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Reward Points for Magento 2

8 Reviews

Reward Points for Magento 2

Current extension version: 1.4.4

A toolbox for building your own loyalty program

  • Points earned via purchases, reviews, sharing, and other store interactions
  • Earn & spend rates may differ by customer group
  • Lifetime sales may be used to influence individual earn rates
  • In-store reminders show how many points may be earned per activity
  • Usage statistics, balance editing available to admin from backend
  • Before/after tax points application
  • NEW! Points import/export tool for quick migration
45-Day Money Back
Free Installation
90-Day Free Support
free lifetime updates
Conversion rates | may be set by admin from backend

Conversion rates

Point behavior | settings control when customer can spend points and how orders are refunded with points

Point behavior

Additional points | may be earned through in-store activities

Additional points

Storefront settings | include a couple of optional display features

Storefront settings

Product page | has social buttons and a point balance added

Product page

Client area | New tab is added to keep track of points

Client area

Customer balance | may be accessed from a customer grid

Customer balance

All point transaction | are logged in a separate backend grid

All point transaction

Balance adjustments | may be made by admin from backend

Balance adjustments

Email notifications | let you inform customes on the point balance updates and expiration date urging new purchases

Email notifications

Refund to points | to keep cash to the store and increase customer's loyaty

Refund to points

Tax regulation comliant | points can be applied before or after tax and shipping amount

Tax regulation comliant

Integration with Smart One Step Checkout | allows customers to use their reward points on the checkout pages built by the Smart OSC extension

Integration with Smart One Step Checkout


How Magento 2 Reward Points works

Reward Points for Magento 2 is a loyalty extension that requires very little maintenance. To set the program in motion admin has to configure the extension settings. The most important one is the conversion rate from dollar amount spent to points earned and back from points to dollar value (Points to store currency ratio). Other Magento Reward Points settings include expiration date, bonus points earned on in-store activities, and a couple of display options for storefront. That’s it, the loyalty program is now running and admin may monitor it by viewing all point transactions and point balances from backend.

The storeowner can use Magento 2 Reward Points extension to process refunds, award customers on special occasions, or run promotional campaigns.

Case Studies on how to :

Increase Regular Sales with Tiered Loyalty Programs


Extend the length of loyal relations and number of repeat purchases. Distinguish and reward the best and potentially most promising customers.


The major intention of any tiered loyalty program is to bring customers closer to the brand and keep them loyal as long as possible. Our extension allows using customer lifetime sales to determine how fast he earns reward points. In effect, this means you can implement a Magento 2 tiered reward points system, where customers with higher lifetime sales have better rates.

Additionally, you can use customer groups to differentiate between the rates. Apply different point conversion rates for existing groups or create the groups that convey any customer status, like “Retailer" or “Wholesaler”, “Local” or “International”, “Basic” or “Advanced” etc. and use them as an additional incentive for customers to come back to your store and move up in the shopper hierarchy.

Both increasing status and accumulating more benefits are powerful loyalty motivators. With each purchase customers feel like they have contributed to their own benefit and it creates a sense of commitment to the store.


Tiered loyalty programs allow customers to stay longer with your brand since they always feel the value of provided benefits. According to statistics, the cost to bring a new customer to the same level of sales as an old one is 4-10 times more expensive. Repeat customers spend 33% more than new shoppers and furthermore loyal customers are worth up to 10 times more than their first purchase.

Motivate Engaged and Active Customers


Generate more sales from the customers interested in your brand and products. Increase the number of loyalty demonstrations and sharings.


Among other activities, the Magento 2 Reward Points extension allows assigning points for newsletter signups and social media sharings. In order to build a successful marketing mix you should take advantage of both options.

On average, emails outperform social media by potential and factual reach, CTR, and ROI. Combined with much better conversion rates the effectiveness of email marketing rocks, still, social media have a great potential for messages to go viral and considered to be a mid-funnel source that usually generates a lot of assisted conversions. So, when you assign points for newsletter signups, you enlarge your base of subscribers and increase sales. And, if you provide points for the activity in social media, you get new traffic and make your brand better visible and known. The combination of both activities will bring the maximum effect.


We advise you to assign significantly more points for Magento 2 newsletter registrations in order to obtain more direct conversions and develop the subscribers base. Meanwhile, social sharings can also be a great source of additional points for your customers, especially that this source is reusable for them. So, offer only few points for social media sharings and motivate customers to set it as a regular activity in your store.

