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Advanced Reports for Magento 2

11 Reviews

Advanced Reports for Magento 2

Current extension version: 2.7.1

Gauge the success of your business with a set of performance reports.

  • Dashboard with 8 numeric and 2 chart widgets;
  • 12 performance reports;
  • Report drill-down by period/product;
  • Data comparison by custom periods;
  • Data sorting by customer groups.
Triple the benefits! Buy 3 modules and save up to 15%
  • [M2] Advanced Reports $499
    Support period
  • [M2] Reward Points $349
    Support period
  • [M2] Refer a Friend $199
    Support period
  • -0%
× Meet powerful integrations for completing the statistics view of your store. Monitor and control customer actions with Magento 2 Advanced Reports, Magento 2 Refer a Friend and Magento 2 Reward Points. Analyze the data received and plan a successful business strategy!
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Report dashboard | Get an instant sales overview.

Report dashboard

Dashboard bookmarks | Save multiple dashboard views with different widgets and time ranges.

Dashboard bookmarks

Flexible calendar | View the reporting data by predefined time intervals or define your own interval. To get an insight into your progress, compare the data by periods.

Flexible calendar

Sales Overview report | Assess your sales figures within the specified time period.

Sales Overview report

Traffic and Conversions report  | View the stats on unique page visits, orders, and conversions. For more detailing, break the data by custom sales ranges, and even further - by products!

Traffic and Conversions report

Abandoned Carts report | View the cart abandonment rate over time.

Abandoned Carts report

Customer Sales report | Analyze the customers’ sales volume within particular time periods. View the detailed data by custom sales ranges.

Customer Sales report

Product Performance report | Monitor sales totals in the context of individual products.

Product Performance report

Sales Detailed report | Dig your sales indicators deeper, up to each item sold.

Sales Detailed report

Sales by Category report | View sales by product categories.

Sales by Category report

Sales by Product Attributes report | Evaluate sales figures by product attributes.

Sales by Product Attributes report

Sales by Location report | Get access to the sales data by location (up to a particular state/region and city).

Sales by Location report

Sales by Coupon Code report | Find out how many sales resulted from the coupon usage over time.

Sales by Coupon Code report

Sales by Payment Type report | Explore sales indicators grouped by payment methods.

Sales by Payment Type report

Sales by Manufacturer report | Gauge sales by manufacturers.

Sales by Manufacturer report

Extension settings | Define which order statuses should be processed, price ranges for data sorting in the ‘Customer Sales’ report, and product attributes to be analyzed by the ‘Sales by Manufacturer’ report.

Extension settings


How Magento 2 Advanced Reports works

Report dashboard
View the main KPI’s from one place and change the reporting content on the go
General/detailed reports
Get a holistic picture of your performance by analyzing data in brief and more thoroughly
Report drill-down
Explore detailed data aspects, up to particular products, each purchased item, etc.

How Magento 2 Advanced Reports Works

Keep track of your KPI’s with the Magento 2 Advanced Reports extension! Get a performance overview from a single dashboard. View details in 12 Magento sales reports. Break the data in reports by individual aspects (via report drill-down). Compare indicators by custom time spans. Sort your Magento 2 advanced reporting by user groups.

Analyze your KPI’s Comprehensively

Report dashboard
With our Magento 2 reporting extension, you can take a brief look at the key performance indicators. They presented in the designated dashboard split by 8 numeric and 2 chart widgets.
Dashboard bookmarks
Save multiple dashboard views with different widgets as bookmarks.
‘Forecast: Sales’ widget
All widgets in the dashboard related to a particular report. Except for the ‘Forecast: Sales’ widget that helps you predict your monthly sales in terms of totals and items ordered.
Performance reports
Get a holistic Magento 2 reporting with 4 general and 8 detailed reports.
Report drill-down
From overview to specifics: explore the data in reports in depth. View sales figures by particular products, time periods, coupon codes, and more!
Profit calculation
You do not have to waste your time calculating profits - our Magento 2 reports extension will do this for you! Monitor profit totals in the ‘Product Performance’ report.
Data comparison by period
Evaluate the success of your business via the data comparison feature. Collate data by predefined or custom time intervals.
Data segmentation by user group
Access the performance stats per each user group separately.

Magento 2 Advanced Reports Detailed Feature List

General reports
  • Sales Overview report;
  • Traffic and Conversions report;
  • Abandoned Carts report;
  • Customer Sales report.
Detailed reports
  • Product Performance report;
  • Sales Detailed report;
  • Sales by Category report;
  • Sales by Product Attributes report;
  • Sales by Location report;
  • Sales by Coupon Code report;
  • Sales by Payment Type report;
  • Sales by Manufacturer report.
Data arrangement
  • Report dashboard;
  • ‘Forecast: Sales’ widget;
  • Report drill-down;
  • Adjustable charts;
  • Data comparison; charts;
  • Data filtering.
Data presentation
  • Colorful totals;
  • On-hover details;
  • Dual Y-axis charts.
Report configuration
  • Processable order status setting;
  • Custom price ranges;
  • Option to select a manufacturer attribute.
Other features
Need additional functionality
or futher customization of your products?

