorrect "Total" if product belongs to more than one website


* Stability and speed improvements
* Disabled columns import adjustments
* Abandoned Carts report adjustments


* Orders Detailed report cost calculation adjustments
* "Sales by Product" report deleted products issue
* Fetching data adjustments
* Total profit and total margin calculation adjustments
* Interface locale issue
* Magento EE permission issue
* "Sales Detailed" report deleted products issue


* Permission issue on Magento EE


+ Phone number in Sales Detailed
+ New report: "Sales Detailed per order"
* The active report is not highlighed in the navigation column
* Scheduled Email Reports issue
* Export doesn't work for multiple reports
* Export doesn't work for additional reports
* Bestsellers data ais not correct when using website catalog price scope
* Wrong calculation of additional AR units in multistore environment
* Total in Sales Overview report is not valid on multistore environment
* Calendar date selector works incorrectly
* Scheduled Email Reports issue
* Stock vs. Sold report displays incorrect values when partial refunds were in selected period
* False "Total Cost" in "By product" for configurable products


* SUPEE-6788 compatibility issue


+ ACL for each report/unit
* Incorrect "Total Cost" for configurable products in Sales Detailed
* "Cancel" button didn’t work in Sales Detailed
* Slow load of the Sales by Manufacturer unit


* Incorrect width of the SKU column in the Bestsellers report
* Problem with date range in the Sales Overview report for specific interface locales
* Pagination problem in the Sales by Product report
* Cron job issue
* Problem with Klarna’s payment methods in the Sales by Payment Type unit
* Incorrect data in the New vs Returning Customers unit


+ Usability and speed improvements


+ Dashboard with sales for last 30 days
+ New Report: Abandoned Carts
+ New Report: "Stock vs. Sold"
+ New Unit: "Sale by Product attributes"
+ New Unit: "Sales by category"
+ Opportunity to select attribute in "Sales by Manufacturer" unit
+ "Sales by Coupon Code" report improvements
+ "Customer Name" and "Order Status" columns added to Sales Detailed report
+ Profit columns
+ Periodic auto-generated report sending
+ All reports have the same name as in aheadMetrics
* AW_Advancedreports caused native "Products Ordered" report to be for the wrong time span
* Incorrect discounts in Sales Detailed report
* Sales Detailed Customization page wasn't accessible
* ACL access problem to Sales Detailed report
* Incorrect Quarter calculation


* Incorrect calculation of the Total row in the Sales by Country report
* The Total row was missed in the Bestsellers CSV file
* Incorrect links in the Sales report CSV file
* Incorrect work of the Sales by Product report for configurable products
* Problem with currency conversion
* Incorrect statistics in the Sales report if a product was deleted
* Problem after “Sales Overview” and “Sales Detailed” exporting
* Problem with the Sales by Country report displaying


* Incorrect percent calculation on the Bestsellers page
* Total amount of orders didn’t change according to the data on the Customization page (“Users Activity” report)
* “Sales by Product” report worked incorrectly for configurable products
* Empty “Units” tab
* Incorrect work of the Sales by Product report for simple products with custom options
* Incorrect title in the Installed aheadWorks Extensions tab
* Incorrect reports work when locale was changed
* Incorrect behaviour of the custom date ranges
* “Sales Report” report didn’t show custom options in SKU
* Sorting by period didn’t work in “Sales by Product” report
* Calculation problem in the Manufacturer additional unit
* Incorrect adminhtml.xml in the Sales by Payment Type additional unit
* Title of the Sales by Manufacturer additional unit was missed
* Number of orders was calculated incorrectly in the New vs. Returning Customers additional unit
* Error in system.log after installation the Customers by Country additional unit


* Minor bugfixes


* Fatal error at Sales report
* Customer email in Sales Report not always filled correctly
* Address fields cleared for virtual products in Sales Report
* Sales by Product the graphic doesn't show up
* Total of percents at "Sales by country" isn't equal 100
* [Sales Report]Total column has incorrect value


+ Stability and speed improvement


* Columns customization couldn't be saved
* Several issues in Sales by Product report and Sales report
* Wrong date format for some ranges
* Sorting by "Customer Group" column in Sales by Customer Group issue
* Minor bugfixes


* Report was not generated if SKU changed
* Fixed chart size in Sales by Country
* Product name changing issue in Bestsellers
* Admin can't change "Number of latest custom date ranges" in Customization
* Incorrect data in "New account" column in Users Activity Report
* Fatal error after StoreView changing in Bestsellers

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