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Follow Up Email for Magento 2

4.9 out of 5 stars

4.9 out of 5 stars

Magento Editions Compatibility:

  • Community: 2.1.X - 2.2.X
  • Enterprise: 2.1.X - 2.2.X

Follow Up Email for Magento 2

Current extension version: 2.1.0

A smart tool that responds to customers’ activities in a web store and sends them pre-defined follow up email messages.

  • Establish communication
    with precisely targeted emails based on the tracking of customer actions.
  • Analyze data
    and understand customers’ needs with email campaign reports.
  • Increase revenue
    by constantly improving and offering only relevant information.
  • 45-Day Money Back
  • Free Installation
  • 90-Day Free Support
  • Free Lifetime Updates

How does the Magento 2 Follow Up Email extension beat the competition?

  1. Optimized workflow

    Built upon the most common use cases, the backend interface closely matches the actual admin workflow

  2. Extensive testing

    Our quality assurance guarantees that all our extensions are Magento 2 compatible, customizable, and scalable

  3. Quality code

    We write clean code completed with full technical documentation


Pick a quick tutorial to learn about various aspects of this extension.

How Magento 2 Follow Up Email works

Introducing the Magento 2 Follow Up Email

The Magento 2 Follow Up Email extension provides online merchants with precise email targeting possibilities, extensive sending conditions, customer actions tracking, analytics, and a flexible schedule necessary for any successful email campaign. All this makes our extension a one-stop email marketing solution.

Best UX practices
Precise targeting
Advanced Analytics
Flexible scheduling
Flexible configuration
Customer actions

How it works

The Follow up Email extension for Magento 2 by Aheadworks allows online merchants to organize email campaigns with advanced audience targeting opportunities and A/B testing options.

Merchants can determine trigger events according to which emails should be sent to customers. Those events include abandoned cart, changed order status, customer registration, any customer activity, or newsletter subscription according to which merchants can create individual campaigns. The scheduling feature can determine the frequency of emails.

Store owners can also perform split testing by comparing different versions of the same emails. The extension enables them to precisely set the main information, layout, header and footer templates of each particular email.

Moreover, Magento 2 Follow Up Email analyzes the performance of individual emails and entire email campaigns so users can implement all necessary changes quickly.

Establish customer communication in six steps

Step 1 Step image
Manage emails effectively

Combine emails by any relevant to your business criteria: a holiday, season, targeted audience, or location to find the most effective management structure. On the 'Campaigns' page, you can organize all emails in a logical way.

  • Any number of email campaigns with unique titles, duration periods, and descriptions can be added;
  • Campaigns can include numerous events to cover all possible situations;
  • The extension you to organize individual email messages and entire email campaigns;
  • With individual reports, you can evaluate the effectiveness of all the emails sent within a particular campaign;
  • The drag-and-drop functionality allows you to change the order of emails related to particular campaigns;
  • With the provided event moving options, you can move individual events between campaigns.
step 1 image
Step 2 Step image
Target emails with precision

Create separate follow-ups for different customer groups and conditions. All emails will be sent according to the specified conditions you’ve defined (including Store View, Customer Groups, Lifetime Sales, Cart, and Products conditions) and eight activation events:

  • Abandoned Cart (including guest checkouts);
  • Order Status Changed;
  • Customer Registration;
  • Any Customer Activity;
  • Newsletter Subscription;
  • Customer Submitted a Review;
  • Wishlist Content Has Been Changed;
  • Customer Birthday.
step 2 image
Step 3 Step image
Experiment with A/B testing

There is always a room for improvement. Keep experimenting to find the best communication strategy!

