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How does the module work with Shopping Cart Rules?

How does the Add Free Product To Cart module work with native Shopping Cart Price Rules?


The rules of the Add Free Product To Cart extension are processed independently from the Magento's own Shopping Cart rules.


It means that:


- Add Free Product To Cart does not require you to set up any additional rules to grant the free items.


- The items added to the cart by the extension are not taken into account when the Shopping Cart rule conditions are checked.


E.g., if you have an auto-applied (without the coupon code) cart rule that gives some discount for 3+ items in the cart, this rule will not get triggered if the 3rd item is a bonus product added by the extension.


- The coupon codes and other Shopping Cart Rules can be applied and affect the bonus items.


In most cases, the bonus items are added with 100% off already applied, so applying any extra discount will not affect the price of the bonus product. However, if the bonus products are added with lesser discount (the extension does allow that), it will stack with any Shopping Cart Price Rule discount that gets applied to the cart.


Add Free Product To Cart 1.1 +

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