Boost Sales from New Customers


Raise active and engaged users from the outset and motivate new customers to make their first purchase.


According to Nunes and Dreze, those customers who have no need to start something from scratch, including customer reward programs, are mentally motivated much better. In the provided experiment, customers had the same distance of 8 car washes to pass before they got a free one. But, those customers who had two pre-filled card slots out of 10 ones had nearly twofold increase in the loyalty rate than the ones with 0 pre-filled slots out of 8 ones.

The same thing, a starting balance of points provided during the registration is able to increase the number of persistent Magento 2 reward points program participants that are able to reach the second and third levels of the offered points system.


Getting and spending the received ‘starting’ points your customers certainly become more loyal and will come closer to the next level of the tiered loyalty scheme segmented by lifetime sales values.

Increase Credibility with New Product Reviews


Make your products more trustworthy, allow customers to be sure about their choices and make sales confidently.


If social shares attract new visitors and newsletters generate sales from existing customers, product reviews allow customers to make sure that the purchased products meet all their requirements and are a really smart choice. According to statistics, 61% of customers read reviews and 63% of shoppers are more likely to make purchases from the stores with product reviews. And, do not neglect bad reviews as 68% of visitors trust reviews if they see both positive and negative ones simultaneously.

So, product reviews are indispensable in order to build a positive perception of your products and make more sales.


The Reward Points extension is able to motivate more and more new customer reviews that are going to further improve attitude to products and promote sales. As far as each product needs to have as more reviews as possible, the number of assigned points for this activity should be enough for one review, but not too large making customers to write them again and again.

Make More Sales Through Personal Rewards


Make more sales through effective rewards of customers on their best lifetime occasions.


The traditional way to charge Magento 2 loyalty points for purchases is too ordinary and is not able to produce a ‘WOW’ effect, which is very important for strong credibility, new social sharings and additional sales. You need to surprise customers in order to step outside the endless line of similar sellers and make them feel a special person. The good thing is that, according to statistics, only 11% of loyalty systems offer personalized rewards.

Using the Reward Points backend functionality you can reward one or several customers on some great occasions, including birthdays, major holidays, best customer monthly awards.


The rewarded customers become more loyal, stay with your brand for a long time, recommend it to their friends and purchase from you more.

Increase Conversion with Balance Awareness


Motivate visitors to purchase allowing them to see the reduced price they can have with their points each time they are on a product page.


Reward points work two ways. On one hand, customers enjoy their purchases a little more because they accumulate points. On the other hand, customers are inclined to purchase more since they have some points to spend.

This second half is why we think it is important to keep customers continuously aware of how many points they have. In order to achieve this effect we suggest to activate a corresponding display option from the extension settings. This option displays product price discounted with points next to the original price of the product, edging a customer closer to making a purchase.

Proven by statistics, 80% of customers are value-seeking shoppers, described by themselves as ‘promotion sensitive’. So the opportunity to display reduced prices is a must-have functionality appreciated by most of the consumers.


The functionality displaying final discounted prices is able to increase conversion rates and sales greatly as far as more than 50% of all customers are factually influenced by deals or discounts, according to the latest researches.

discounted price

Integration with ConnectPOS

  • screen
  • screen

When you are running a Magento store along with the brick and mortar - a POS system is a must. That is why Aheadworks integrated Reward Points with best POS system on the Market - ConnectPOS by Smart OSC.

The system synchronizes customer database and allows recognizing them both online and offline. Award customers for the purchases, give them another reason for the second order, and increase sales across all channels.

  • • Monitor lifetime sales and reward points balance;
  • • Let customers make deposits or shop with reward points;
  • • Award customers with points for purchases in your physical store.
Feature Highlights
View documentation for a full feature list
  • Earn & spend rates Screen

    Custom rates define how many points are given per dollar amount spent and how much each point is worth.

  • Email notifications

    Let you notify customers of the points expiration date urging to place orders.

  • Limit points use

    Decide what % of the product price can be covered with points and set the minumum point balance to redeem.

  • Lifetime sales

    Different number of points may be earned depending on customer's’ lifetime sales.

  • Bonus points Screen

    Additional points may be earned on such activities as registration, newsletter signup, social network sharing, and product reviews.

  • Avoid cheaters

    Limits may be set for earning points by social network sharing and product reviews.

  • Tracking points

    Extension tracks all of the point transactions and point balance of each customer.

  • Points import/export tool NEW!

    To help you migrate from other reward solutions and make sure you have all the balances offline.

