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Affiliate for Magento 2

Current extension version: 1.1.0

Run affiliate accounts, launch pay-per-sale campaigns and reward affiliates with commissions for every purchase within the campaigns.

  • Recommend products to affiliates within pay-per-sale campaigns
  • Pay affiliates commissions per each product sale
  • Keep commission rates updated to stimulate and reward affiliates
  • Employ performance reports to monitor affiliate campaigns
  • Automate payout schedules
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90-Day Free Support
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Campaigns grid | View, delete, enable, or disable affiliate campaigns in one place.

Campaigns grid

New campaign page | Define the status of the campaign, as well as the affiliate groups eligible for the campaign.

New campaign page

Accounts grid | All affiliate accounts are assembled in a single grid. You can activate/deactivate the selected account(s) on the go.

Accounts grid

Add New Affiliate | Select customers, specify the website, group and add affiliates in bulk.

Add New Affiliate

Edit Affiliate Account page | Update the status and affiliate group of the affiliate.

Edit Affiliate Account page

Signup Requests grid | Monitor affiliate program signup requests from a centralized location. Approve requests individually or in bulk.

Signup Requests grid

Signup Request page | See the detailed info for individual signup requests. If you decline a request, you can optionally specify the reason.

Signup Request page

Affiliate Groups grid | Control all affiliate groups here. Delete groups one by one or in bulk.

Affiliate Groups grid

New Affiliate Group page | Set individual commission types, premiums, and holding periods per affiliate group.

New Affiliate Group page

Transactions grid | Monitor all affiliate transactions from one place.

Transactions grid

Create Transaction page | Select an affiliate, define the amount of the transactions, and leave a comment to it.

Create Transaction page

Payouts grid | Handle payouts here. Update payout status to processing, complete, or canceled for the selected payout(s).

Payouts grid

Sales by Affiliate Link report | Assess sales performance of the link promotion type.

Sales by Affiliate Link report

Sales by Coupon report | View sales stats for coupon codes.

Sales by Coupon report

Extension settings | Configure the CMS Terms & Conditions page, commision adding and deduction, payout generation and requests, and email settings.

Extension settings

Joining an affiliate program | Users can join your affiliate programs from the designated tab in their accounts.

Joining an affiliate program

Request moderation | Once a new request is submitted, you can moderate it in the ‘Signup Requests’ grid.

Request moderation

Asking for payment details | If manual approval is enabled, the newly joined affiliates need to indicate their payment info before participating in the program.

Asking for payment details

Promotions tab | Affiliates can generate affiliate links and/or get coupon codes in the dedicated tab in their accounts. For coupon codes, they need to specify a unique ID (the value is non-editable).

Promotions tab

Recommendations tab | Affiliates can view product suggestions for promotion in the ‘Recommendations’ tab.

Recommendations tab

Reports tab | Performance stats are available separately for the link and coupon code promotion types.

Reports tab

Balance tab | Thanks to our module, affiliates can monitor all their commissions, including the pending ones, from their accounts. This way, they will know when their pending commissions become available for payout.

Balance tab

Transactions tab | Let customers view their transaction history, including payouts.

Transactions tab

Payouts tab | To keep track of their payouts, affiliates can use the ‘Payouts’ tab.

Payouts tab

Account disabling | When an affiliate’s account is disabled, he/she can access only the basic campaign info.

Account disabling

Magento 2 Affiliate Extension Aheadworks
Cooperate Helpfully
Help affiliates pick products and save their time on configuring pay-per-sale campaigns.
Magento 2 Multi-level Marketing Extension
Reward Generously
Configure commissions per campaign, and set commission premiums per affiliate group.
Customer Referral Module Magento 2
Payout Timely
Schedule and condition payouts to prevent random repeat payments and enable flawless accountability.

Why Magento 2 Affiliate

Build up a robust network of affiliates to promote your products more widely and reach for higher revenues. Recruit affiliates with Magento 2 Affiliate, establish clear bonuses and promote affiliate programs. Launch multiple program campaigns to profit from not only the sales of ordinary selling products but also the sales of Affiliates. Track the success of your affiliate marketing to the best advantage.

How Magento 2 Affiliate Program Works

Design potent campaigns
With the Magento 2 Affiliate Extension, you can you can finely tune your affiliate campaigns.
Flexible conditions
Condition campaigns like they do in Amazon for your affiliates to earn commissions from every purchase made within a campaign (of both promoted and non-promoted products).
Promotion/commission types
Decide how affiliates will promote your products: via link, coupon, or both. Define in which format the commission will be calculated: fixed or percent.
Invite and motivate
Magento 2 Affiliate extension ensures a simple and intuitive interface for affiliates.
Join program requests
There are two ways for customers to join your network of affiliates: they place applications from the customer account, or you distribute them from Backend.
Product recommendations
Let affiliates quickly pick the right products for promotion. Provide recommendations with commissions calculated in advance.
Commission premiums
Reward top performers with higher commissions. The bonuses will be displayed next to the regular commission rates.
Affiliate Management Extension Magento 2| Top Extension Development Company
Flexibly manage payouts
Provide clear payouts on a regular schedule.
Conditions for payout initiation
Define the minimum affiliate balance required for payout initiation. After the value is reached, a pending payout with all the available commissions will be created automatically.
Payout automation
Schedule automatic payouts. When the Affiliate sends a request, the payout is created automatically.
Simple payout processing
Mark payment processing stages with respective payout statuses. Complete payouts once they are processed via 3rd party payment gateways.
Provide transparent data
Both the Affiliate and the Admin can track commissions and performance of the campaigns with the help of the two statistical reports.
Affiliate reports
Let affiliates track campaign efficiency separately for link-based and coupon-based campaigns.
Admin reports
Monitor the performance of your affiliate marketing on the Backend too.
Transaction data
Both admins and affiliates can track the history of transactions by items and dates.

