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Additional services:

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Add Free Product to Cart Changelog


Released 17.08.2017
* 502 Bad Gateway error when 3 or greater free products are added to cart


* Unsupported products are added as free products by "Buy X get one free" rule
* AFPTC does not add free product to cart when To Date is the 1st day of month
* Date settings cause the free item to be removed from the cart
* Free product is not added to cart when SKU of custom option is added
* Carts with free products are merged improperly
* Reorder of an order with free product works incorrect
* Free item is not removed from cart
* Free product is not removed from cart if rule was disabled


* Magento Marketplace compatibility issue


* SUPEE-6788 compatibility issue


+ Integration with AJAX Cart Pro by aheadWorks
* If rule status was changed via mass action tool, rule conditions disappeared


* A free product was in the cart even after a rule expiration
* A free product was in the cart after main products removal
* A pop-up window appeared on the checkout page after logging in


+ Compatibility with aheadWorks Subscription and Recurring Payments
* Incorrect work of the free product re-adding to cart after being deleted from it
* Free products became paid after a customer logged in
* Extra items were added to the shopping cart if "Buy X get one free" rule was triggered for several products
* Product were removed from the shopping cart after a customer logged in at checkout
* Popup with several free products was displayed incorrectly on the RWD theme
* Incorrect subtotal of a free product in the shopping cart if local was changed
* Free product was not removed from the cart after changing the amount of other products
* Rule was triggered after clearing the shopping cart
* Rules were not applied if products quantity was updated in the cart
* Incorrect work with persistent shopping cart
* Incorrect work of the “Total quantity” condition in a rule


* Rules didn’t trigger when the popup window was enabled


* Error when rule conditions were not configured
* Incorrect position of items in a popup window
* The Manufacturer condition didn’t work


* Incorrect work of “Total quantity” condition in rules
* Problem with downloadable products
* Inability to set 0% in "Discount Amount Applied to Product" field


* Problem with fields titles translation in CSV
* Problem with “Total quantity” condition
* Minor bugfixes


* Problem with configurable product in “Buy X, get Y free” rule


+ Stability and speed improvements


* Incorrect work of customer groups
* Free product wasn’t removed from cart


* Checkboxes on popup didn't work correctly
* Problem with https protocol on cart view page


+ Show a pop up window for Item that is added to cart
+ Ability to create recurring rules
+ Ability to re-add free product if it was deleted from cart
+ Stop further rules processing


Initial release

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