  • Perform A/B testing of email content and its other elements;
  • Measure CTRs and open rates of your emails on the go to identify top performers;
  • Run several A/B tests simultaneously;
  • Manage your tests on the fly (change content, enable or disable emails);
  • Choose the most effective email variant in one click;
  • Schedule email chains to be sent automatically.
step 3 image
Step 4 Step image
Analyze the performance

Monitor email stats to get a better vision of the performance of your email marketing campaign's perfomance. Measure the efficiency of emails with the following data:

  • Sent, opened, and clicked emails;
  • Open rate and CTR;
  • A/B testing stats;
  • Coupons used.
step 4 image
Step 5 Step image
Add value to your email content

Add relevant content your customers will like, such as:

  • Personal data;
  • Coupon codes, prices, and saving options;
  • Products and pictures;
  • Custom variables;
  • Links to restore carts right from the email;
  • Links to unsubscribe.
step 5 image
Step 6 Step image
No-spam risk

Thanks to automated email chains, the extension prevents any spam risks. The emails in chains are scheduled one after another, meaning that the next email will not start its countdown until after the previous email is already sent.

  • Define how many hours and minutes after the event an email should be sent;
  • Create chains with scheduled emails;
  • Define the period when your follow-up campaign is active (e.g. only during the month before Christmas, the week before Black Friday, etc.).
step 6 image
  • Email campaigns page
  • Email activation events
  • Email chains
  • Event Management and email statistics
  • Scheduled emails grid
  • A/B email testing
  • Email conditions
  • Convenient mail log
  • Email preview

Email campaigns page

allows quickly and effectively managing email campaigns

Email campaigns page | allows quickly and effectively managing email campaigns

Email activation events

cover the most of customer activity in a store

Email activation events | cover the most of customer activity in a store

Email chains

for precise timing and spam prevention

Email chains | for precise timing and spam prevention

Event Management and email statistics

includes event management functionality and key performance indicators for emails, events, and email campaigns

Event Management and email statistics | includes event management functionality and key performance indicators for emails, events, and email campaigns

Scheduled emails grid

allows tracking and managing scheduled emails from one place

Scheduled emails grid | allows tracking and managing scheduled emails from one place

A/B email testing

to adjust to customers’ expectations and needs

A/B email testing | to adjust to customers’ expectations and needs

Email conditions

for precise targeting and providing customers with relevant information

Email conditions | for precise targeting and providing customers with relevant information

Convenient mail log

for email management and tracking of all sent emails

Convenient mail log | for email management and tracking of all sent emails

Email preview

to take a quick look at the composed email before sending it to customers

Email preview | to take a quick look at the composed email before sending it to customers
Feature Highlights

Check out selected features below or view documentation for a full feature list

Magento 2 Follow Up Email Feature List

General settings
Determine the default sender of your emails
Enable/disable logging
Enable/disable customer auto logins from emails
Template creation
Use native Magento 2 or predefined email templates
Add native Magento 2 and Follow Up Email variables
Insert pictures and products
Add links to restore abandoned carts in one click
Allow customers to resume sessions right from emails
Provide the unsubscribe option for specific emails or for all follow-ups at once
Add coupon codes to your emails to grant discounts (including individual coupons by the Coupon Code Generator extension if integrated)
Track the results
View the 'Mail Log' page to track the whole email history. Emails can be filtered by the following statuses: ready to go, sent, cancelled, failed
Track the customers who placed orders by clicking on the emailed link Coming soon
Monitor the links with abandoned cart recovery statistics Coming soon
Track coupons applied Coming soon
On-the-fly management
In 'Mail Log', you can sort and filter follow up emails by their status, schedule, event, etc.
Perform mass actions for your emails: preview, send now or delete
Preview, send, or delete emails manually right from the grid
Perform A/B tests to find the best variant
Get statistics on A/B test results (sent, opened, and clicked emails)
Manage testing campaigns on the fly (enable/disable, adjust)
Manage massively selected emails in the ‘Scheduled emails’ grid NEW!
Perform the following actions for individual scheduled emails: proceed to campaign settings, cancel the selected email, cancel entire email chains, or send emails with no delay NEW!
Define the order of your emails in email chains with the drag-and-drop functionality NEW!
Move events between the existing campaigns NEW!
Rule settings
Benefit from sample rules
Determine rule triggering events based on the following activities at your store:
  • Customer registrations, newsletter subscriptions, lifetime sale progress
  • Order obtained 'X' status, customer placed a new order
  • Shopping cart. New abandoned cart appeared
  • Wishlist. Product was added to wishlist, wishlist shared
  • Customer birthdays NEW!
  • Approved customer reviews NEW!
  • Checkout abandonments by guest users (ensured by the integration of the Follow Up Email extension with the Smart One Step Checkout module) NEW!
Set customer groups to the subjects of the rules
Activate rules for particular SKUs and sales amounts
Implement rules for customers based on their lifetime sales
Set email chains and determine the sequence of emails in them
Define start and end dates of the rule or use it without time limits
Determine store views and product types, excluded categories
Limit your recipients to only the subscriber base
Send test emails and determine BCC recipients of emails
Add Google Analytics tracking codes to your emails Coming soon
Add related products to your emails Coming soon

