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Extension: Blog articles

Can I include your Blog into my product?

I'm a developer, can I include your free module into my own theme / module? Our EULA prohibits re...

Tags: blog, licence

Social bookmarks

Can I remove unnecessary social bookmarks or add the one I need?   Yes, you can manage the so...

Tags: blog, bookmarks, social

Magento widgets

Does the Blog extension support Magento widgets?   The current version of the extension doe...

Tags: blog, widgets

RSS feed

Does Blog provide RSS feed support?   The current version of the Blog extension does allow RS...

Tags: blog, rss feed support

I installed Blog via Magento Connect Manager but can’t see it. What should I do?

When any extension is installed via Magento Connect Manager, the files are copied in the default the...

Posts per page

Is it possible with the Blog extension to limit the number of posts displayed on a page?   Ye...

Tags: blog, number of posts, posts per page

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