How Advanced Reports Magento 2 extension beat the competition?

  1. Optimized workflow

    Built upon the most common use cases, the backend interface closely matches actual admin workflows

  2. Extensive testing

    Our quality assurance guarantees that all our extensions are Magento compatible, customizable, and scalable

  3. Quality code

    We write clean code completed with full technical documentation

Feature Highlights
View documentation for a full feature list
Case Studies on how to:

Ecommerce is about increasing conversion. Still, every merchant needs an analytical tool that will allow tracking conversion dynamics and timely respond to any possible negative trends by changing the marketing strategy. That's where the ‘Traffic and Conversions’ report comes into play. It allows gauging the marketing results with four simple yet effective steps.

Bring new traffic to your site

Utilize yet undiscovered marketing channels to bring new users to your web store. It may be banner advertising, Google ads, contextual advertising - anything that may help you reach a spike in traffic and then sales.

Track changes in conversions by particular period

View the ‘Traffic and Conversions’ report to see how new marketing channels changed your visitors' flow and conversions in comparison with the previous time periods. Break down the reporting period by weeks or days and apply the required filters to see the dynamics in more detail.

View product conversions per specific period

Click on the particular time period in the grid to proceed to the 'Product Conversion' report. Here, you can see the number of unique visitors, orders, and conversion rates related to particular products.

Analyze conversions by individual products

Click on the particular product in grid to view its performance that can be broken down by days, weeks, quarters, and years. From the data provided, you can decide whether the product’s conversion rates should be further improved by performing certain marketing activities related to that product.

The report proves to be an invaluable tool for tracking the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns in the context of individual products.


Ensure accurate data reporting for average and big online stores within a reasonable time.


Forecasting demand, optimizing prices, and increasing profits are the goals that are perfectly applicable to any business, but they are just impossible without proper and accurate reporting tools.

However, this initially difficult task becomes even more complex for middle and large companies, or even enterprises. Immense amounts of orders, customers, invoices, etc., in such stores, sometimes, break data processing or slow it down incredibly.

Magento 2 Advanced Reports avoids this hurdle through data indexation. All reports use the pre-generated data and are rendered without any delays. The default data reindexation goes daily, so all the reports provide the data based on real-time analytics. Additionally, you can reindex data manually anytime you need to update the source data.


According to our investigations, our extension fluently processes even the stores with more than 200 thousand orders. This way, Advanced Reports is perfectly suitable for middle and large Magento 2 based stores.


Take advantage of the extra metrics to obtain additional business information immediately.


By default, Magento 2 provides a lot of valuable raw data by default, including revenue totals and subtotals, tax amounts, items sold, different kinds of prices, etc. But sometimes, you need to receive some aggregate or extra metrics automatically and immediately without any additional calculations. So, in addition to the above data, Advanced Reports for Magento 2 also provides several custom metrics related to sales averages and profits.

Average Order Value. Usually, average order amounts are related to different customer groups and their purchasing patterns. There are two general ways to increase AOV: you can either encourage customers to get more items per one order or purchase more expensive products. This way, AOV is extremely valuable for sales and promotional campaigns when you need to compare the metrics before and after. The Advanced Reports extension allows you to track AOVs closely and timely react to possible decreases.

Average Final Item Price. The average final price metric is quite similar to AOV. Often, especially during sales, average item prices decrease as a result of price cuts, but the average number of bought items should exceed this deduction to get you more sales. With Advanced Reports, you can easily monitor this indicator.

Total Profit by Products. Top-selling products are not usually the most profitable ones and despite high revenues, they can bring only small profits. Meanwhile, some midrange items requiring much less efforts and investments can provide more profit through comparatively small individual incomes. ‘Total Profit’ is the metric that allows you to distinguish products with higher profits and focus on them beneficially.

Total Margin by Products. Profitability is the most important parameter for any profit-oriented business. The difference between the items with biggest profits and the highest profitability is just like between the effect and potential. If used properly, the items with highest profit margins are extremely efficient sources of profit. Advanced Reports allows you to distinguish the most profitable products among the existing ones on the fly. This way, you will get a chance to constantly improve product catalogs adding more and more profitable products knowingly.


All the additional metrics provided by the Advanced Reports extension for Magento 2 measure your success professionally and are extremely important for performance tracking, which allows you to make grounded decisions.


Get instant access to the required information and save time when reading multiple reports.


In addition to the accuracy of data and excellent performance, the Advanced Reports extension for Magento 2 also provides users with the great UX and usability enhancements.