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Feb 14, 2018

Excellent combination

Purchased together with coupon code generator and it is great that I can send now my follow-ups with a unique code in every email.
My customers love discounts :)


Nov 17, 2017

I recommend the extension

It works perfectly fine for our needs. Really satisfied with the functionality and also have to say that the support at AW is top notch. Very responsive and helpful. Great!


Oct 27, 2017

Must have solution

Just bought today this extension and i am totally happy with it! Also support was really good.
Great job!


Feb 22, 2017

The most user-friendly interface I've seen

The most user-friendly interface I've seen among similar extensions.
Rock-solid and easy to use. Looking forward to new features and improvements promised by their support!

Kate Williams

Jan 31, 2017

Very good extension!

A very friendly user interface. The module works without any issues and support team was very helpful and quick.


Nov 21, 2016

Love it

I am using this module together with Coupon Code Generator to send coupon codes. I should say I see good results! The module saves me a great lot of time now. I had had to do it all manually before.
I love this mod and recommend it to all store admins! :-)


Sep 2, 2016

All in one solution

I like that it's got several uses built into one product. Right now I'm using it for abandoned carts only, but as soon as I got time I'll add reviews and probably some kind of reminder emails. And I won't have to buy any more extension to do that. Thanks guys!

Phil T.

Jun 6, 2016

A huge leap ahead!

The rules and their conditions look like they are Really made for ordinary people, not just for developers (yes yes! finally!), which is a huge improvement since Follow Up Email for Mag1.
Using the module for several months already, never had any problems!

Hi, I want to purchase this extention for our magento 2 website. However during the purchase I have to enter our url. Does this extention only work on 1 installation? Because we have a development environment and a production environment.
Our EULA allows using the extensions on a single production and as many dev or staging sites as you need without a need of purchasing an extra license.
Does it support multi-store?
Yes, it does. It is possible to configure the extension separately for different stores.
I run Magento 1.X. Will my currently installed extensions from aheadWorks work in Magento 2?
Due to a significant difference between Magento 1 and Magento 2 branches, the extensions for M1 will not work in M2.
However, the owners of the extensions by Aheadworks for Magento 1 can get 25% discount on purchase the same extensions by AW for M2
Which URL do I specify on checkout if I've got only a development store at the moment?
You need to enter a final address of the site when it will go live.

If the domain name is still under consideration at the moment of purchase, you can enter an address of your dev environment. In this case, don't forget to contact us when the final domain name has been registered: our support team will change it by your request.
This extension for Magento 2 supports Saudi riyal currency and Arabic Language?
If your currency and language is natively supported by Magento 2, the extension will also support it.
You will only need to translate some options the same way as you did with your Magento.
Does the extension for M2 support full page caching?
Since full page cache is a native Magento 2 feature, all our extensions for this platform support it.
I run Magento 2 on AWS with ELB (Elastic Load Balancers) do I need a license per EC2 instance? They are all behind the same domain.
Such setup is considered to be a single Magento environment, so you need only one license.

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