  • Integration with Smart One Step Checkout NEW!Screen

    As a result of the integration, customers are able to use their reward points on the checkout page built by the Smart OSC extension in order to pay for their purchases the same way as they can do it on the default Magento checkout page.

  • Apply points after tax

    To comply with tax regulations restrict paying taxes and shipping amount with points.

  • Refund to points

    Keep cash to the store and refund orders to points increasing customer's loyalty.

  • Balance adjustment

    Admin may adjust point balance manually for one or multiple customers.

  • Restricted categories Screen

    Admin may forbid point transactions at certain categories.

  • Social sharing buttons (optional) Screen

    Social network buttons may be added to the product pages.

  • Explainer page

    A separate page may be set up for explaining how the reward program works.

  • Tab at client area Screen

    A “Reward Points” tab is added to the client area for tracking transactions and current balance.

Need additional functionality
or futher customization of your products?

How Reward Points Magento 2 extension beat the competition?

  1. Unit tests

    Allow to check compatibility with Magento versions, helpful during customization process

  2. Extensive testing

    Our quality assurance guarantees extensions that are compatible, customizable, and scalable

  3. Quality code

    We write clean code complete with full technical documentation - just waiting to be altered

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Nov 24, 2018

Good extension and fast support

Reward Points is great and useful extensions. I like to work with Aheadworks. Also, the Support team works fast and perfectly!


May 29, 2018

Easy and powerful

A powerful tool with a very useful import option, we chose AW instead of our old reward module and were able to transfer customers balances to our new store without any troubles. Now we are totally happy with our reward system.


Mar 27, 2018

Powerful tool

I usually prefer to buy from you guys as my preferred extension provider, so I feel bad when you don't have what we need.
For now it is only 4 stars, will make it 5 after you add reward rules as promised. With this feature the product will be perfect!


Jan 22, 2018

Great Magento 2 extension

Great module for building loyalty with shoppers. Our customers love the rewards they earn and we love how easy it is to manage. Thanks Aheadworks


Nov 23, 2017

I'm happy with the extension and support

I like the extension and It works really well just as advertised. it's easy to install and setup. Support is awesome!
I can recommend to anyone who's looking for a good quality reward points system. Good job!


Nov 8, 2017

Good module for keeping customers active

We have installed this extension and everything seemed to be working perfectly (except one issue). As always the problem was solved very quickly by Support Team.
Great job!


Aug 16, 2017

Very helpful

A great tool to keep existing and attracting new customers.
Sharing on social networks, the feature I missed in previous versions, is added and makes me fully satisfied with the extension.

Sam R.

Dec 20, 2016

Really good extension!

I had been waiting for its release for quite a long time. Finally, I got it! And I am more than satisfied with this extension!
I like the way you can build a reward program for customers and encourage them to share links or purchase more. Lifetime sales feature is a good stimulus to keep loyal clients of your store. Social sharing is also a good feature to promote your store in the net. And I like the way the rewarding is displayed at the frontend when a customer can see the price discounted by the points available. What can I say? Great job, Aheadworks! Thank you for your professionalism!

During the purchase I have to enter our url. Does this extension only work on 1 installation? Because we have a development environment and a production environment.
Our EULA allows using the extensions on a single production and as many dev or staging sites as you need without a need of purchasing an extra license.
Does it support multi-store?
Yes, it does. It is possible to configure the extension separately for different websites.
Does the extension support full page caching?
Since full page cache is a native Magento 2 feature, all our extensions for this platform support it.
I run Magento 1.X. Will my currently installed extensions from aheadWorks work in Magento 2?
Due to a significant difference between Magento 1 and Magento 2 branches, the extensions for M1 will not work in M2.
However, the owners of the extensions by Aheadworks for Magento 1 can get 25% discount on purchase the same extensions by AW for M2
Which URL do I specify on checkout if I've got only a development store at the moment?
You need to enter a final address of the site when it will go live.

If the domain name is still under consideration at the moment of purchase, you can enter an address of your dev environment. In this case, don't forget to contact us when the final domain name has been registered: our support team will change it by your request.
This extension for Magento 2 supports Saudi riyal currency and Arabic Language?
If your currency and language is natively supported by Magento 2, the extension will also support it.
However, to work with RTL most likely some style adjustments will be required and you will need to translate some options the same way as you did with your Magento.
I run Magento 2 on AWS with ELB (Elastic Load Balancers) do I need a license per EC2 instance? They are all behind the same domain.
Such setup is considered to be a single Magento environment, so you need only one license.

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