Magento 2 Affiliate Extension Detailed Feature List

Campaign management
  • Set up flexible campaign conditions
  • Define link tracking gaps (in days)
  • Configure coupon codes/uses per affiliate
  • Set commission types/amounts
  • Compose product recommendations
User experience
  • View product recommendations for promotion
  • Assess performance by link/coupon code promotions
  • Track balance
  • Monitor transaction history
Affiliate management
  • Activate/deactivate accounts
  • Approve/decline signup requests
  • Create affiliate accounts on Backend
  • Create accounts in bulk
  • Set commission type/premium
  • Define commission holding period
Transaction management
  • Define transaction amount;
  • Select an affiliate for the transaction
  • Change payout status to ‘Processing’, ‘Complete’, or ‘Canceled’
  • Export payouts to massively issue them from third-party payment systems
Performance Monitoring Magento 2 Extension Performance monitoring
  • Sales by Affiliate Link report
  • Sales by Coupon report
Extension configuration
  • Approve signup requests manually/automatically
  • Add/deduct commissions upon particular order item status
  • Define the minimum payout balance for payout generation
  • Schedule automatic payouts once in a period
  • Configure email alerts for payouts/signup requests
Need additional functionality
or futher customization of your products?

How Magento 2 Affiliate beats the competition?

Optimized workflow
Built upon most common use cases, the backend interface of our extensions echoes clearly the actual administrative workflow.
Thorough testing
Effective quality assurance employed, our extensions are customizable, scalable and fully Magento 2 compatible.
Quality code
Constantly seeking ways for improvement, we write clean code, subject to timely refactoring.
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Sep 26, 2019


I have been using Ahedworks for the last several years. i ran a company of web developers and we used these guys for most of our extensions and any assistance we have needed! They are always super fast in resolving the issues or even just helping with any questions we may have.

I have recently moved on from running a web development company to start another venture and again these guys are amazing! If you want a quality extension or custom development you have found the right guys for your Magento Development works! All Magento Certified so you know you are getting it done right the first time! When Magento is done right it can be very cost effective but when done wrong its a money pit!

Use these guys to get the job developed correctly according to Magento's best standards!

Thanks again guys,


Aug 29, 2019

Looks good

Sharing coupons is awesome! This part was missed most in M1, glad you have finally added it.
We have already got some extensions with you - we trust you. Keep this up!


Feb 22, 2019

perfect job

As always happy with the extension.
It is very important that you provide well-written extensions and further technical assistance is great. perfect. keep going.
Can I generate payout from within Magento?
The money earned is being paid to affiliates using 3rd-party payment gateways (PayPal, etc.).
Magento just keeps a record of all the affiliate payouts.
How and when payouts are generated?
An admin can schedule automatic payout generation for all affiliates once in a period.
Alternatively, the admin can manually give payouts by configuring the corresponding option in the extension settings.
Provided that the affiliates' balance has the required balance, money will be transferred to their accounts through the corresponding payment gateway (not through Magento).
I want to add SKU in product conditions. However, the extension will only allow me to add Category or Attribute Set. How can I add product SKUs?
To make SKU or name, or any other product attribute visible in conditions its "Use for Promo Rule Conditions" option should be enabled in:
admin -> Stores -> Attributes -> Product -> required attribute -> Storefront Properties
During the purchase I have to enter our url. Does this extension only work on 1 installation? Because we have a development environment and a production environment.
Our EULA allows using the extensions on a single production and as many dev or staging sites as you need without a need of purchasing an extra license.
Does it support multi-store?
Yes, it does. It is possible to configure the extension separately for different websites.
Is there support of REST API?
Yes, the extension contains REST APIs and is ready to be integrated into PWA, SPA, and other solutions with modern and efficient frontend interfaces.
What is aheadworks policy on supporting its modules? Specifically if a security vulnerability is found will aheadworks create a patch?
Our extensions come with included support period and we are able to provide technical assistance when the support is active.
As for security vulnerabilities and bugs, we are trying our best to fix them free of charge regardless of the support period status.
This extension for Magento 2 supports Saudi riyal currency and Arabic Language?
If your currency and language is natively supported by Magento 2, the extension will also support it.
However, to work with RTL most likely some style adjustments will be required and you will need to translate some options the same way as you did with your Magento.
Does the extension support full page caching?
Since full page cache is a native Magento 2 feature, all our extensions for this platform support it.
I run Magento 1.X. Will my currently installed extensions from aheadWorks work in Magento 2?
Due to a significant difference between Magento 1 and Magento 2 branches, the extensions for M1 will not work in M2.
However, the owners of the extensions by Aheadworks for Magento 1 can get 25% discount on purchase the same extensions by AW for M2
Which URL do I specify on checkout if I've got only a development store at the moment?
You need to enter a final address of the site when it will go live.

If the domain name is still under consideration at the moment of purchase, you can enter an address of your dev environment. In this case, don't forget to contact us when the final domain name has been registered: our support team will change it by your request.
I run Magento 2 on AWS with ELB (Elastic Load Balancers) do I need a license per EC2 instance? They are all behind the same domain.
Such setup is considered to be a single Magento environment, so you need only one license.

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