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Advanced Newsletter Changelog


Released 25.05.2017
* Group filter error on Subscribers page
* 404 error on attempt to go back from "Queue Newsletter" form


+ Mailchimp API v3.0 support
* fixed bug when subscribed unregistered customer tried to place an order
* fixed issue with SUPEE-6788 security patch
* minor bugfixes


* Fix for magento connect verification


* SUPEE-6788 compatibility issue


* Option of subscribing to all segments was named incorrectly


* "Phone" column wasn’t updated in the Subscribers grid
* "Type" column in the Subscribers grid wasn’t updated after customer registration
* Problem with segments displaying in the frontend
* Guests could subscribe as registered customers if the confirmation email was disabled
* MailChimp errors in AW Log when MailChimp was disabled


* Incorrect segments in the Customer Information tab (Magento EE)
* Problem with a template preview
* "Connection failed" error when "TLS" was used
* Widgets didn’t work in Advanced Newsletter templates
* Incorrect segment titles when Market Segmentation Suite rules were applied


* Incorrect records counting in the Subscribers grid
* The pop-up window didn't close after clicking outside its bounds
*The popup appeared after resizing the window
* The newsletter popup wasn’t shown in IE9
* Incorrect position of the popup after the window resizing
* Incorrect design on the RWD theme


* Error when a visitor was subscribed to newsletter on several websites
* Error when subscribing a customer to any segment in the backend
* Minor bugfixes


* Problem with customer’s subscription list management in the backend
* Problem with filtering subscribers by email


+ "Email doesn't look nice? View it in your browser" variable
+ SSL protocol is supported in SMTP configuration
+ Sort subscribers by group
* Problem with TLS protocol
* Problem with Market Segmentation Suite by aheadWorks integration


* Inability to unsubscribe from a segment displayed in all store views


+ Compatibility with iPhone Theme by aheadWorks
+ Stability and speed improvements
* Newsletter subscription was lost if SagePay was selected
* Minor bugfixes


+ Stability and speed improvements


+ Stability and speed improvements


* Minor bugfixes


* Minor bugfixes


+ “Test Mailchimp Connection” button in MailChimp configuration tab
+ Ability to unsubscribe from specific segment
+ “Number of subscribers” column in Segments Management tab
+ MailChimp grouping was created automatically if list was empty
* Fields data were not saved after editing on Edit Queue page
* Error when resuming queue item
* Advanced Newsletter broke native newsletter preview
* Subscription form was visible if there were no segments available
* There wasn’t warning message after disabling MailChimp on synchronization page


* Emails were not sent from queue if there had been certain amount of invalid emails
* Subscription was not possible from homepage if Default Category had been set up to Root
* Duplicated email was sent after every click on unsubscription link
* “Form Configuration” menu option was renamed to “Settings”
* Some categories had incorrect position in “Default Category” and “Display in category” fields


* AJAX Layer in IE 7/8 issues
* Additional settings validation
* Minor bugfixes


* Incompatibility with API keys ended on -us4
* [PE] Incorrect view for multiselect block on Category page
* Incorrect link


+ Subscription on Checkout page
+ 'Test connection' button is added on SMTP Configuration page
+ Additional actions in Newsletter Queue
+ Sync speed with MailChimp is increased (uses MailChimp API v1.3)
+ Magento PE compatibility
* Incompatibility with MailChimp API keys ended on -us4
* Incorrect CSS for Newsletter tab in Customer Area for Magento CE
* Cosmetic fixes in Export Customers grid
* Customer is unsubscribed if the segment code is changed - segment code field is disabled for edit
* Minor bug fixes and code optimization


+ Magento CE compatibility
* Magento CE / EE - fatal error on frontend
* Magento CE / EE - no recipients in email queue
* Impossible to unsubscribe from newsletter by link in some emails


* Minor bugfixes


* ACL in Magento Enterprise
* Different API keys for different stores caused wrong changing of list ID


+ Subscribers are defined as guests and customers while synchronizing from MailChimp
* Access to Advanced Newsletter in backend denied for some users


+ MailChimp -> Magento synchronization with ability to sync list and statuses
+ Magento -> MailChimp synchronization with ability to sync subscribers by status and with\without names
+ All synchronizations with MailChimp are run by cron
+ Ability to disable segment for frontend
+ Ability to subscribe customer to any segment at Customer Information page
+ Ability to send test newsletter
+ Template variables
+ "Select all" link for actions in auto-management rules
+ Export subscribers to CSV/XML
+ Ability to send newsletters according to the Market Segmentation Suite rules
+ Newsletter segments at Create an Account page
+ Newsletter segments at My Account page
+ Importing subscribers and templates from native Magento newsletter
+ Segments column at Export Customers section at backend
+ Magento Enterprise Edition 1.9 compatibility
* Redirect to homepage from https pages
* Incorrect segment deletion
* Sort order is not restored on mass grid actions at Export customers section
* Minor bugfixes

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