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Z-block on the Cart page

Can I put a z-block on the cart page?   Yes, it is possible to add a block to the cart page w...

Tags: cart page, z-blocks

I don't see the zblock after inserting the code into my CMS page/block

When inserting zblock into a CMS page or a CMS block like this: {{block type="zblocks/block" posi...

Tags: cms block, cms page, z-blocks

Refreshing block without page reload

Is there an ability to refresh a block on the random basis without reloading the page (e.g. every 5...

Tags: block rotating, block slideshow, z-blocks

Displaying z-blocks to customer groups

Is it possible to display z-blocks only to some Magento customer groups?   Yes, you can show...

Tags: customer groups, displaying conditions, z-blocks

Blocks rotation

Is it possible to rotate its blocks together with page reloads with the Z-Blocks extension?  ...

Tags: rotation blocks, z-blocks

Custom position

How to set a z-block in a custom position?   You can stick to the following instruction while...

Tags: custom position, z-blocks

Is it possible to hide z-block on a sub-category page?

I have one z-block running on all my web-site pages. Is it possible to hide it on a particular sub-c...

Tags: sub-category page, z-blocks

Converting images into blocks

Can Z-blocks convert images into static blocks adding text and buttons?   The Z-Blocks extens...

Tags: converting images, z-blocks

Setting up a specific block to each category

Is it possible to set one position for all category pages, but be able to assign a specific block to...

Tags: block per category, z-blocks

Is it possible to customize the z-block?

How can I specify the style of the z-block (its background color, font, etc.)?   The Z-Blocks...

Tags: changing style, design customization, z-blocks

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