Accessibility and navigation. Admins have a direct access to the provided reports either from the main Magento 2 menu or from the built-in extension’s menu. Certain reports are directly linked to the default Magento data. For example, if you need to clarify some additional orders, product or customer attributes, the Magento 2 ‘Sales Detailed’ report allows you to enter those sections right from the report grid. The module also provides admins with the ability to create custom reports with bookmarks and track only the data they need without any distracting information.

Visibility. All the provided reporting data is arranged and displayed in the most visible manner. In particular, the totals in charts and total dashboards right below the charts are presented with own colors for better perception. On mouse hover, chart markers display the information related to the highlighted analytical period.

Design. The convenient built-in calendars enable customers to easily switch between analyzed periods.


Clear and convenient reports save a lot of time and efforts on data navigation, information analysis, and interpretation.


  • The fastest reporting extension on the market

    The 2.0.0 version brought indexation into play. It means that all the report data comes pre-generated, and when you load a report, the data is displayed on your screen without contacting the store server. By default reports are reindexed once a day so that data will always be up-to-date.

  • Great for large stores

    The Advanced Reports extension was designed to work with numerous orders. With a decent server hardware, the indexation of 200k+ orders should not take more than a couple of minutes. This way, generating a report for an order-heavy store will NOT result in an extreme server load or any downtimes.


  • Sales Overview Screen

    illustrates general store performance by monitoring overall sales numbers.

  • Product Performance Screen

    splits total sales by products and allows monitoring performance of each individual product with profit and margin calculated.

  • Sales by Category Screen

    splits sales by categories with a number of different stats available to compare the performance of individual categories.

  • Sales Detailed Screen

    offers a sales breakdown by items sold.

  • Sales by Location Screen

    includes a sales drill-down by state, region, and city to analyze sales by locations.

  • Abandoned Carts Screen

    allows tracking the number of abandoned carts, lost revenues, and abandonment rates.

  • Sales by Coupon Code Screen

    shows the number of orders and sales details resulting from coupon usage to track the success of coupon-based promotions.

  • Sales by Payment Type Screen

    displays sales data grouped by payment methods.

  • Sales by Manufacturer Screen

    displays sales data grouped by manufacturers. Manufacturer attributes can be selected in the extension’s settings.

  • Sales by Product Attributes Screen

    provides perfomance statistics for any given product or attribute combination.

  • Traffic and Conversions Screen

    with the ratio of unique visits to orders. The report features three drop-down reports: by time periods, general, and detailed product perfomances.

  • Customer Sales Screen

    Segment customers by the total sales for specified period. Understand what segment brings the most revenue. Edit and add new segments as you introduce new promotional campaigns. Get to the customer details page right from the report chart.


  • Reports dashboard NEW! Screen

    Get quick access to key performance indicators of your store from 8 numerical and 2 chart widgets. The drop-down menu of each widget allows changing its content flawlessly. Various dashboard views, including widget contents and time ranges selected, can be saved as bookmarks to be derived instantly.

  • Forecast: Total widget NEW!

    The dashboard includes a self-standing ‘Forecast’ widget related to no extension reports. Using it, you can forecast your monthly sales in money and ordered items.

  • Adjustable charts Screen

    Add more data to the chart to view the full performance picture. Each report comes with a specific set of parameters e.g. the number of ordered items, subtotals, tax amounts, discounts, etc.

  • Color code

    Each chart parameter comes with a distinctive color code improving data visualization.

  • Compare periods Screen

    Compare sales between different periods to see the difference and trends on graphs.

  • Data totals highlights

    The most important report details, such as order totals, the number of items ordered, the number of orders placed, are now represented in a distinctive block below the report chart.

  • Chart markers Screen

    With a mouse hover over a particular chat marker, you will get its exact value.

  • Dual Y-axis Charts NEW! Screen

    Most report charts have two axes that allow charts to display twice more data at once. The first axis is usually presented in monetary terms while the second one shows the number of orders, items ordered, conversion rates, etc.

  • Profit calculation

    Calculate profit and profit margin for each product.

User experience and interface

  • Report drill-downs

    Each report has a number of sub-levels. For example, by clicking on the date range in the ‘Sales Overview report’, you will proceed to the ‘Product Performance report’ to view the detailed stats for this date range.

  • Data filters Screen

    Each report comes with a corresponding set of filters. You can filter data by customer groups, SKUs, any of the totals available, discounts applied, and many more.

  • Sort by column

    Advanced Reports use the most recent Magento 2 UX practices making all grid columns sortable and filterable.

  • Customizable report tables

    You can remove almost any report table column, add the relevant ones for the current task, or change the column order as you need.

  • Report settings

    Configure order statuses to be processed by individual reports (at the reports level) or by the whole extension (in the general settings section).

