3 Cases and Tools on building
a Loyalty Program that works

70% of shoppers*
prefer a retailer that offers a loyalty program

As more and more retailers do —
the number of programs per person increased
from 11 to 13 last year**

Fewer and fewer customers actually make use of them —
only 6 of them are being actively used**

Meaningful Loyalty Program?

Now loyalty programs compete among themselves. So how do you make sure yours is the winning one?

Well, the answer is always the same — RELEVANCE.

*Gift Buying Omi Survey, Maritz Loyalty Marketing
**The 2015 Loyalty Report, Bond Brand Loyalty

Learn which aspects of shopping experience might be valuable to your customers and how to amplify them through your loyalty program.


Certainly those cases might not be the exact match for you, but, however different your store is, the General Principle is always the same:
· learn what your customers value;
· place it within their reach;
· just not too close ;)

Once you’ve found the right thing to use as leverage you are certain to leave your competition behind. And if they catch up then, well, it’s time to come up with something new ;)

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