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Custom Stock Status for Magento 2

Custom Stock Status for Magento 2

Explore the 2-in-1 functionality to benefit from any stock status as a promotional tool and back-in-stock emails as a stimulus for a purchase.

  • Place custom stock statuses on category and product pages, and in a shopping cart;
  • Assign custom statuses to specific product quantity ranges;
  • Design stock statuses with an icon, image, and text;
  • Subscribe customers to back-in-stock notifications;
  • Choose back-in-stock and low-stock alert templates.
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How Magento 2 Custom Stock Status works

How to conduct customer behavior with Magento 2 Custom Stock Status

Replace native stock statuses with custom ones. Decide where to display and how to display. Define the product groups for stock status activation. Suggest customers subscribe for back-in-stock emails. Encourage to come back to the store with low-stock alerts.

Encurl various approaches to disclosing stock status potential
Gain image
Gain 1:
Make offers relevant to your marketing goals
Cover multiple strategies to gain the maximum from both immediate and delayed purchases:
  • Be precise with your promo as conditions allow emphasizing specific product groups based on quantity ranges, attributes, etc;
  • Pull real-time data out of the product inventory quantity to make your promo a real thing instead of another marketing trick;
  • Play smart by highlighting low-stock products among others on a category page;
  • Create unique ads by using product attributes as variables.
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Gain 2:
Show customers “now” is the right moment to purchase
Set one of the predefined display options (“text-and-icon” or “text-and-image”). Manipulate design elements to affect customer behavior in different ways.
  • Use sole text as the main info source on stock statuses (deliver stock details, e.g. the date when a product will be available again, etc);
  • Upload images and icons to make a fancy update on a product stock (whether a product is unavailable, back-ordered, or bound to a limited edition), or to draw particular customer reaction (e.g. put a clock icon next to a product image to increase a sense of urgency);
  • Combine text+image/icon to amplify the message of a custom status to attract extra attention.
Gain image
Gain 3:
Re-engage both potential and loyal customers
Surpass the simple informative role of the Get Product Stock Status extension for Magento 2 and build an effective customer return program.
  • Turn abandoned carts into a complete order by sending low-stock alerts;
  • Indicate a number of items considered a low stock to set off the abandoned cart alert sending;
  • Increase the low-stock alert effect by displaying the same status at the shopping cart;
  • Allow subscribing to product stock status news in accordance with GDPR;
  • Notify customers about the products that are back in stock to actualize postponed purchases.
Gain image
Gain 4:
Support restock operations with stock-related data
Gather statistics on customer interest to refill the stock with the most popular items. Use the subscription and notification grids to stay constantly aware of the most relevant stock info.
  • Analyze the number of subscriptions to out-of-stock products to get the grasp of customer demand;
  • Act timely with supplying your store thanks to the info on a subscription date;
  • Track notification statuses to make sure your emails are delivered properly.
Integration with other Aheadworks extensions
Even greater benefits will be achieved when using the Custom Stock Status extension together with the following Aheadworks products.
Ask for customer consent on email notifications to avoid any fire, guide them with the private policy page enhanced by Magento 2 GDPR
Double focus attracted through the Magento 2 Product Labels functionality with Magento 2 Custom Stock Status and push customers to a purchase decision.

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