  • Customer group filters Screen

    For precisely targeted sales data, reports can be filtered by customer groups..

  • Adjustable dates and time scales

    Flexible calendar allows viewing data for a custom period and splitting the period by weeks, days, etc. Moreover, the selected period and scale remain the same as you move between the reports.

  • Data export

    Any report can be exported in either the CSV or XML file format.

  • Detailed information

    The data represented in report tables is interconnected with Magento 2 entities. Clicking on the order ID gets you to the order details page, clicking on the item gets you to the product page, etc.

  • Report bookmarks Screen

    Having customized the report table and applied the filters, you can save it as a bookmark to quickly load it whenever required. You can have a bookmark for any situation and any report.

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Feb 22, 2019

Good impression

We have used your extension for Advanced Reports for a while now, and we are very happy with it.


Dec 11, 2018

A great reporting tool

There is a possibility to show or hide columns. It is amazing and very convenient :-)

Harshal Shah

Jun 22, 2018

Exellent extension

Overall is good this extension. thank you.


Mar 27, 2018

All stats in one place

Reports work perfectly fine, I can’t thank you enough for your time and for your help with installation!
We really appreciate it, thank you again for the excellent service and excellent product!


Nov 20, 2017

Really like this extension!

Very useful tool for monitoring sales and promos with coupons and tracking abandonment rate for shopping cart.
We use it together with Follow Up Email and can definitely see increase in sales.


Nov 17, 2017

Excellent support and great module

I just realized I purchased an amazing extension!!!
Thanks to Aheadworks for brilliant support and for the advice. This extension is what I really needed for my project. Perfect design, all needed functionality in one extension.
Definitely worth its price


Oct 27, 2017

Very useful

I've just bought your Advanced Reports for Magento 2.
I like that you can retrieve sales by combination of attributes and track sales and promos results.

Happy Customer

Feb 14, 2017

Exellent add-on!

Great interface, relevant data, works quickly.
What else do you need from a reporting tool?


Dec 2, 2016

Quick and trustworthy

The interface is great, it's very to jump from one reprot to another.
Works really quick and more cpu-efficient comparing to AdvReports on Magento 1.
Also, aheadwoerks support is very friendly as always ;)


Nov 15, 2016


We bought this extension after we had moved to Magento 2 and we are quite happy with it.
Drill down option is very handy and besides, aheadWorks team promised to add the margin report soon.
Their products are really good and the team is really professional.
Strongly recommended! ;)


Jun 9, 2016

good, waiting for more

we had these reports for magento 1, now changed for magento 2. works as promised, even seems a little faster than was on magento 1. we hope to see more reports in the future release and to see added some functionality for comparison and analysis. otherwise we are happy with this extension

I have set a time period but no orders are displayed in reports. What can be wrong?
Most likely there are no orders with Complete status placed within the configured date range.
I would suggest that you check Order Statuses selected in general Advanced Reports settings as well as in the settings of a report viewed.
During the purchase I have to enter our url. Does this extension only work on 1 installation? Because we have a development environment and a production environment.
Our EULA allows using the extensions on a single production and as many dev or staging sites as you need without a need of purchasing an extra license.
We need a conversion report. When are you planning to implement it?
The Conversion report is available since version 2.2.0.
Does it support multi-store?
Yes, it does. It is possible to configure the extension separately for different websites.
Is there an option to include a field for Payment Gateway, when producing a sales report? I would like to have information showing payment coming from Paypal or SagePay. And not only Credit card (Saved) & Check / Money order
Is this possible?
The information about payment method is taken from the actual orders, so it will show all methods which were used in the selected period, exactly how they are displayed in the orders, even if that payment method is inactive or has been renamed.
This extension for Magento 2 supports Saudi riyal currency and Arabic Language?
If your currency and language is natively supported by Magento 2, the extension will also support it.
However, to work with RTL most likely some style adjustments will be required and you will need to translate some options the same way as you did with your Magento.
Does the extension support full page caching?
Since full page cache is a native Magento 2 feature, all our extensions for this platform support it.
I run Magento 1.X. Will my currently installed extensions from aheadWorks work in Magento 2?
Due to a significant difference between Magento 1 and Magento 2 branches, the extensions for M1 will not work in M2.
However, the owners of the extensions by Aheadworks for Magento 1 can get 25% discount on purchase the same extensions by AW for M2
Which URL do I specify on checkout if I've got only a development store at the moment?
You need to enter a final address of the site when it will go live.

If the domain name is still under consideration at the moment of purchase, you can enter an address of your dev environment. In this case, don't forget to contact us when the final domain name has been registered: our support team will change it by your request.
I run Magento 2 on AWS with ELB (Elastic Load Balancers) do I need a license per EC2 instance? They are all behind the same domain.
Such setup is considered to be a single Magento environment, so you need only one license.

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